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CB2 modern furnitureCB2--Crate and Barrel--I think they are marketing their contemporary stuff using the CB2 name as it sounds more 'modern' than the regular one. One motto is "So You So Affordable" & they have an easy to use website....The motto on the printed catalog is "resort to affordable modern" and they have really interesting modern rugs that are rather affordable in price. They have a lot of coordinated room settings and things that must be manufactured for them alone, or at least in their colors. CB2 has everything you would need to outfit an apartment or home. CB2 tends to use certain colors and stick with them throughout the entire catalog or season. The print issue that I have is all about orange and lime, aqua and yellow. I love hot colors, so I think it is great. I saw zebra print rugs, camo rugs, and other modern rugs that  had zippy designs. They also carry bedding and other stuff from Marimekko ® of Finland

Contemporary rug from IndiaMichaelian & Kohlberg -- creating some of the finest hand woven carpets from India, Nepal, China and other areas of the world since 1921. With East and West coast showrooms and an extensive organization of distributors in all major metropolitan areas, Michaelian & Kohlberg carries over 700 carpet designs available in a range of sizes and colors. Styles include fashion forward contemporary area rugs. Also available are a wide range of needlepoint rugs and Nepalese or Tibetan rugs. Michaelian and Kohlberg was a pioneer in the reemergence of the use of hand spun woolen yarn and natural vegetable dyes through their Black Mountain Looms productions. Special orders, including extra large sizes, also see the close-out discount contemporary rug section for cheap modern rugs of very high quality that you can order directly.

Abstract contemporary rugRug Studio is a division of Oriental Rug Gallery, L.P. a family-owned business located in San Antonio, Texas with a rich history in the rug business. For more than 75 years, the company has enjoyed success in all aspects of the industry, from manufacturing and importing, to wholesaling and retailing. Nice website, easy to navigate and they offer clearance items. Rug Studio as rugs by name designers: Amy Butler, Andy Warhol, Bob Mackie, Bob Timberlake, Calvin Klein, Cristina Ferrare, Dick Idol, Jack Nicklaus, Jaclyn Smith, Janelle Lampp, Jennifer Moore,, Jill Rosenwald,, Kate Ward Thacker,, Kathryn Dougherty,, Kathy Ireland,, Lauren Brooks,, Liz Claiborne,, Mary-Kate & Ashley, Sandra Lee,, Sherri Blum, Stella Smith, Stephanie Cohen, Tommy Bahama, Tracey Porter, Tracy Porter, Vera Bradley, Walter Nicholas , William E. Poole, Phillip Crowe --nice site, fun to use. contemporary area rugsModern A whole site devoted to art rugs and contempory designs in rugs. They are a major retailer of carpets and rugs, serving online buyers everywhere. This company has over 500,000 square feet of warehouses. Modern Rugs carries feature rugs by leading designers such as Gene Meyer, Dakota Jackson, Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, Nani Marquina, Hanna Kordova, Sara Schneidman, Adam Tihany, Warlamis. I have never heard of most of these people, but maybe in rug circles thye are big names. An interesting note is that : Any rug can be custom made. This opens whole new horizons for truly unique rug options.

Roubini Rugs specializes is custom designer hand knotted rugs and fine Italian furniture. They offer some of the coolest modern rugs you have ever seen from designers like Farhad, Jamie Drake, Missoni and Karim Rashid. The Roubini 'Peony' rug is actually huge oversize zinnias--a great designer contemporary rug look.

Carini Lang-- a visit to the Carini Lang site is a fun thing--if you have broadband. They have a private gallery of contemporary rug and carpet designs but you must email or call and ask for a password. You can view the artsy multi-media slideshow if you have plenty of time, and be sure to see Mums in Silk carpet detail on the left of the main home screen.

Warp & Weft Decorative Carpets--Michael Mandapati’s fascination with beautiful carpets and textiles grew out of a summer job at a New Delhi carpet gallery while attending university. After college Mandapati moved to New York where he worked at both Pasargad Carpets and the famous ABC Carpet and Home in their Antique and Decorative Carpet Department. In 2001 Mr. Mandapati opened Warp & Weft in New Yourk. His gallery specializies in decorative carpets and has become a resource for many of New York’s interior designers. Warp and Weft makes distinctively beautiful modern and contemporary rugs. 

The Safavieh Rug Collection has elegant contemporary rugs. Safavieh is a leading manufacturer and importer of fine rugs. Established in 1914 in the capital of Persian weaving masters, three generations of knowledge and experience are behind Safavieh’s award winning collections. In the United States since 1978, Safavieh has been a pioneer in the creation of high quality hand made rugs. Safavieh's collections range from the finest antique reproductions, to the most fashion forward, contemporary rugs. See especially The Rodeo Drive Collection, and the Selaro Collection.

West Elm Modern Area Rugs --a few budget priced contemporary and modern design rugs from the same people who publish the print mail order catalog. The full range of west elm products is available online, including furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories , however, inventory may occasionally differ between their catalog and website.

Mat The Basics,--Hand Made Carpets crafted by Mat The Basics, a company more than half a century old known for the innovative designs & techniques. They are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of carpets from India. Hand tufted carpets and area rugs in modern designs. Check Malmo Red , a contemporary monochrome polka dot design.

Dialogica designs and offers modern rugs --If you are looking for a beautiful rug but you prefer not to wait the customary 20-30 weeks for a rug to be handmade, some of the designs shown in their website are available for immediate delivery. Small samples of some rugs may be loaned to you at a charge of $20 (S&H) and a security deposit on your credit card of $100. If you prefer to make your own color statement and have the time to wait, they also have a separate custom rug program. All Dialogica rugs are individually handtufted of 100% New Zealand wool. (I couldn't ever get their all flash website to work right for me.)

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