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A distinctive tile backsplash has the  ability to create a focal point in your kitchen or wet bar and  really dress-up or jazz up your decor for a personal look. The area that a backsplash covers is really not so large, so your expense is small compared to the visual impact you achieve. Most kitchens look so very similar, and all kitchens that are really used get their share of splatters and drips, so a ceramic tile, mosaic glass tile, stainless steel or creative metal backsplash makes good sense too.  You can get some great ideas for designing a tile backsplash by looking at some of the ceramic tile artist's websites examples. Another good resource are Dover books. Even Dover's children's coloring books make great design tools. I often use them for basic outlines for mosaic designs.

Glass Tiles Manufacturers

Modern Tile Studio --they offer some tile that I have not seen elsewhere.


U S Color GlassU.S. Color Glass -- an innovative company located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in the manufacture and installation of XGP-Color Glass, which is a type of painted colored glass. It is produced through a relatively new and unique color coating process which was initially developed by the C.E.I. Corp, and this is the only licensed company in the United States to use their exclusive system. Painted colored glass has been utilized in Europe and Asia for several years and is currently expanding to the United States and other parts of the world. This product is primarily used as external architectural features of buildings such as spandrels and design features of interiors such as kitchen back splash, glass wall, table tops, shelves, and substitutes for tiles and mirrors. They also produce a variety of glass tiles from plain colored glass to custom shaped and patterned glass tiles.  

Modono Glass Blocks Color MirageThe Modono Glass Tile Collection--by Color Mirage is a group of dichroic glass tiles with textures and patterns that bounce the light around in exciting ways. The line has several variations: Opulence, Vintage, Extreme and Organic. The Opulence line tiles have three layers and is a luxurious metalic line. The tiles in the Vintage, Extreme and Organic series have an iridescent sheen and appear to change colors as light passes thru them. Designer Carrie Fazio created the extreme line in hot colors that change as the viewer moves past them or as the light source moves. Color Mirage™is a bold, new line of decorative glass products manufactured and recently introduced to the market by ACG. ACG is the former Bausch and Lomb Thin Films Technology Division that pioneered much of the thin film technology used in the world today. The Color Mirage™ product family includes glass block, glass wall tiles, glass floor tiles, glass panels, and decorative glass lighting components. Color Mirage™ Glass Tile is a new and unique offering in the tile market. Color Mirage™ Glass Tile was conceived as an accent tile to incorporate color and style into kitchens, baths, bars and lobbies for use on countertops, back splashes, walls, and even flooring. Color Mirage™ Glass Tile is available in a variety of glass patterns and

 Medici Mosaics exports to North America and all over the world. Their website is all flash and requires a fast Internet connection. But it is fun. And they made some very cool glass tile.


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