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We have rounded up some of our favorite sources for modern, contemporary furniture and home decor accessories. Some of the sites are not well indexed by the search engines, so we think you will find this group of modern furniture suppliers useful. It really is a wonderful thing to have the Internet and be able to reach sources for modern design that were out of our orbit previously. Some of these companies are high end and sold to designers only but many of them are offering affordable knocks-offs of Italian and Scandinavian designs to everyone. .

Molded modern chair from GoContempo is an online source for modern furnishings designed by highly respected international designers. GoContempo is a great resource for modern furniture online. You will find classic modern pieces as well and new inovative contemporary items. This is a 'mecca' for ultra contemporary furniture, and modern lighting. Check out Go Contempo's modern tables, office desks, coffee tables & lighting fixtures. They also offer sofas, chairs, modern clocks and

Leather Circular sofa Italian StyleLAFurniture--They have Italian style contemporary leather sofas just like I want and I think the prices are great. Just a couple years ago I could not find any cool circular sofas online for under 7 grand, now there are many selections. This is wonderful. I have writted this company about getting some color swatches , I think they have just what I want ! They sent the leather color swatches and I have ordered a sectional sofa , semi-circle in pale blue leather and vinyl where it doesn't matter. Like the photo, only I didnt order all the pieces, my room wasn't large enuf. See photos of the room w/ theleather sofa when it comes at

Blue leather contemporary sofaUPDATE: I recevied my sofa, it looked great except there was a smushed in place in the back. I called LA Furniture and they sent out a competent Furniture Doctor who fixed it asap. Everything was fine until about one year and one half later. The front edges of my sofa seats began to crack where the leather part meets the vinyl part. This is not from abuse, no kids, no pets, just two adults who use the sofa in a normal way. It is now apparent that the "leather" parts on the sofa are really super thin leather bonded to some backing material and the vinyl fabric is paper thin vinyl top layer, also bonded to some backer material. I am also noticing more difference in color between the 'leather' parts and the vinyl parts. Originally, it was only a little color difference under incandescent lighting at night. But now, in this sunny room, the difference seems more apparant. I will have to have the entire piece re-upholsytered with in 6 months or so I suspect. My guess is that the fabric covered sofas would last longer than this "leather"/vinyl combo. I cannot recommend it.

Modern Circular sofa in red leatherModern Line Furniture--the offerings seem to be about the same as the above website but the difference is that they have imported contemporary furniture in stock. Mostly popular colors are available on the website like brown, black, white and red. Not sure if you can order custom leathers. They do carry a very cool circular sofa that I have seen elsewhere. They offer it in stock for immediate delivery in white, red and black leather or leather/ vinyl mix.  Lots of nice looking rectangular sectional sofas. Some make into sofa beds in clever ways. The prices seem great.

BluDot Furniture modern sofa
--this online source, based in Minneapolis, for contemporary furniture offers a but affordable collection of wood, wire and metal home furnishings mostly. They have shelving, closed storage, tables, beds, seating, and audio/visual centers. The site is owned by a trio of artists-architects who design pieces that are a part  MoMA, part MTV and great around kids. BluDot has fun and functional pieces. Everything is built to be multi-functional.

Sexy Furnishings Furniture LogoSexy Furnishings--Cool furniture, funky furniture and knock-offs of classic contemporary furniture. Get colorful and interesting stuff like the Barcelona Chair, Shoe Chair, and other Modern Furniture at Sexy Furnishings. The also have a section of contemporary kid's furniture. Their modern sofa collection ranges from world renown designer reproductions and sleek microfiber upholstered pieces to ultra-retro, ultra funky sofas. I think they have great prices. Huge offering online and check the clearance section. 

