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Royal Corinthiam ColumnsRoyal Corinthian, Inc. Royal Corinthian has been manufacturing quality architectural columns and balustrade systems for over fifteen years. Made in the USA, Royal Corinthian presents architectural columns manufactured from a unique blending of marble dust and polymer resin. The creation process includes a casting system that generates a seamless, symmetrically balanced, and load-bearing column, that can be split or painted with ease. All columns exhibit a stone-like appearance and texture while weighing only a fraction of the typical stone alternative. A large selection in sizes, beginning with a variety of universal dimensions and ranging to thirty-foot heights.

Petra Column interior columnPetra Design, located in Canada, has over 15 years of experience in design of interior and exterior architectural elements, including decorative plaster columns,exterior columns, domes, fireplace mantels, cast stone in the offices, private homes, cottages and public buildings. Beautiful website. Their design services cover projects of various sizes, from small to huge. Petra Design designers and architects will work with you, contributing their professional input and with your imagination to get the results desired for your home, office or functional building for both interior and exterior.Petra Design has gained a reputation for quality design combined with practical performance. www.petradesign.ca

interior classic columnsFirst Class Building Products, Inc.--- offers superior decorative architectural products. We manufacturer, distribute and supply only the finest decorative stock or custom architectural columns, baluster railing systems, ceiling domes with recessed lighting options, decorative ceiling medallions, polyurethane crown moulding, faux stone, stone wall panels and decorative wall plaques products. First Class architectural columns and other products are available in a variety of architectural building materials for the commercial and residential building industry; fiberglass (FRP), polyurethane, polymer resins, glassfibre reinforced gypsum (GRG), glassfibre reinforced cement (GFRC), fiberglass composite, faux stone and wood materials. www.firstclassbp.com 

Unique Stone Products Architectural ColumnsUnique Stone Products--The Classic Heritage Column line is a thicker, textured, spin-cast limestone product and also comes in a smooth FRP (Fiberglass Re-enforced Polymer). Both have color tint added during the blending process creating a solid colored finished product that doesn't require additional finishing. If a painted finish is desirable, both forms accept paint readily. The extensive size selection starts at an 8" diameter up to a 24" diameter. The heights range from 6' to 24'. We recently created 24" x 30' columns for a custom job. The Capitals and Bases are made of the same high quality materials as the columns creating a solid column throughout. They say: "When you walk past our Columns and give them a slap, they have the sound and feel of solid stone, not of a fiberglass canoe!" Turn around from order date to delivery is very quick, in many cases 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Unique Stone Pr5oducts also makes balustrades, mantels, and plaster like decorative wall and ceiling effects. www.uniquestoneproducts.net

architectural-columns-exterior.jpg (3661 bytes) patio-columns.jpg (5573 bytes)architectural-columns-interior.jpg (3402 bytes)  Classic Column--This decorative architectural Column System has been designed as a lower priced column for applications where standard architectural or decorative columns and porch posts may be specified yet not affordable. It is also a perfect method of covering and hiding basic structural supports. Products are maintenance free, weather resistant, easy  to Install, can be used for interior and exterior columns. Their dealers will sell the caps and bases separately and most will also provide the pipe as well. The Classic Column web site should also help you in locating and choosing the right pipe to use with the caps and bases. These are not for load bearing applications, but the hollow pvc pipes can cover load bearing structural elements. Almost any column height up to about 20 feet can be achieved. To paint Classic Columns, the column should be cleaned as per their instructions, then lightly sanded with a 250 grit paper and then primed with Kilz or Behr primer deigned for PVC. To learn more about this product, watch the videos on the website. These products could be used by set designers, for prom stage designs, and wedding rental decoration companies. Beach weddings often include a series of columns standing in the sand just at the surf's edge. Made by Classic Essentials in Moulding (Classic Column Manufacturer) in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada www.classiccolumn.com

Exterior columns on courthousePacific Columns- Poly-Classic Columns a decorative interior column or can be used as a structural exterior column. Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns are architecturally proportioned from rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) so pound for pound these porch columns are stronger than stone columns, concrete columns, steel columns, gypsum columns, wood columns, or aluminum columns. Poly-Classic Architectural columns are virtually maintenance-free columns. These fiberglass columns have hollow centers that are useful as channel downspouts, wiring, and plumbing, yet are load-bearing and offer a substantial resistance to deformation. www.polyclassiccolumns.com

