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Coastal Living Magazine Photo Shoot and Article

We were so excited and honored to have Coastal Living Magazine come for a photo shoot on June 26th 2003 for a feature called "Built to Last" to be in either March or April 2004 issue.

As it tuned out, in 2005, after the eve of the mighty Hurricane Ivan passed over our house, leaving massive destruction along the entire Gulf Coast, Coastal Living Magazine did a follow-up short article about how well we fared in the March 2005 issue.

Below are photos from the actual photo-shoot. First are my digital camera shots of the magazine pages as published. Hope photographer Bill Minarich doesn't mind me reproducing them here in this degraded web format for you to see. He is such a nice (and cute !!) guy, we will just do and hope for the best.

coastalliving-magazine-cover-march04 coastal-living-building-to-last-feature

The cover of the March 2004 issue of
Coastal Living Magazine

The inside cover page of the special
"Building to Last' feature.
They wrote about 4 homes and used a
big shot of our porch as the main photo.



The first page of the article about our DAC-ART home. Page 2 of the article.

coastal living-conclusion

The conclusion of the Coastal Living article.

Here are some close-ups of the photos that Coastal Living published in the above article.

coastal living magazine interior-photo

Bill tok this photo of the concrete acid stained
floor looking down thru the glass topped table.

I just took these photos of the actual magazine
w/ my digital camera out on my front porch.

coastal-living-italian-chandelier-04.jpg (42499 bytes)

coastal-living-mosaic-shower-04.jpg (33810 bytes)

They tried to show both the opalescnet glass Italian chandelier
and the subtle painted design on the ceiling beams.

It is really hard to photograph the small
mosiac shower's under sea scenes because
you can't get about about a foot back
away from the open shower door. Bill did a god job.

coastal-living-kitchen-04.jpg (25909 bytes)

coastal-living-handpaintedceiling-04.jpg (33461 bytes)

Overall a VERY NICE article in Coastal Living
and we thank them for thinking we
were worthy of their fine magazine.

It is possible that some people might have
been confused by this picture.
It is a corner of the ceiling over the kitchen,
but by placing it on the bottom of the magazine page,
it kinda looked like it might have been the floor.

In Sept 2005, after the eve of the mighty Hurricane Ivan passed over our house, leaving massive destruction along the entire Gulf Coast, Coastal Living Magazine did a follow-up short article about how well we fared in the March 2005 issue.

coastal-living-magazine-cover-march-05.jpg (27661 bytes)

coastal-living-magazine-update-05.jpg (26256 bytes)
The cover of Coastal Living Magazine March 2005

The follow-up article about how well we did.
Read the Full Text Here:
'Building to Last'

If you don't already subscribe
to Coastal Living Magazine,
you are really missing out !

If you do it here thru Amazon,
you get a discount and
I get a tiny portion of the subscription price
which helps offset the costs of this website.

Now, behind the scenes pix of the actual photo shoot for the March 2004 issue.

I asked if it was OK to take some photos of the Coastal Living Magazine crew at work and they said yes. The folks that came were a delight to have here. Art director, Craig Hyde came out the night before to brief me and to take some quick digital photos. He met with Naples, FL photographer, Bill Minarich and his assistant Nancy the next morning and they all showed up our here about 9 a.m.   Coastal Living had flown in photographer Bill Minarich and he had arrived the night before at Pensacola airport and came in a rental SUV with Nancy & all his equipment. Bill Minarich's work has appeared in many national publications such as Coastal Living, Bon Appetite, Travel Holiday, Southern Accents, Cooking Light, W, Veranda, Florida Trend, Newsweek and Southern Living. Craig Hyde drove down with his family from Birmingham, the base of Coastal Living Magazine. He was going to make a family beach weekend out of the trip.

The art director, Craig, arrived with very concrete ideas about exactly what shots they wanted.  He had Xerox copies of snap-shots with cropmarks & arrows all over them indicating exactly what they wanted in the final products. Bill had brought some great tunes on CD so we slapped those CDs in the changer and they got right to work.

coastal-living-magazine-floor photograph  coastal-living-magazine-floor photo
Some of the shots were of small areas of detail. In this case they were after an area of the concrete acid stained floor and a portion of the glass topped table. All the interior shots were done first in the day. It was amazing to me how long it took them to set up each photo. Sometimes an hour befor the actual photo was shot.

coastal-living-magazine-sofa-shot.jpg (7439 bytes)  coastal-living-magazine-sofa-photo  coastal-living-magazine-sofa-idea  coastal-living-magazine-sofa-floorplan
Craig positioned the sofa just where he wanted it, Bill would ck thru the camera lens, the table was moved several times, and Nancy positioned the reflector to bounce the light around 'just so' to soften shadows. The entire shoot was done in natural & naturally occuring household light with the use of various reflectors.

coastal-living-magazine-kitchen idea  coastal-living-magazine-kitchen photo  coastal-living-magazine-kitchen pix
Coastal Living did one set up for a kitchen shot and one with me in it making a smoothie in my blender. The microwave that usually sits in the corner was moved, as was the coffeemaker. People always wonder if magazines move the home owner's stuff around to suit their purposes...yes they do, mostly to eliminate clutter. They also used tape to hold things in certain positions and placed it so it could not be seen. We took all the window screens out of the windows before the day began too.

coastal-living-magazine-exterior-house  coastal-living-magazine-exterior-house  coastal-living-magazine-exterior-house
coastal-living-magazine-exterior-house  coastal-living-magazine-exterior-house
The Coastal Living crew took a lot of exterior shots. Sometimes they'd let me look thru the lens to see how the shot looked before the actual final shot was fired. The crew finished up about 7:30 p.m.

coastal-living-magazine-exterior-front porch   coastal-living-magazine-exterior-porch

coastal-living-magazine-exterior-porch  coastal-living-magazine-exterior-porch
One of the most interesting things to me was that the camera that Bill Minerich uses takes a Polariod thru the same lens that also shoots the film. What they do is set up a shot and take a Polaroid and then analyze it, make any adjustments needed, shoot another Polaroid, check it, and if they like how it looks, the shoot the film.

coastal-living-magazine-photo-shoot-polaroids.jpg (7413 bytes)
These are some of the Polaroids from the day's shoot. There were several other interior detail shots, like chandelier, ceiling details, mosaic shower, so it will be fun to see what
Coastal Living Magazine decides to use.

coastal-living-magazine-exterior-porch-window-box.jpg (5001 bytes)

It was a fun day, the weather cooperated totally ,so they got it all done in one day and we had a wonderful dinner at The Beach Club compliments of Coastal Living Magazine.


We think that Coastal Living has been especially kind to us and we are flattered that they have chosen to include us twice. They have been impressed with the strength of our DAC-ART home in this hurricane territory.

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