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Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

Ralph Lauren Metallic PaintRalph Lauren Home Decorating Paints website offers tips and how-to info using their specialty paint formulations. Indigo Denim is one of the special paint finishes. They offer How-to videos on many faux finishes. They have detailed step by step printable pdf files or online videos you can watch. The Regent Metallics series has a shimery glow that will bounce the light around. This series of specialty paint is avaliabrel in 40 colors. The Candlelight Glow TopCoat can be applied to any of the Ralph Lauren 500 colors or probably to other paint brand walls too for that matter. It adds a candlelight radiant glow shimmer to the color underneath. On the other hand, Suede in 40 colors has a deep rich suede link finish. This paint will absorb light rather than reflect it around. Great for a cozy look. The Riverrock series has 40 colors in an earthtone range that have subtle specks and variations in color. Bring a bit of the outdoors inside in a boy's room or cosy den. A fan deck of all the Ralph Lauren srecialty finishe colors is currently about 30 dollars. Ralph Lauren Paint: Professional Tools and Product Literature: Do you paint for a living ? Ralph Lauren Home offers helpful resources for professional designers and contractors.You can receive complimentary Ralph Lauren Paint color tools and product literature. Contact a Ralph Lauren paint specialist and receive complimentary Ralph Lauren Paint color tools and product literature, including the Faux Techniques Guide, which includes instructions on how to achieve our signature faux techniques, their Lifestyles Brochure with beautiful full-color photography, inspirational images of our Lifestyle Paint collections and the Specialty Finish brochures, featuring River Rock, Suede and Regent Metallics. .http://rlhome.polo.com/rlhome/products/paint/default.asp

Heavenly Home Designs--a div. of Beaux Artes--on this website you'll see lots of decorative treatments for walls, ceilings and cabinet doors. They will take on your job personally or sell you parts to create some really ornate wall-panel effects, ceiling medallions, etc...Examples of their decorative painting include Faux Marble and Wood, Old World Plasters, Stenciling, Furniture Refinishing, Gilding, Murals, Sky Murals, Painted Ornamentation. You can also add custom, hand-painted artwork to your architectural panels. The artwork is hand-painted on enhanced canvas and may be applied to the wall like wallpaper. The faux finished architectural panels are then installed over the canvas. Just imagine the possibilities ! www.heavenlyhomedesigns.com 

Designer Stencils Kids Room StencilsDesigner stencils flower Designer Stencils-- this online companyhas a gigantic selection of stencils both  small and jumbo. Several different stencils were used in this kids room design. They also carry stencils for making 3-D relief designs with a thick paste thru a stencil. The selection of floral stencils is wonderful. Many are multi part stencils and you can re-use them many times. www.designerstencils.com 

Faux Ever Beautiful sells supplies and offers small classes.All classes will be held in the studio section of an actual home where each student will have his or her own workstation and easel, where each day you will create 6 to 8 beautiful faux finish sample boards to take home with you. Everyone will be wondering how you created theses gorgeous faux effects samples and no one will believe you created them with paint. They teach the folowiing techniques: Basic Marble, Parchment, Stencils, Suedes, Verdigris, Clouds, Stria, Pearls, Glazing, Crackling, Olde World Finishes, Murals and Trompe L'Oeil Workshop, Layered Stenciled Effects,Venetian Plaster, Torn Paper, Painted Skies, Faux Basics, Distressing, Marbling . Faux Ever Beautiful sells Aqua Finishing Solutions Products. www.fauxschoolbyfeb.com

KT Color all natural paintKT Colors USA--Swiss paint that uses only natural mineral pigments. Aronson’s collaborates with architects, interior designers, visual merchandisers, and general contractors to provide innovative flooring solutions for private residences, hotels and apartment buildings, retail environments, and corporate office interiors. Fine interior paints hand made from natural pigments. www..ktcolorusa.com

