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Fire Place Mall--assorted fireplace accessories from various manufacturers. Categories include: andirons, bellows, chimney caps, chimney repair, chimney surrounds, cricket ash vac, dampers, fire starters, firebacks, fireplace screens, fireplace sets, fireplace tools, grates, hearth décor, kettles, steamers, log holders, racks, safety products, trivets 

North Line Express--Enjoy the beauty and comfort of an outdoor fire more often with an outdoor fire pit. Fire pits provide the safety of a confined fire so you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of an outdoor fire without the worry. Bring the warmth and beauty of a campfire to your backyard or patio with an outdoor fire pit. North Line Express carries gas fireplace assemblies that burn through a layer of glass. Aquatic Glassel is an amazing product that creates a mesmerizing fire in your fireplace or outside fire pit. Keep your fireplace or wood stove clean and ash-free with ash buckets, ash pails and ash containers that make collecting and disposing of ashes safe and easy. When you don't want the warmth of a roaring fire, fill the fireplace with candles for an attractive alternative to lighting a fire and enjoy the romantic glow. 

Completely Stainless---contemporary and modern fireplace accessories. They have sleek metal and glass fire screens. Completely Stainless is a division of Uplink Companies, a family owned and operated company. They import premium quality stainless steel products from SKS Blomus in Germany and ship them out to you quickly. They offer an exclusive 60 day money-back guarantee on all fireplace items and fireplace accessory products & stainless fireplace tools.

Restoration Hardware carries metal fireplace screens. Currently they offer the Mission Hearth Mesh Screen, Mission Hearth Rivet Screen, Gates Hearth Double Fleur Three-Panel Screen all in black.

Jefferson Brass carries fireplace tools and decorative accessories, including the famous Virginia Blowpipe. These fireplace accents are solidly cast in the authentic medium of pure brass, combining superior weight, balance, and finish. They are not lacquered so you will need to hand polishing for a shiny finish. The Jefferson Brass' Virginia Blowpipe is a combination of a bellows and a fireplace poker. It utilizes the principle of air movement discovered by Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782). This exquisitely designed fire tool is the best way to restart a dwindling fire. Their wide range of brass fireplace tools will mix with most home décor. Jefferson Brass items are made totally by hand, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times. is the result of over 25 years in the Fireplace and Chimney business. They have assembled a wide variety of fireplace and chimney products, with more added all the time. They have firewood storage racks of all sizes and styles. They have a huge selection of andirons including a black cast iron cat fireplace andirons w/ reflective glass eyes. They also have owls, dogs, brass, cactus, and tons of other andirons. Their fireplace heaters and fireplace blowers can get more heat out of your fireplace, and Woodland Direct can accommodate almost any fireplace with the current selection. They have a complete selection of fireplace grates for you to choose from. They carry a large assortment of fireplace candelabras and fireplace grates, outdoor fireplaces, fireplace glass doors, chimney products, chimney cleaning equipment and chimney caps.

Penhaligons--Fancy long fireplace matches in painted tins. As vibrant as Brighton itself. A fusion of English eccentricity and the exotic, inspired by John Nash’s Royal Pavilion, print tins of tall matches

Jen Lew Designs makes matchboxes covered in all manner of exotic papers. Matches in boxes covered in vintage paper...Huge assortment, available in two sizes. Great hostess gift. 

fire lighter

sheepskin rug

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