DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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How DAC-ART Architectural Concrete Modular Blocks are constructed:

11-01housewithPorch.jpg (9353 bytes) DAC-ART blocks are tinted concrete that give the look of fine European cut stone. They can be tinted to various shades. Individual wall blocks are available almost any thickness required. Typical is  12 inch or 15 inch (exterior) and 8 inch (interior) widths and have an optional Styrofoam insulating liner. Column blocks come in various sizes. The huge blocks are dry-stacked by back-hoe, crane or similar equipment. The hollow cavities are then filled with steel reinforcement rods and back-fill poured concrete to create walls that are strong, maintenance free, and visually appealing. There are numerous specialty blocks, including corner blocks that produce extremely strong wall joints. The 'back-fill' concrete flows not only through the blocks vertically, but horizontally as well.

Inside each DAC-ART concrete block:

This photo shows the molded Styrofoam interior insulation in each block and the steel wire 'basket' which is encased in the blocks.

The steel wire 'basket' is molded into the concrete block and serves two functions.

  • It has fold-up handles by which the block is lifted into place
  • The shape of the handles guides the next block stacked on top into perfect alignment.
foamlinerside.jpg (5510 bytes)  foamlinerend.jpg (3840 bytes)

This optional Styrofoam core provides a double wall of insulating foam between you and the outside elements.
If you have a 12 in. DAC-ART Block, you will then have:

3" of DAC-ART architectural stone +
1" of foam +
4" opening for conduit, rebar,etc and concrete back-fill +
1" of foam +
3" of DAC-ART architectural stone.

Outside each DAC-ART concrete block: dac-art-stone-sm.jpg (1900 bytes)dac-art-stone-pink-sm.jpg (1820 bytes)dac-art-stone-ocre-sm.jpg (1763 bytes)dac-art-stone-dk-taupe-sm.jpg (1724 bytes)
Four typical DacArt Block colors.colors
The unique design on DAC-ART blocks allows wiring and plumbing to be run both vertically and horizontally through the center of the blocks if you want. The fill concrete also flows in both directions through the blocks, creating an incredibly strong building. dac-art building system cement block 

Shown here is the standard color.

Your blocks will be shipped to you labeled precisely as to course and position according to your architectural plans. Placement is facilitated by the labels that show the exact position in the house plan.

dac-art mobile alabama gulf coast panhandle florida

This photo shows the interior of a portion of a DAC-ART block wall before it has been backfilled with concrete. You can see the lift hooks and openings from several rows. When the blocks are backfilled, the concrete will flow both vertically and horizontaly from one block thru to another.

These particular blocks do not have the styrofoam liner as the customer ordered them without it.

concrete-block-wall-interior-top.jpg (19499 bytes)
This close-up interior shot of a block wall was taken from the open side of a block. You can see the rebar coming up from the slab/footing into the interior of the lower block. The upper block is placed right over the lift hooks of the block below it. The interior cavity openings allow the back-fill concrete to flow thru the blocks side to side and up and down. concrete-block-wall-interior-end-2.jpg (14023 bytes)
Open on the ends and also top and bottom, the DAC-ART blocks allow the back-fill concrete to flow continuously through the walls. Rebar is also run horizontally and vertically through the stacked blocks. Electrical conduit is placed in the interior cavity too. Outlet boxes come moulded in the blocks in predetermined locations for your job or cut out for easily on a block edge with an electric recriprocating saw...by placing the outlets at a edge you only have to make three cuts instead of four.The lift handles of one block help 'guide' the  block coming down on top of it into place.
The photo on the right, shows how your electric boxes can be pre-cast in your DAC-ART blocks where needed. Simply add on a new piece of conduit as you increase the height of the wall. This small block with closed ends was used between closely spaced windows. dac-art cement block with electric box & conduit
dac-art-block-lowering.jpg (6633 bytes)The open ended concrete blocks are lowered into place over rebar that is set in the footing or slab. The same blocks are also open top to bottom.  
The specialty DAC-ART blocks, including arches,  that give your project style dac-art mobile truckload of architectural componentsThis photo taken in the fall of 2002 shows diverse components ready to go to a  Destin,  Florida project
dac-art ted dial concrete arch

Ted Dial, developer of DAC-ART with a precast architectural arch. The arches are perfect for building an elevated home with under house parking. Arches come in several sizes.

Specialty blocks, which have the exterior design elements are stacked in exactly the same manner as regular DAC-ART concrete blocks. This photo is a balcony support, with a temporary wood post supporting it until the concrete interior back-fill is set.

dac-art-balcony-support.jpg (4179 bytes)
DAC-ART decorative concrete masonary unit one of many concrete designsThis decorative DAC-ART under window panel is placed flush, right in the block wall and has concrete interior back-fill just as a regular block. DAC-ART allows for carved and artistic architectural ornamentation without the need for costly Old World craftsmen. All you need to do is "stack da blocks" !!
  tuscan tuscon architecture italian italy provence
dac-art concrete Roman cornice block This close-up of one cornice block shows how the block is open side to side for the back-fill concrete to flow from one block to another to form a monolithic structure of great strength. You can just barely see, in this photo that the cornice block is open on top and bottom also. The cell phone resting against the cornice block gives you some idea of the scale of DAC-ART blocks. They are lifted and placed using a Boom-truck, Bob-Cat, Dyna-Lift, Lull, crane or similar piece of equipment--what ever is best suited for a particular job .
dac-art mobile alabama oblisk for destin condos
Once a specialty block is created for a new project, it becomes part of the DAC-ART catalog.
dacart mobile alabama architectural concrete

DAC-ART blocks have subtle variations of tint and purposeful surface 'imperfections' to add to the look of stone. After they are in place, a mortar mixture can be added in the grout groove between them in any shade you chose to give them a 'set in mortar' look.

Dac-Art is now made in a standard color of a soft stone taupe. You can choose a custom color, a traditional yellowish ochre Tucson color or a pale, soft pink as we did to glow in the rosy Gulf Coast sunset at extra cost.

Interior walls can be finished out in conventional products such as gypsum board or paneling, or left as-is for a European stone look as we did in our Gulf Shores Alabama waterfront vacation home where we wanted an Italian styled home.

DAC-ART insulated concrete block wall construction
DAC-ART wall of insulated concrete block construction

This photo is of a DAC-ART commercial building under construction. It is the building that 'caught my eye', resulting in a quick U-turn and led to us using DAC-ART for our Gulf Shores vacation home project.

DAC-ART construction easily allows you to have walls and ceilings any height you choose. Why settle for 8 ft or 9 ft standard "American" ceilings when you can have the uplifting ambience and style of Old World Architecture with higher ceilings? Smaller sq. footage feels like a much larger place with tall ceilings.

Here on the Gulf Coast, with our 13 1/2 ft. ceilings and breeze off the water--we often turn the air conditioning off on summer days, even here in Alabama, and allow the breeze to keep us cool. With the high ceilings, this is possible  and saves on utility bills.

Whether you are seeking  Tucson architecture, Mediterranean architecture, modular home construction, Texas limestone home construction, Country French home design, Southwestern style house design, Florida style house design, Spanish house style, beach house plans, unusual house plans, unique house plans, narrow lot house plans, small house floor plans, luxury house plans, vacation home plans, DAC-ART can create for you architectural house designs and plans using DAC-ART concrete 'stone' blocks that will meet all your requirements and then some!

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