Sunny's GoodTime Paint Products: Decorative painting is easy, fast and fun with
Sunny's collection of colour washes, glazes and aging glazes.With more than twenty pre-mixed, water-based finishes to choose from, they think you can achieve the look you want straight out of the can. Sunnys Goodtime 4-ounce Samplers let you try at home as many colour washes, glazes or aging glazes as you'd like t see what effect you'll get. You can try some over your existing wall colors too. Sunny's Goodtime Colour Washes are light in pigment and are designed to go over a white or light colored latex eggshell basecoat. They create a stained effect resembling old, fresco plaster. Sunny's Goodtime Everything Glazes create the illusion of depth. They are transparent, but contain more pigment than our Colour Washes. And Sunny's Goodtime Aging Glazes contain brown, earthy pigments that make walls look aged. They are perfect for use over Colour Washes, glazes, latex paint or high-sheen finishes. Look at thelist of retail dealers or shop online at www.sunnysgoodtimepaint.com

Anna Sova Luxury Organics has the healthiest paint you can buy that are made from up to 99% food grade ingredients and none of the harmful compounds (solvents, mercury, formaldehyde, benzene) found in ordinary latex.  Stucco and textured finishes are available. Anna says, "You breathe the volatile organic carbons from painted wall finish. Isn’t breathing it the same as eating it? Just consider a gallon of our wall finish 12 pounds of vanilla truffles, it’s delicious! Safe for children and pregnant women, they're pretty, to boot: Colors range from soft pastels to deep browns. You can add a $9 bottle of Anna Sova Organic Aromatherapy and your room will smell like fresh lemons, vanilla, orange and cloves, or sandalwood and spices — rather than headache-inducing chemicals. " www.annasova.com

Faux Painting Techniques.com is a place for website visitors to access all required resources for faux painting techniques in one location. Their goal is also to provide a support structure for those researching new and challenging finishes. For all the folks who have see Doug do the Venetian plaster technique on Trading Spaces, this site offers instructions. Venetian plastering is rapidly becoming one of the most popular finishes. Historically, decorative plaster finishes can be divided into two main categories. The first, known as fresco (from the Italian for fresh), involves mixing pigments with water and applying them to a plaster surface that is still wet. The second, known as fresco secco (from the Italian for dry), involves decorating the plaster with pigments mixed with water after it has dried. The method of venetian plaster they they describe is a bit more authentic and time consuming than the Venetian plaster finish that Doug does on TV. The materials used in decorative painting, as well as the tools, are readily available now in the huge home improvement centers adn on the internet. Overall the materials required to produce astounding effects are very inexpensive, and many can even be found around the house. Using the proper technique, a sponge, a rag or a feather can be all you need to produce a fabulous effect on your walls, cabinets or furniture. Plenty of resources are available on the subject, including books, videos, classes and TV shows. www.faux-painting-techniques.com

Watercolor Walls says "life's to short for white walls". WatercolorWalls Colorwash is a fast, easy way to create the soft look of ancient italian frescoes. Their kits include everything you will need to get started. Colorwash is available in 11 soft colors. Colorwashed walls are soft, rich, & warm . Only one shade of colorwash is needed to create varied tones and hues on any wall. Colorwashes are semi-transparent, letting light travel on to the base coat, then refracting the light back as "broken color." It isn't a flat, solid color but comes from many shades blending together for a deep display of depth and texture. With just a little old fashioned elbow grease and know-how, you can create beautiful striped walls and stenciled patterns. Instructions for creating stripes are also included in the instructions that come with every kit. Striped walls help give smaller rooms a sense of height and ordinary rooms some visual interest. Gingham walls are a great effect. Stenciled patterns are fun and easy to create with colorwash. Watercolor Walls will help give your textured walls a soft broken color look. Whether your walls have an orange peel, knock down or lath and plaster finish, Watercolor Walls Colorwash will bring warmth and depth to your room. You can buy paint online on their site to do a beautiful, soft faux finish paint effect. www.watercolorwalls.com

Paint chips at www.pantone.com , Request the House & Garden color guide.

Better Homes and Gardens has Topics in Painting like Decorative Painting, Interiors, Exteriors and Weekend Projects. Nice artiles on the following topics: • Choosing the Right Brush, Combing, Crackling, Decorative Painting Essentials,
Decorative Painting Primer, Decorating Tips from Debbie Travis, Focal-Point Walls, Freehand Painted Tiles, Granite Finish, In a Glaze, Leaf Stamping, Marbling ,Ragging, Sponging, Stenciled Tiles, Stenciling Away, Striping, The Write Stuff, Tone-on-Tone, Comb Painting, Verdigris, Wall Stenciling  www.bhg.com

