Coastal Home Floor Plans and Home Designers


Coastal Home Floor Plans and Home Designers

Designing a home for a coastal area requires special skills and knowledge. The recent storms to struck the shores of the USA have made it very clear to communities that stringent building codes are necessary and most have implemented the International Code like Dade County ,FL.

Florez and Florez have what they call the Coastal Life Planner. It is a home planning book with 28 luxury seaside home designs and floor plans with emphasis on comfort, style and elegance. They have offices in St.Augustine, FL and Outer Banks, NC. 

Coastal Living Magazine offers lots of beach house and waterside home designs thru its website. Typical is the Beach Bungalow which is inspired by the tiny beach houses of New Zealand and designed by Eric Moser of Moser Design Group of Beaufort, SC. This little one bedroom beach house has less than 500 sq ft and a covered front porch and is designed for a few days relaxation. It is also perfect for a beach guesthouse.  See the many beach cottage and waterfront home floor plans at 

Empyrean is offering architectural design, planning, and fabrication of Deck House, Acorn, and The Dwell Homes. They have architects, project managers, and craftspeople on staff. You can order their Design Portfolio.

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