Hollywood Movie Themed Bedroom Ideas


There are different directions that you can go with a Hollywood Glamour Bedroom. You might want to emphasise the movies, the Oscars, the red carpet and spotlights or you may just want to have a 30's style glam bedroom like many of the Hollywood stars did.

The movie set style bedroom might have things that are obvious 'props' just like in the real movies. This could be things like make believe chandeliers and cut out figures of famous movie stars. For a movie themed Hollywood bedroom you can get some ideas from the Prom Decor websites. This one below shows the spotlights beaming skyward. You could paint something like this on your walls. Imagine dark blue or medium blue walls with white or silver stars stenciled on them, then shooting straight up would be two or three beams of 'light' . You can paint your beams from white paint and go back over them with glow in the dark streaks of light on top of the white. You can buy glow in the dark paint from hobby shops. It is not expensive. Fit you beams shoot up from behind your bed or a piece of furniture then you dont have to worry about the base, but if it is in a part of the room that you can see, then you need to paint a 'metal' base where the bulb and lens would be housed. Just get some metalic paint and do it like you see in this Hollywood prom set image.
Hollywood spotlights bedroom decor Holly wood teen bedroom ideas Twinkle lights are a natural in a blue and shite Hollywood Nights bedroom. You can outline your headboard with twinkle lights or rope with LED lights inside. How about a red carpet leading to your bed from the bedroom door ? Bedroom faux chandelier Fabric with hollywood starsYou can buy or make a faux chandelier if you cant afford a real one. If it is going to be near your bedroom light, just be sure it is fireproof or hangs down a bit like this one. At Christmas you can find all sorts of chandelier looking metalic streamer hanging decorations. Look at places like Walgreens or party shops. The pre-printed stars paper from the Prom and Party shops can be used to cover your bulletin board or even a whole wall or your closet doors

Sheer stars fabric From the party and prom stores you can get sheer fabric printed with silver, gold or white stars. You might want to hang a long length of it over your bed behind the headboard. Or make window treatments with it in swags across the top of the window. Check the online fabric stores too. Costume fabric shops is another option.

Skyline headboard idea The outlineof a nighttime skyline is one idea for a headboard. Cut one out of a sheet of plywood and sand it smooth. Paint it black or dark blue. You can paint on little white or silver windows here and there. If your idea of a Hollywood Movie Themed Bedroom is one that is in the tropics, use our PALM TREE TEMPLATES to paint big sillouete of palm trees on your walls. You will need to enlarge these templates to really big to go from floor to ceiling on your walls. If you room walls are dark blue, paint your palm trees solid black so they look like midnight shadows. Hollywood movie bedroom palm trees walls. These decorations are from Stumps. Hollywood glitz party ideas : http://www.stumpsprom.com/
Our pdf file has templates for 6 palm trees, both with and without coconuts.Palm tree wall decoration. Palm trees for wall painting muralClick here for Palm Tree Templates.


agDiva bedroom ideasIfJeweled Drawer Pull If you are looking for kissy lip prints, shoes, dots and stripes this DIVA bedroom group is perfect. Check out the throw pillows with sketches of models. This might be more of a Fashion Designer look than Hollywood, but it could go either way if you added a few twinkle lights and a few movie posters. The jeweled drawer pull isnt cheap but you could make some for yourself from plain wooden knobs.Just get some acrylic paints and  glue a jewel on with Goop glue. First spray your paint job with clear spray paint. Poke your knob thru a piece of cardboard and take the cardboard outdoors to spray.

Covering your walls with mirror squares does nto cost a whole lot and can not only make your room look larger, it adds a lot of glamour. You can do the wall just behind your bed all the way up to the ceiling. if you want, you can hot glue a fancy button to every place the mirror corners come together. This gives it a very dressy and finished look. Why not make yourself some drawer knobs from the same fancy buttoms ? Just break or file the back off it it sticks out and glue them to wooden knobs that you have painted black.

To paint knobs easily, poke the screws thru a piece of cardboard and gently screw the knobs on the screws so all the knobs are mounted on the cardboard. Then go into your garage (away from the car :o) or outside to spray paint them. Set the cardboard down so the paint can dry and this way the knobs don't touch anything while they have wet paint.

Nothing says Hollywood more than a fabulous wall mirror like this: Glamor sunburst hollywood mirror And it is under $20 ! See shopping links below. A real movie reel wall clock ads an authentic touch. Movie reel wall clockTeen wall stickers Wall stickers add a lot of pizzazz quickly.Satin deluxe bedding


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