Home Depot Color Solutions Center, --The Home Depot has introduced the Color Solutions Center -- a 30-foot wall of paint sample heaven -- offering paint color collections from Behr® Premium Plus, Ralph Lauren®, and Glidden®, and Behr's new Disney® paint collection. Find over 3,000 paint colors at the Home Depot Color Solutions Center. Home Depot has even addressed lighting issues, using lighting for their paint displays that is very close to the look of natural light, giving a more accurate color rendition. That means that the "perfect" blue you select at the paint store won't turn to teal when you view it in your own home.
Especially cool is the touchscreen computer in the ColorSmart® kiosk from Behr.The easy to use software lets consumers to browse color collections, print a supply list, and play with color combinations in onscreen kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and baths, to get a feel for how particular colors might look in an entire room.
Wondering if you'll love raspberry on the walls? Take a look at the color on the computer in a room. You may love with the look but if not, try out other paint colors with the touch of your finger on the screen.
Many of the ColorSmart® features can also be accessed online at Behr's website, where you'll be able to get some additional home decor painting ideas before setting foot outside your door. www.homedepot.com

Behr Paint has a website with lots of online help for home decorating decisions.Browse their extensive How-To library, calculate the paint you'll need, and select the right sheen. Looking for a place to start? Spark your imagination with their expert style, design, and color advice. Behr makes a Sandwash Finish that has a tiny speckled effect. Their Venetian Plaster is to go over walls primed with a low sheen finish like eggshell. It has a first coat, second coat and a burnishing step. They also sugges tthat you try mixing their Venetian plaster with the Pearlescent or Luminoso paints that they make.
On the Color Smart page you can Find coordinating colors for your project.
Visualize your colors on an interior or exterior & print your personal color choices. Don't guess - use their simple calculator to find out just how many gallons of paint you will need.  Whatever part of your home you're painting, the BEHR PROJECT ORGANIZER will guide you through your project, with step-by-step expert advice on all common preparation, priming, painting and clean-up questions. Their step by step instructions will guide you thru the popular Venetian Plaster technique that Doug Wilson has used on Trading Spaces a number of times. www.behr.com

Walter Collection of easy to apply wall decorations are lightweight shapes that are primed and ready to be applied to the wall or any flat paintable surface. You can paint in a contrastingt color or glue them on and paint in the same wall finish and have interesting shapes and shadows. Currently four shapes are available in various sizes to be useed as focal points, borders, or all over patterns. Some fabulous faux finishes could be created suing these 3-D elements.  www.foldinbedding.com 

Words on Walls--Handpainted words and quotes can add much personality and charm to a room but usually require considerable skill and planning. Now Words on Walls makes it easy and inexpensive to decorate your walls with easy to apply words and phrases. You can choose from hundreds of standard quotes or write your own and select from 39 styles of type (fonts)and 36 colors to make your literary statement.Think of the inspiring Biblical scripture that you can add to your life in a not easily forgotten way. www.WallWords.com

Dutch Boy's Twist & Pour is a recyclable container which has a removable lid for storage and a built in spout for pouring and holds 2 1/2 gallons of paint. The Twist and Pour features a removable roller tray that is for a full size paint roller or up to a 4 in wide brush. This item would be great for large paint jobs that will require more than one gallon of paint and more than one painting session. www.dutchboy.com

Marston & Langinger premium British paint is now available in the U.S. thru its store in New York City's SoHo district. The collection of 42 complementary colors has been carefully chosed from their lush range of hues. All paint colors are available in both interior and exterior formulations. Small sample pots of their colors are available there too so you can take it home to try it out. 212/575-0554 to order a color chart.

Farrow and Ball--manufacturer of traditional wallpapers and paint. Farrow & Ball is the last remaining traditional paint and wallpaper manufacturer in Britain. They only use the finest ingredients and still manufacture paint to original formulations. Farrow & Ball prefer the most difficult route of using only the best raw materials available which has resulted in unsurpassed levels of flatness and depth of colour in our classes of Estate® Emulsion, Dead Flat Oil and Oil & Water Based Eggshell. They also make a a traditional high gloss finish paint suitable for both interior and exterior wood and metalwork. The small sample cans are available and the larger format hand painted F&B colour card and colour book are available to order. www.farrow-ball.com

True Value Hardware Stores now have Color Auditions, their small 4 oz. containers of colors available in the most popular colors to take home and try  on your own walls before you place the big order . www.truevaluepaint.com

