Hand Carved Wood Doors


Borano hand carved wood door photoBorano--They make specially designed doors for TV's Home Makeover Expert Cathi Volante which was a custom variation of their popular Provence door. Bora can show you how a custom designed iron grill can change the appearance of doors to meet our you design ideas. Borano has craftsmen ready to make custom doors, hand crafted from solid, 2-1/4" thick Honduran Mahogany. Borano doors come pre-hung on 1-3/4" jambs of the same, tight-grain durable species (.57 specific gravity). This company will make beautiful church doors or doors with glass inserts, wroght iron grilles, and all sorts of cutom features. Sometimes they offer free shipping. www.borano.com

Sweetwood Creations hand carvingsSweetwood Creations Inc.--Sweetwood Creations can create custom carved doors to whatever specifications and style you desire. Your doors can be carved with your own design, to reflect your own individual creative style. Sweetwood Creations Inc. products can be shipped to your building site when required. The wood carver’s Stamp is optional but recommended: each Sweetwood creation can have two brands burnt into it in discrete places. The first is a Sweetwood Creations Inc. brand; the second is the sculptor James Andison’s name brand. When shipped, each piece can also include documents of authenticity, origin and full description of the wood carving, with replacement cost for insurance purposes. Sweetwood Creations Inc. also keeps a log of your artwork in its database.www.sweetwood.ca

Custom wood antique style doors from Doors by DesignDoors by Design--Right here in my own back yard , we have a custom wood door maker, Doors by Design. Their hardwood doors are made of the finest quality timber, including Honduran and Indonesian Mahogany, Honduran Cedar, South American Oak, Andean Walnut, Malaga Cherry, Premium Knotty Alder, and Hard Maple. They are committed to using wood products that have been certified as having been responsibly harvested from well managed forests that adhere to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards and are in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). None of the timber used in their doors is from endangered wood species. Many of their doors combine elements of patterned and beveled glass, metal caming, forged iron, and unique, decorative hardware. Made in Alabama and Mississippi ! Look at the photo gallery and see all the great old world style and doors made from antique wood. Veryinspiring. www.doorsbydesignus.com


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