CB2 modern furnitureCB2--Crate and Barrel--I suppose they are marketing their contemporary stuff using the CB2 name as it sounds more 'modern' than the regular one. New motto is "So You So Affordable" & they have an easy to use website....The motto on th eprinted catalog is "resort to affordable modern" and it is stuff that is rather affordable in price. They have a lot of coordinated room settings and things that must be manufactured for them alone, or at least in their colors. CB2 has everything you would need to outfit an apartment or home. They offer kitchen stuff, winegglasses, dinnerware, furniture, rugs, lamps, do-dads, and some fun acrylic furniture and accessories. They tend to use certain colors and stick with them throughout the entire catalog. The print issue that I have is all about orange and lime, aqua and yellow. I love hot colors, so I think it is great. Indoor and outdoor modern furniture. They also carry bedding and other stuff from Marimekko ® of Finland

Mash Studios modern bed at Public Design
Design Public
--this huge online source for contemporary, modern home furnishings has tons of choices and you can access them by brand if you know what you are looking for. You can also access by room, or category. I like the SALE category ! They offer free shipping on orders over $100 and no restocking fees on returns.

 KMP Contemporary Furniture--KMP Contemporary Furniture Store is committed to exceed your expectations of quality and good service, with a variety of  Modern and Contemporary furniture.They carry a wide selection of contemporary furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other part of your home. They strive for the best in contemporary sofas, TV stands, lighting, dining tables, bedroom sets, and living room furniture. Check out the Fire collection. It is about modern furniture, that can add a clean cut, modern minimal look to your home.

CB2 Modern Living Room FurnitureCB2 - affordable, modern housewares and furniture for apartment, loft and home. You can order their 80 page catalog of modern room settings and accessories. The prices are great and be sure to check the sales area. So when it comes to furnishing your place you can obtain unexpected like sofas that rock, cool clocks. Beds that roll and shag rugs. Tables that take dining to new heights. Details that resolve challenging spaces both loft and . Witty combinations of clever materials made to last. A modern point of view.

2Modern---offering modern furniture, contemporary lighting, designer furniture.
A large selection of contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories for sale online. Be sure to check the Expansion Wall Sconce, This wall sconce doubles as art. The glow of colors radiating from this wall light are all produced by a single standard incandescent light bulb. The shade consists of 5 white plastic planes whose reverse sides are printed with vivid colors to reflect colored light onto the preceding planes. What an amazing focal point for a room. As wonderful to look at turned off as turned on. Designed by Rob Zinn & Manufactured by blankblank. 

The Sanluca recliner is being put back in production by Poltrona Frau, forty five years after its original creation. Designed by the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1961, Sanluca's futuristic line was inspired by the sculpture of Boccioni. The ergonomic curves of its headrest, backrest and lower back support give Sanluca a strong visual impact. Re-issued today with a wooden structure and modular upholstered components, Sanluca is an up to date recliner.

Nils Holger Moormann-Lese+Lebe--modern modular furniture from GermanyI can't say that the sharp edges of this very creative furniture would not cause some discomfort, but it is still great to see a designer thinking in suck multi-function fashion. And, since it is one wheels, that makes this unusual modern sofa / desk combo even more versatile. The back of the two-seater is formed by the shelf that raises and lowers. On the left or right side, a board can be folded down as a table. This makes it possible to access the shelf from both sides. Under the seat are extendable footrests and drawers with a lot of space for filing and stashing clutter. The built in bookcases are a great feature as is the attached lighting. When moving house time comes, just close everything up and hire some strong men !

Thonet Bentwood Chair--We've got to go even further back to discover the birth of what is now considered a classic object of decor. More than one hundred years have passed since the steam-bent birchwood chair "Thonet" was created. During the intervening century this model has become an archetype in the design world, a solid landmark which has been frequently modified and revisited. The latest incarnation comes from Gebruder Thonet Vienna itself. The original lines have been conserved; what's new are the lively modern colours, like yellow, red and blue.