Benjamin Moore--Color Samples are the small 2 oz. jars of paint that cover a 2 ft by 2 ft area of you wall so you can test a color at home.  www.benjaminmoore.com

Waverly now offers paint in addition to their familiar fabrics wall paper and wallcoverings. www.waverly.com 

Sherwin-Williams encourages us to use COLOR ! See their paint website at www.Sherwin-Williams.com 

Pacific Design Center--See the www.pacificdesigncenter.com   for inspiration

Paint Ideas.com has tips for painting, sponging, stenciling, rag painting, and antiquing www.paintideas.com

Duron Paints and Wallcoverings www.duron.com

Venetian Plaster

Vella Venetian Plaster ---comes pre-mixed in a white base and ready to use. Choose from any of the exclusive Vella colors or create your own custom color. Vella retailers will add universal color tints to the Vella Base to achieve your desired color. Vella Plaster can be shaken by the retailer or mixed thoroughly with a drill stirrer. Vella plaster product can be applied to a clean, dry, hard surface with a trowel or Vella Venetian base coast can be applied by using a 1/2" nap paint roller and standard paint rolling techniques. While still fresh, trowel or spread the material smooth in a random pattern with a 12" drywall knife to remove any stipple from the paint roller. Youn want to achieve a smooth, consistent finish. Once the material is dry, scrape down any lap lines or raised imperfections with a 6" drywall knife. You apply a second coat of plaster with 6" flexible drywall knife in a criss-cross pattern. Keep the knife flat against the wall so that the handle is almost parallel to the wall. Allow the plaster to set approximately 10 to 15 minutes, before "burnishing" it. This will create a smooth finish. Be sure to allow enough time for drying between the first and second coats and of course temperature and moisture can vary the dry time. As the Vella Plaster dries, repeated additional troweling can be performed. This will result in more surface sheen.After the Vella Plaster has thoroughly dried, they recommend that you apply two thin coats of Vella clear, walnut or mahogany wax with a sponge then buff the wax with a cloth or a power buffer soon after application to seal the wall and bring out the sheen. I used a small, light weight vibrating sander w/ a buffing pad on it w/ good results the last time I was buffing wax on walls. To avoid dark spots and over waxing, apply the wax in two thin layers. You can watch a video demonstration on the website. Vella Venetian Plaster is available at Sherwin-Williams, Vista Paints, Dunn Edwards, CALPLY, CAL-WALL drywall suppliers or contact them. www.vellaplaster.com 

Valentino Decorative Plaster by Omega--Omega Products International is a producer of commercial and residential exterior and interior stucco wall systems. They have added this Venetian Plaster interior product to their line. Omega Products provides a diverse line of exterior wall options including exterior plaster systems, stucco systems, and they also manufacture performance enhancing Ad-Mixtures, Bonders, Elastomeric Coatings, Interior Finishes, and 100% Acrylic Coatings. www.omega-products.com 


Faux Finish Artists

Anne Kennedy Decorative Art specializes in custom decorative painting of interiors to customize your home or business. The art of Anne Kennedy has embellished the surfaces and furnishings of countless homes, stores and places of business, each one customized to the taste and wishes of the client -- from whimsical to "old master" frescoes, wood graining to trompe l'oeil. Our studio has mastered the techniques and products necessary to render exceptional and very personalized art. Anne lives in the South Carolina Low Country, and has been doing decorative finishes for the last fifteen years. Anne Kennedy Decorative Arts is active in the Beaufort / Hilton Head area of South Carolina, and maintains a continuing presence in the Atlanta Metro area. Anne's fine art can be seen at Art and Soul Galleries in Beaufort. Her decorative finishes can be seen in any number of local and national publications. www.annekennedyarts.com 

Kathleen Dayo graduated from Syracuse University's School of Fine Arts, and her work was soon after featured in The New York Times' Discoveries column. It was the launch of a successful and rewarding artistic career. Since then she has been featured editorially in many home design magazines including House Beautiful, Woman's Day and Paint Decor. Her work includes drawings, pastels, watercolors, oil paintings, custom designed ceramic tiles as well as huge wall murals.Kathleen's has had clients from coast to coast. She can paint in many styles as you will see from her website portfolio. www.kathleendeyo.com

Faux Finish Paint for Interiors can come from any number of paint manufacturers or home improvement stores.

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