DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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DAC-ART Clients

Who is the DAC-ART customer ?

A quick look at the DAC-ART projects and the DAC-ART clients from the beginning to present day have shown some common characteristics. In general terms, we have an emerging list of values or criteria that seem to be common to the DAC-ART projects thus far:

1. The DAC-ART project is an owner driven project. The owner takes initiative without depending entirely on a builder, architect, etc to lead the decision making process.

2. The DAC-ART client is cost-conscious and takes the maintenance and property insurance costs into account when evaluating construction costs.

3. The DAC-ART client values quality in terms of strength and beauty over cost savings.

4. The DAC-ART client has ruled out the wooden, stick-built method of construction as an option and has decided that solid masonry or concrete construction is required.

5. The DAC-ART client understands and appreciates the value of custom architecture. DAC-ART is totally custom and rarely dimensionally standard. Therefore it offers infinite opportunities to personalize and to build special places to express individual aesthetics.

6. The DAC-ART client is not in a big hurry and prefers quality and longevity. He is tired of the "temporary and expediency" element in today’s conventional building practices.

7. The DAC-ART client appreciates the value of good architecture, both classical and other styles that would employ a thick, limestone look and that would give a palpable sense of solidity and security.

8. The DAC-ART client is above and beyond the presuppositions of the standard "construction industry." There is therefore less vulnerability to the inevitable comments that come from friends or family members who want to help by sticking to conventions.


If you share these values or project requirements, then please contact us.


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