DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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Frequently Asked Questions about The DAC-ART Building System

Is DAC-ART Expensive?

Is DAC-ART a foam mold system, commonly referred to as insulating concrete forms (ICF's) ?

How does the DAC-ART System work?

Can Moisture be a problem in a DAC-ART home?

What is the R-Value of DAC-ART?

Do DAC-ART precast concrete architectural modular components come in different colors?

How many different blocks and decorative effects are available?

Is DAC-ART a good product for Earthquake Zones?

Is DAC-ART good for Hurricane Zones?

Is DAC-ART available in my part of the country?

Is there some sort of brochure I can print from this site?

I already have house plans, do you have to design my home for me to build with DAC-ART?

Can you design my home for me? Are custom plans expensive?

Can I build a two or three story DAC-ART home?

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Who is the DAC-ART Customer? Im I one?


Building a DAC-ART house is affordable for quality custom construction.

The closer to high-end architecture, with DAC-ART, the greater the savings and at the same time, the greater the effect.

It is true that wood framing with vinyl siding or a cinder-block home is definitely cheaper than DAC-ART.
But this is a true statement on many levels.

People often ask me what our costs per sq . ft. were. Rarely would our seacoast costs based on a price per sq. ft. of footprint have anything to do with what your costs would be. There are so many variables. Here in Gulf Shores for our coastal Italian style guest house we had to do many pricey things due to the waterfront location that are not typical. We self-contracted, we did a certain amount of the work ourselves. PLUS:


ted-dial-2.jpg (9180 bytes) Call Ted Dial at
251/ 490-1954
if you are ready to discuss your specific building plans.

or email him at DACology@aol.com  

Please mention that you have visited Lundy's web site.


Or for a customers experiences, call Lundy at 251/968-3375

The heavy, hollow DAC-ART blocks are dry-stacked on the site using a Bobcat, Dynalift, or Lull small crane and back-filled with concrete which creates a very strong  poured-in-place structure. Because the DAC-ART block surfaces are inherently beautiful and may also incorporate decorative architectural elements the need for many conventional skilled finish trade subcontractors is minimized. DAC-ART does not require exterior cladding of any type. This saves time, money & maintenance.

DAC-ART components are available in insulated and uninsulated form.

Building & Installation: Time is the most expensive part of any building process. DAC-ART saves money by reducing job delays, materials and skilled manpower requirements. With traditional construction, costly job delays can be influenced by the weather and the coordination of  labor and materials. But here is where DAC-ART can save much frustration and costs.

Building with DAC-ART is easy. The blocks are dry-stacked (no mortar bed) and aligned plumb, level and square. The horizontal and vertical openings in the blocks provide ample room for  conduit, piping and reinforcement. The v-groove block joints are grouted for appearance only. After every two, three or four courses are stacked, concrete is poured or pumped into the block walls to lock them together.

Since DAC-ART is weather-proof, weather related delays are shortened. The very prediction of rain keeps many of the trowel and paint trades away from the job site but DAC-ART installation can typically proceed in less than optimum weather conditions. Plus it is not necessary to protect your DAC-ART from the weather during construction.


Maintenance: Costs in the areas of operation and maintenance of the DAC-ART structure are significantly lower than other building materials over time:

Concrete will not rot and is storm and fire resistant.
The color is cast throughout the components.
Concrete is virtually termite proof.
DAC-ART will never need painting.

The standard 12-1/4" thick blocks have an R value equivalent of about 19 when taking thermal mass into account.  DAC-ART  can make a 20" thick block wall with a pure R-25 and an R equivalent of about 40 with thermal mass.  This would use urethane foam in one of 2 cavities. The back-filled concrete and rebar would be in the other cavity the same as the 12 in thick blocks. Since all jobs are custom cast, it would be possible to give R-100 if you want.  Further, it is possible to run radiant heat in DAC-ART walls.

Homeowners in Birmingham, AL bulldozed their existing home and re-built using DAC-ART in the same footprint as the original, conventional construction house. The utility bills now run about one half of what they were.

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