New Moon Bedroom Decor | Gothic Themed Bedrooms


Gothic bedroom decorative items and bedding for a romantic medival or Twilight New Moon atmosphere in your bedroom.
Make your own special place with majestic Team Jacob Goth bedroom accents. Teenage girls will be eager for the official, licensed New Moon bedding set to show up in the bed and bath stores.We know therre will be girls who will want to decorate their bedrooms with comforters and accessories with pictures of Edward Cullen and Bella and bedding and d├ęcor inspired by Twilight New Moon.

Bella's purple bedroom set was very popular and I wonder what the new Twilight New Moon themed bedding will be like.
Twilight saga new moon pillowcase bedding HowSee EVERYTHING NEW MOON ! about this Twilight Saga New Moon Pillowcase from Amazon. Or this printed fleece bed throw with images of the stars. Twilight New Moom Fleece throw Or a Movie Poster of the same New Moon Image for your bedroom. Poster of Jacob New Moon MovieThe poster of Jacob will watch over you as you sleep and give you good dreams.Bella bedding set in grey and black This Bella Swan bedding set with a charcoal and grey foliage design will set the mood for a peaceful bedroom. Why not paint your walls a soft grey and add a few pink or turquoise accents. Stephenie Meyer is the most popular vampire novelist around. Her books the Vampire Journals have inspired and entertained many. Twilight New Moon the movie is a huge hit.

The Twillight New Moon duvet cover Twilight "New Moon" Duvet cover -Edward " Destroy Your Soul Twilight New Moon duvet cover with Jacob or the Duvet Cover with Jacob.

New Moon bed pillow New Moon Bed Pillow

Twilight New Moon Wall Calendar 2010 This Twilight Wall Calendar will add a nice mood to your bedroom CTwilight New Moon Vertical calendarhandelier Edward pillow case Edward Pillow Case...dream away :o)

You can make a wall collage from the Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder

Twilight Trading Cards Set

This Edward life size cardboard stand up figure means you can have Edward in your bedroom and your mom will not even get mad :o)

Edward life size standup figure cardboardEdward cardboard figure Twilight movie posters set See EVERYTHING NEW MOON !

It was a record-breaking weekend at the box office from almost every perspective. In fact, so many records were broken that it is kind of hard to keep them straight. By Friday morning The Twilight Saga: New Moon had already passed The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to become the top midnight debut of all-time with over $26 million. The sequel to Twilight was also number one in pre-sales and on Saturday it brought Summit Entertainment both the highest Single Day and the All-Time Friday titles with $72.7 million from its 4,024 screens.

Scroll Bedspread Black scroll comforter set Black satin sheets Gothic wall stickers mirror and candles    Gothic toilet seat bathroomGothic hand wall lamp  Hanging gothic candle holder  Mushroom StoolMushroom Stool !
Store stuff inside this cool mushroom stool and let you guests sit around like visiting trolls. Gothic bedroom wall cross with candle  castle coffee or end tableGothic bedroom Pillow How about a castle for a bed side table. For your bed or a chair, chandelier pillow. Twilight Edward blanket throw of fleeceOr a big fleece wall hanging or bed blanket Twilight movie wall scroll bedroom decoration or a hanging wall scroll of Twilight's Edward and BellaCan'r afford a complete chandelier ? Hang crystal drops in your window or make your own chandelier from a yard sale light with these crystal drops and fishing line. Gothic Crystal Drops or these Clear Crystal Drops
Gothic crystal drops
Clear Glass crystal drops


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