Artifacto Furnitute Brazilartefacto is the leading home furnishings manufacturer and retailer in Brazil. They have sophisticated modern design and use high quality materials. Furniture, textiles, and fine art. artefacto has locations in Carol Gables, West Palm Beach, FL, S Ã O P aulo, and Rio d e Janerio. Contemporary furniture in stock for immediate delivery. The artefacto contemporary furniture website is very arts-y.

Storehouse Furniture living room
has a circular sectional sofa and a few other contemporary sofa designs. You can call for a print catalog or order online. Storehouse has about 65 locations in the U.S. The website upper links are not working w/ Firefox for me, maybe you can do better with IE.  Storehouse offers a sophisticated and eclectic blend of unique furnishings that include all the elements of home décor.
Styles range from contemporary to classic, Storehouse offers collections of living, dining, bedroom, bath, home office, bedding, window, area rugs, tableware, décor accents and accessories. Storehouse Inc is a two-time winner of the ARTS Award as the most outstanding National Furniture Store and recipient of the American Furniture Award for Retailer of the Year for 2003 from Home Magazine. View the online version of the print catalog.

panton-chair.jpg (3380 bytes) is concerned about you buting knock-offs. They sell true brand name contemporary designer furniture like the Barcelona Collection by Knoll, George Nelson clocks, tables by the Cherner Chair Co. and the Panton Chair by Vitra Design. Accurato represents these manufacturers and designers:, Cherner Chair, Designfenzider, Enzer Phones, Fixtures, Knoll Studio, Lucidream, Spazia, Vitra Design.  Shown is the famous moulded plastic Panton chair from Vitra.
They have a big page telling why they want youto buy the original , not a knock-off or cheap fake. Free Shipping on most products and no sales tax (for now) except Idaho. Order online 24/7 or call toll free


Ultra modern sofas from a showroom
is a new alternative for architects, interior designers, and customers looking for very cool modern, contemporary furniture and fitted European kitchens. They are located in the Miami, FL area and you must visit their showroom.

Ultra Modern chairs and tables
Dauphin Human Design Company
-Do you like the ergonomic look, feel and function ? Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin founded Dauphin in 1969 in a town in Bavaria, Germany, as a specialist in ergonomic office seating. They offer contemporary side chairs, swivel chairs, lounge chairs, and tables. Today, Dauphin services the NAFTA markets from factories located in New Jersey and Ontario, Canada. They have daily production of more than 4,000 units, and now sell Dauphin chairs in over 50 countries. Dauphin developes their seating designs in Germany, where a team of dedicated engineers and technicians works with outside designers. Their products are extremely comfortable, good looking and easy to use.

Custom modern furnitureRenaissance Architectural Orders by Laszlo Furniture Design, Fine Antique furniture reproduction, Architectural Woodwork and Paneling, Specializing in Veneer work, Marquetry,Inlay and Intarsia., Plaster work, Classical Interiors, French-polish by Laszlo Sallay--New Your City. Furniture design with superior craftsmanship in contemporary / modern designs.

Custom modern office furniture Gianni manufactures superb modern executive office furnishings. Their casegood products are hand crafted using a unique combination of form, function and design. Their designs range from contemporary and modern styles through to traditional timeless pieces in wood. Gianni creates each elegant piece individually, using architecturally matched veneers and hardwoods. Their clients can choose from standard or custom blended stain colors. I think they could make custom residential storage systems too. 

Entourage wood dining table Entourage l.a. Collection of modern furniture, lamps and lighting. The company specializes in fine gold leafing and top quality hand crafted and finished furniture. Featuring lamps, modern floor lamps, contemporary furniture, modern chests & armoires, contemporary tables & mirrors Santa Monica, CA

Erik Brand modern deskEric Brand Furniture is a high-end, completely custom, furniture company. They offer furniture to the hospitality industry as well as residential and office. You won't find their products in retail stores or mass marketed catalogues; they build each piece by hand, one at a time, made to order. Thinking custom contemporary furniture--, think Eric Brand.