Hardwood Columns, exterior usePacific Columns Hardwood Columns offers both interior and exterior wood columns. Round wood columns may be ordered with true architectural entasis (a slight convexity in the shaft of a column) in sizes consistent with the classic proportions of Greek Doric, Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns, or in custom wood shaft diameters up to 36” and lengths to 30’. Their coulmns can have a smooth surface or deep fluting. Square columns and pilasters may be ordered to match. Non-tapered cylinders are available for use in casework, radius wall corners, and contemporary applications. Pacific Columns has a long history of manufacturing wood products and can acquire any wood species that you are looking for--wow ! www.hardwoodcolumns.com

Porch columns, exterior columnsStromberg Architectural Products creates custom architectural products in a wide range of materials such as cast stone, glass fiber reinforced stone (GFRS), glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG). In column types there are five predominant designs. These are called the five orders: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. From the basic Doric to the most detailed and ornate Roman Corinthian, their column caps are of the highest quality and detail. While they do have "stock" capitals , they focus on the experience and ability to make custom caps to fit anyone's need and specifications. do a large amount of custom manufacturing. Non-Standard columns, twisted columns, ornamented shafts, double entasised, square columns and other unique styles are available. Stromberg can make columns in any size diameter or height to meet your needs. Stromberg Architectural Products has made columns for well known structures such as Las Vegas landmarks like Caesar's Palace. www.strombergarchitectural.com

Fiberglass exterior columnsArchitectural Fiberglass, Inc. (AFI) of Cleveland, Ohio custom designs and manufactures decorative Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ornamentation for the restoration, reproduction, and new construction industries. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has had over 15 years of experience manufacturing, designing, and installing, fiberglass coulmns. Architectural Fiberglass provides customers with designs, drawings, patterns, molds, and fiberglass parts. Fiberglass is equally suitable for interior and exterior architectural ornamentation. Columns, balustrades, and baluster systems now are manufactured load-bearing to hold substantial weight or as column covers to wrap around structural supports. Ornamental column capitals and bases reproduce ancient Roman and Greek architecture. Improved fiberglass molding techniques allow for fine detail and craftsmanship seen in columns, capitals and balusters. Technological advances such as new finishes that better simulate traditional materials make FRP nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. www.fiberglass-afi.com

Spartan Tritan columnsSpartan Architectural Columns --(it looks like Spartan now makes Triton Columns--)makes Turncraft Ornamental Capitals that artfully capture natural themes and images in an aesthetic composite sculpture. The capitals are crafted from a number of materials including wood, plaster, and fibers and are shaped into the appropriate the proportions for the various styles of architecture and sizes of column shafts. Only prime construction materials and techniques are used in the creation of Turncraft columns, caps, and bases. Columns are customarily fashioned from staves made of select, kiln-dried Ponderosa Pine. The staves are assembled from finger-jointed pieces to conserve valuable wood resources and to reduce the possibility of warpage and bow. This superior construction technique is both environmentally friendly and structurally sound—minimizing pressures on critical joints and preventing checking or cracking of finished surfaces. Six inch through twelve inch Colonial Columns are equipped with Poly-U-Rim bases specially designed to provide increased durability—no joint separation—and easy installation. These polyurethane caps and bases are reaction injection molded (RIM) to ensure crisp detail and consistency. Fourteen inch and larger Colonial Columns come with standard polyurethane caps and bases. Optional aluminum plinths are available for applications that require an extra measure of protection. Spartan Architectural Columns also sells fireplace mantels, pillasters, synthecti fencing that they call Polly-Classic rails, posts and square balusters with a solid feel and four times the stiffness of conventional thermoplastics. Their product is High-temperature stable and outstanding cold-temperature stable and outstanding cold-temperature impact resistant. Their cupolas are called Stephenson Cupolas and have been made for over 40 years The cupolas have copper roofs and come in various shapes like square, hexagonal, and a curved roof style. Ventilate warm moist air up and out of the attic through the generous louver panels and stop worrying about wood rot, mildew, peeling paint, and musty odors. Stephenson Cupolas even help prevent ice dams in rain gutters by evacuating under-roof moisture. Install and forget--no ventilator fans to wear out, no electrical wiring to install and maintain. They also have copper, bronze and painted metal weather vanes. You can request a catalog online. www.architectural-columns.com or www.spartanbuild.com

