DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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Construction details of a Birmingham, Alabama residence, now completed.


dac-art concrete blocks

dac art precast concrete blocks

This house was under construction in an older neighborhood in Birmingham, AL. As you can see, the blocks are guided into place by the 'handles' of the block below it.  Only one man is needed to position the block as it is lowered. Notice the scored concrete floor. It was poured after the first two rows of blocks were in place and will be given a surface treatment so that it resembles stone or tiles. This particular house had most of it's first floor electrical outlets mounted flush in the poured floor, but you can simply drop PVC pipe into the wall cavities to run your wiring to wall receptacles.

stevens7.jpg (16342 bytes)

DAC-ART construction is easy. The components are stacked without mortar. The wire handles used to lift and place the blocks are designed to allow for perfect alignment of the next block stacked on top. Buildings go up fast.


DAC-ART blocks have subtle variations of tint and purposeful surface 'imperfections' to add to the look of stone. After they are in place, a mortar mixture can be added to give them a 'set in mortar' look.

Interior walls can be finished out in conventional products such as gypsum board or paneling, or left as-is for a European stone look.

stevens1.jpg (11377 bytes)

decorative concrete architectural element

birmingham concrete modular home

staircase.jpg (24505 bytes)cement block modular house

DAC-ART concrete cornice

Cornices are normally difficult to build.  A great deal of scaffolding is usually needed.  Many working trips around the structure are normally required to build the shapes and finishes needed for an attractive cornice. With DAC-ART however, the lift simply sets another component.  All the shapes and finishes are already on the component.  The cornice component also has the same cavity and connection design that is the hallmark of DAC-ART: each side of a component that abuts another component has the typical DAC-ART opening to allow the internal concrete pour to make its connection to the other component with full continuity.

birmingham-alabama-architecture-2.jpg (18850 bytes)
The completed DAC-ART home in Birmingham Alabama

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luxury-home-architect-house-1-front.jpg (16594 bytes)
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