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Wilder Gulf Shores Italian Style Vacation House Project--Page 8

Carpenter, David Denny is back, this time with his helper Jimmy. We have had a lot of on and off rain, some of it heavy but we are ever so thankful to have missed Tropical Storm Barry. It hit land not too many miles east of us, near Destin, Fla.. During the rainy days, David and Jimmy have gotten the 4" tongue and groove pine boards up on the ceiling and Nick, our foster son, and I have finished grouting where the ceiling beams will be added then all of it whitewashed. (See that here)
pine ceiling in our dac art small vacation home

man made stone house under construction. Heavy beams on our front porch facing west


Setting the porch beams on the DAC ART man made stone house in Gulf Shores Alabama

There are 4 men in this photo, one is not shown because he is behind a column. This is one of those times you really want to say, "How many Alabamians does it take to put up a porch rafter?"

The man made stone of DAC-ART of course stood up just fine to the brush by of Tropical Storm Barry.

Our foster son Nick Hoadley has been a real help this week. He doesn't mind working up high and besides helping the carpenters, he has done a lot of DAC-ART block grouting.

Nick Hoadley helping with the porch construction.

Jimmy building the porch with David Denny.  David carring beams for porch construction on this hurricane proof home.

Good-natured Jimmy, above, has come to help David Denny with our woodworking.  The porch rafters have taken much longer to cut and install than we all expected, but we think they are going to look great & give us a real Italian look.

Closely spaced porch beams in the Italian manner.

David is proud of his work on our Italian styled villa porch.

We finally got a break from the rain today, even tho the forecast was for 90% rain with flash-flooding. We did have several short showers, but managed to get the porch carpentry completed. David was so glad to have finished what he had thought would be a one day job, but actually took 3 days to complete.

Venetian styled closely spaced porch rafters.

and, Harry and Miller got all four southern concrete DAC-ART windows sills set in place, as this photo taken about 8 p.m. at quittin' time shows..the man made stone sills look grand.

Southern windows on our DAC ART small vacation house.

The webmaster grouted all day........

Building up the Venetian styled closely spaced rafters.

Our simulated but authentic looking beams are now going up across the ceiling. David has cut the long edges at a 45 degree angle so they are mitered and appear as one piece of wood.

Frank,  who happens to be 6' 8", our salesman from Swift Supply drops in almost daily to trade blues recordings and see if we need any more wood. He supplied our pine tongue & groove ceiling & wall boards, as well as other materials

frank.jpg (6105 bytes)

Our beams are closely spaced in the Italian style.

If you want to jump ahead..

Our Venetian style ceilings are now complete, ready to be spackled and white-washed.

See here:
The kitchen beams are now detailed & finished

Randy Mullis of Coastal Heating and Plumbing and his helper John Goodenough.

Randy Mullis, on right,-'Coastal  Plumbing' & John Goodenough have done our all plumbing. Randy has been just great about coming on short notice when we needed him.

The double door leads to the bathroom in our small  vacation home.
The interior walls are complete except for some trim. The kitchen will be to the left, and David built double doors that lead to the bathroom. David will be building our kitchen cabinets in his shop over the next couple of weeks.

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