Melton Classic exterior columnsMelton Classics of Lawrenceville, GA designs architectural composite, fiberglass & wood columns. They make classic architectural wood columns,poly/marble composite columns,synthetic stone columns, fiberglass non-load bearing column covers,load bearing fiberglass columns, cast stone columns called MeltonStone,glass-fiber reinforced concrete columns & cornices and glass-fiber reinforced gypsum columns & cornices. Melton offers Limited Lifetime Warranty on some of their columns. www.meltonclassics.com

Chadsworth columns exterior porch columnsChadsworth's Columns--The readers of Professional Builder Magazine selected Chadsworth's Columns as the preferred column company in there national survey of professional builders for three consecutive years. Chadsworth's Columns, for both interior and exterior use, come with plain (smooth) and fluted shafts in a variety of sizes and lumber species. Their decorative capitals are plaster/fiberglass or wood grain. Chadsworth's Columns offers many designs - Authentic Replication, PolyStone, Colossal, Classic, Colonial, the Premier Custom Collection, including Stain Grade, and Original Design. Chadsworth Columns can work from custom designs or replicate existing columns for replacements or additions for interior or exterior columns. Column materials include wood, fiberglass and polyester composite. The best column choices for exterior (outdoor) garden use are their PolyStone and Colossal columns. Be sure to look at the column online idea book. In addition to architectural and decorative columns, Chadsworth has a new polystone balustrade line. The catalog is online. www.columns.com 

EDON--(Located in PA) is an industry leader in architectural fiberglass products. EDON has been providing fiberglass products for over 44 years. They are a designer, manufacturer and supplier
of architectural products such as: columns, column covers, cornice, domes and cupolas.
They have been a supplier to public buildings, telecommunications, churches, schools, casinos, custom residences, and well known landmark projects. Edon has a photo gallery and a list, state-by-state of projects they have participated in. The list also includes the construction co in charge of the project. That might be good for references. Edon Corp has stock items like columns and column covers, balustrades, etc...but does plenty of custom work. www.edon.com 

Architectural Detail has been in business for nearly two decades. They produce fiberglass columns, capitals, bases, and custom pieces in all sizes and styles. Every architectural or decorative column is designed to make each renovation, restoration, and construction project reflect superior craftsmanship and the finest architecture. Architectural Detail produces very durable ornamental products. Their nonporous pieces are waterproof and impervious to termites, staining, and decay, and not effected by weather conditions such as humidity and temperature extremes. Most ornamental fiberglass pieces contain 3%-4% fiberglass. Architectural Detail's columns contain 40% fiberglass. Architectural Detail also manufactures structural columns. They can customize columns to any length or specification and all columns can also be load bearing upon request. In addition to columns they make wall niches. The wall niches are made entirely in one piece. The durable plaster and fiberglass product is lightweight and easy to install. Several stock house rosettes are available and they can make custom rosettes in any size or style. They make decorative brackets, corbels, and keystones. All pieces leave the factory sanded and primed for painting. The patent-pending seaming system ensures a straight line and easy installation for reassembling columns that are split to fit around existing structures. Architectural Detail can build any number of columns to any size, build any custom ornamental piece, improve any home or building project. Architectural Detail is well established; founded in 1985. Architectural Detail has been featured in TV shows, magazines, and books and made columns for all over the world. www.architecturaldetail.com 

