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Coral is BIG right now! You can see coral designs on all sorts of home decor items like sofa pillows, tableware, lamps, drawer pulls, fabric and things designs especially for the seaside and beach. Coral jewelry can sometimes be a bit prickly to wear, but coral accessories add a great flash of hot pizzazz to seaside and beach-y color schemes. Coral decor is HOT !

coral_lamp.jpg (22932 bytes) John Derian Coral Lamp--You can order a decoupage lamp from John Darian in New York by phone order. The beautiful website shows all manner of colorful decoupage decorative accessories in floral, seaside, and butterfly prints. Decoupage is the art of cutting and gluing paper images to surfaces. John Derian, is a collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints. He hand-paints borders on top of old ledgers and letters. He combines all these various types of prints into charmingly collages, which are then reprinted and pieced together in layers under glass accessories. John’s shop, work and home have been featured in many magazines including The New York Times Home Magazine, The World of Interiors, Elle Décor, House and Garden, Country Living, House Beautiful, Gourmet, Bon Apetit, Victoria, Garden Design, The New York Observer, Time Out and New York Magazine.

coral-dinner-plates.jpg (2904 bytes) coral-serving-pieces.jpg (2390 bytes)New Port Nautical Decor has some happy serving platters with handpainted CORAL designs. They offer a variety of plates and platters in blues, yellows and deep coral reds. Coral pattern was inspired by the magical beauty of exotic, tropical barrier reefs. The bold, large-scale designs look perfect going from hors d'oeuvres on the coffee table to formal meals in the dining room, and the European styling makes it easy to coordinate with other popular coral patterns available. The eight serving pieces in this group feature wide stripes in azure blue, deep coral and sunset gold, along with dramatic renderings of natural coral. Made in Portugal. New Port Nautical has lots for Coral Decor

Coral Branch ChandelierAnthropologie---Hunt around this site for way cool home decor accessories which coral designs like this Coral Branch Chandelier made in France. At the time that I looked, they had coral table lamps, food service pieces, and various soft goods in designs with coral colors in the fabrics. A very cool site for coral decor. 

coral branch dinnerwareSource Perrier has all sorts of coral decor items plus reef things too. Celebrate the distinctive form of a branch coral. Not only do they have accessories like towels, napkins, they have food serving pieces made in the shape of coral and decorated with coral. The lure, beauty and love of the sea's exquisite coral reefs are celebrated in dinnerware by Limoges, designed by Anita Tiburzi. Coral reefs are the largest architectural structures created by animals, including humans, on our planet, and corals are its dominant builders. The ruffled scallop shell rim on all the pieces is accented by sponged coral. An embossed string of pearls drift between the sprigs and branches of coral. On the soup plate and serving platter, an oceanic bouquet, anchored by a scallop shell, a good luck symbol of life and love, is bountiful with coral fronds, nautilus, spiral, turban, auger shells and leafy sea grass. The Coral Reef design floats on a sea foam white wave of translucent imported Limoges porcelain.

Coral Decoration Napkins Coral Salad Servers  Coral resin accessories Coral Towels and Linens Coral branch votive candles

Sea Coral BranchNaples Sea Shell Company --There is a website that sells all sorts of coral online. You can get real, authentic Fire Coral, Cat Paw Coral, Brown Stem Coral, Blue Coral, Octopus Coral, Finger Coral, Table Coral, Pipe Organ Coral, Bird Nest Coral, Open Brain Coral, coral pieces and broken coral. If you are decorating a lighting fixture or doing a craft project and you live away from the coast, this is the place to get what you need for coral decor. Naples Sea Shell also has shells as the name implies :o)

coral candleholderLife’s A Beach began as a small retail store in the coastal community of Eureka, California, starting out from the first day with the intent to help raise money to support non-profit organizations whose mission is to preserve the seas. From the first day of sales, both with their retail space and now with their online store, this company donates $1 of every sale to these organizations.


Coral Specimens from coral reefs for collectors, decor and science. Assorted Coral A nice way to obtain inexpensive specimens for decorating or for use in a saltwater aquarium.

coral bathroom accessories This is a set of ceramic Coral bath accessories. Includes lotion pump, soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder, tissue box cover, shower curtain rings and waste basket. Turn your bathroom into a barrier reef with this striking Coral ceramic bath accessories in opalescent white ceramic featuring contrasting vibrant red coral trim and a gorgeous coordinating shower curtain with a shell and coral

The Coral Reef Society : “The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) promotes coral reef conservation around the world by working with the dive industry, governments, local communities and other organizations to protect and manage coral reefs, establish marine parks, fund conservation efforts, and raise public awareness with the mission to keep coral reefs alive for future generations.

The Devine Corp has several lovely dinnerware patterns with coral motifs.
Cristobal Dessert Coral by Raynaud is one in the standard white and reds. It has a more contemporary look than most.
The cool blues in the porcelain plates is a nice change from the typical reds in the Raynald Cristobal II set. has exquisitely designed tableware from Anna Weatherley, Ercuis, J.L. Coquet, Jaune de chrome, Lynn Chase, Niderviller, Portieux, Raynaud, Varga.

Modren Coral Design Plate Cristobal Turquoise Plate w/ Coral Design

Coral are invertebrate (no backbone) marine organisms of the class Anthozoa, phylum) that are characterized by skeletons, external or internal - of a stone-like horny or leathery consistency. They are most abundant in warm, tropical waters, where they gather in colonies that form reefs. The term is generally applied to the skeletons of the animals, particularity to those of the stone-lke coral.

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