Harrison Van Horn, Inc. --Soft contemporary case pieces, tables, mirror and chairs with an Asian influence. Grasscloth veneers with lacquer and exotic bamboo and reed elements. Rare bamboos, and reeds glazed to any color. Tables, beds, chests, chairs, iron tables, pedestals, cabinets, etc.. Must be purchased thru a decorator. Founded in 1976, Flint Harrison Designs became Harrison-Van Horn when Jay Van Horn joined the company as a partner. Drawing on Flint’s creative talents and Jay’s business acumen, Harrison-Van Horn quickly grew from a few showrooms into a successful business with its much in-demand creations on display in showrooms around the country. Steve Stone took over the business in 1989 after the untimely deaths of Flint Harrison and Jay Van Horn, and has remained devoted to Flint’s vision of Harrison-Van Horn as a “family” business, with dedicated craftspeople, who share a common goal: to produce quality furniture and maintain the high level of integrity that has always been associated with Harrison-Van Horn.

Marbello Design brings forward a collection of sculptural pieces, elegant in character and refined in the treatment of material and finish. This Los Angeles based firm produces upholstered goods, tables, casegoods and lighting. Mostly custom furniture including fitted Euro style kitchens.

Nu House's proportions, style and materials are rooted within classic interior design, wich they refine into a simple, elegant aesthetic so that their furniture may coexist with varied styles. Nu House designs combine contemporary and traditional influences. All exposed wood surfaces are available in a variety of natural woods. A variety of stains are available. Premium woods, metal leaf and custom finishes available too.

Peter Alexander Furniture is made in the company’s workrooms in Los Angeles. Their headquarters is in San Francisco. The company specializes in contemporary designs for residential and hospitality markets. The design focus is on artfully sculpted contemporary style that is based on classic shapes. Simplicity of form and bold line define Peter Alexander Furniture designs, which are the result of independent and collaborative efforts between Peter Alexander and David Baughan, a San Francisco sculptor and partner in business.

Peter Gutkin's modernist tradition is expressed through refinement, simplicity, and understated elegance. Gutkin has excelled for thirty-five years as a designer, sculptor, and artisan of fine furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Shaver Melahn-Contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories designed and manufactured with an eye to what’s hard to find in the marketplace. The focus is on the natural beauty of the materials used, and a variety of finish options and customized details are available. They make contemporary lighting , casegoods, tea carts, beds, chairs, tables, and accessories. Check the really cool modern tables.

FlexForm SPA of Italy--decades-long family tradition and operating in a town in the North of Italy renowned for its high quality furniture production, the Flexform brand has been instantly recognisable for almost half a century. This is the company that has successfully stimulated creative interaction with successive generations of designers: from Cini Boeri to Joe Colombo with his historic "Tube chair", from Sergio Asti to Rodolfo Bonetto, creator of the celebrated "Boomerang". Today, the lucid, inventive style of Antonio Citterio, responsible for much of Flexform's recent history, is flanked by important exemplars of Modern Movement culture in the form of highly evocatlve modern and contemporary Italian re-editions.

Felicerossi is an Italian company with bothupholstered and moulded contemporary furniture. Their armless sofa, Krysalis has waves across the back and would be so well suited for a seacoast condo. A chrome steel frame props up the upholstered fiberglass framed seat. Not sure if Felicerossi imports directly to consumers, can't read Italian.

Mid Century Modern Furniture and Decorative Accessories

LYX Design --Cinematic flair comes to furniture. A Hollywood set designer has created stylish modern furniture with an artistic touch. RICK Sofas & Armchair are made for people who wants a contemporary seating system, but a comfortable one. It has a cubic shape, but they’ve done everything they can to make it comfortable. This sofa is created for reading, relaxing and beyond. The upholstery is made in space foam that adapts to your body. For example, the armrests are so soft that you can actually use them as pillows when reading or watching TV. WING Lounge Chair is a reincarnation of the classic wing chair, created for the future. Maxelle chair is straight out of Rocket Man.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Sources

bellacor contemporary furniture

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