Columns & Carvings offers wood, fiberglass, pre cast stone, and polyurethane columns and architectural accents for both exterior and interior application. Columns and Carvings’ wood columns are a pleasing architectural addition to almost any commercial or residential project. Their decorative wood columns feature thoughtful product design, fine workmanship, superior assembly, and precision turning and fluting. Wood columns are available in both round and square shapes, in sizes consistent with classic proportions, or in custom shaft diameters up to 36 inches and lengths up to 30 feet. Round or square columns can be smooth surfaced or given dramatic deep fluting as desired, and are manufactured with true architectural entasis. Decorative capitals are also available. Fiberglass columns offer an attractive look that is more impact-resistant than wood. Available in both round and square shapes from Columns and Carvings, their smooth round and fluted fiberglass columns are manufactured with true architectural entasis and are strong enough to serve as structural, load-bearing columns.
Columns and Carvings’ fiberglass columns are available in sizes up to 30 inches in diameter and lengths up to 30 feet. Decorative capitals and bases are also available to top off your fiberglass round or square columns. Each of their pre cast stone columns and capitals, balustrades, rail systems and mantles are authentically handcrafted to order. Decorative column surrounds and column covers are available at Columns and Carvings. They supply decorative capitals and bases, as well as cove moulds, cornices, crown moulds, ceiling domes, light troughs and ceiling vaults. They offer interior column covers and column surrounds made of Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), a high strength composite material that is lightweight and nonflammable. GRG products are designed to install easily using conventional drywall techniques, tools and attaching hardware. Columns and Carvings polyurethane architectural products recreate classic architectural styles with today’s engineering. Their lightweight, high-density polymer columns, moldings, railings and trim last twice as long as wood products of comparable appearance. You can use these for interior columns.

Architectural Products by Outwater offers a huge array of architectural accents and building materials. Architectural Products by Outwater stocks a vast assortment of high quality Classical, Colonial and Non-Tapered, plain and fluted, round and square columns in wood, aluminum and structural fiberglass. Available with either traditional caps and bases or more decorative, highly ornamental plaster, resin or aluminum capitals.
They offer stock columns in heights from 8' to 12' with 6" to 12" diameters. Outwater also offers a variety of options for custom column requirements, including splitting, splitting and splining, height and fluting adjustments, priming and asphalting for exterior applications, customized made of order heights and diameters, stain grade woods in most species and specially designed and manufactured architecturally correct columns. www.archpro.com/column.html

North Pacific Composites provides load-bearing, architectural, filament-wound columns for the commercial and industrial industries. Their smooth, tapered filament wound columns are offered in diameters, up to 36 inches, and heights, up to 30 feet. They are light weight, extremely durable, competitively priced and aesthetically pleasing. No venting or maintenance is required. North Pacific columns use patented filament wound technology w/ load bearing with strength up to 35,000 lbs. Balustrade systems can be easily attached. Their columns meet ASTM E-84, flame and smoke requirements. North Pacific Composite soffers a lifetime warranty and protection against weathering, decay, insects and other environmental influences. North Pacific services include splitting for reassembly for column cover applications to surround an existing support. You can print various detailed documents from the website. www.northpacific.com/dept/composites/cc_productinfo.html

Timeless Architectural Reproductions, Inc. was started in 1996 with the formulation of a unique patent-pending marble and fiber resin composite material. In 1999 they moved to Cumming, Georgia where we have expanded our initial product offering to include balustrades, spindles, decorative capitals, as well as providing columns and bases. Timeless Architectural columns and bases are styled after the classic beauty of Greek, Roman and old-world European architecture. Available in fluted and smooth finishes, tapered and non-tapered and round and square styles.
Timeless Architectural Reproductions columns are made of a durable, high quality fiberglass composite and are non-porous, waterproof and impervious to insects, fungus and extreme weather conditions. The hollow shafts of fiberglass columns provide a perfect channel for concealing water drainage, electrical wiring and plumbing pipes, while maintaining its structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities. All their fiberglass columns are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Their beautifully handcrafted and finished products have been installed nationwide in both residential and commercial sites. www.timelessarchitectural.com

Worthington Millwork--Worthington has served  customers nationwide for almost 20 years. They provide customer service, outstanding lead times, and a wide range of products to accommodate almost any construction project. Selections of columns, balusters, molding, ceiling medallions, niches, window heads, pediments pilasters, louvers and many other architectural details in many traditional styles are available. You can also request their free CAD CD with product specs. www.worthingtonmillwork.com 

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