DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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Classic Archicture Home Designs by Ted Dial

The Ultimate Garage Apartment or Small Classical Home

designed by Ted Dial
A custom classic for DAC-ART concrete construction

DAC-ART Building System
homes tend to be custom
designed house plans,
but if you are looking for stock house plans of European Style Designs,
click on these
discounted books you can instantly order.

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European Dream Homes :
200 French, English
& Mediterranean Design

A catalog of perspective renderings of expensive "European Style"
home designs plans with
accompanying floor plans.

book-european-style-house-plans.jpg (7284 bytes)
243 European-Inspired
Home Designs!

Victorian, French, Spanish
and Mediterranean style homes,
American architect's

book-Luxury-Coastal-Mediterranean-Style-Homes.jpg (7449 bytes)
. Styles vary from
Old World Mediterranean,
Modern Spanish
to Contemporary
Coastal. Sizes-from
2,500 to 6,800 square feet
of living area. 60 pages
of full color
interior photography,
112 pages of home plans.

More Books

Log Cabin Plans

concrete houses dry stack blocks

concrete houses dry stack floor plan floorplan concrete houses dry stack precast architectural stone blocks guesthouse garage apartment floorplan

This home design has the large garage underneath the living space.

This classic architectural design can be built using DAC-ART dry stack architectural components and will have the look of   European limestone construction. A small house with the garage underneath, this home would have a very spacious feel... a minature palace....perfect for a guesthouse, beach house or vacation home or the ultimite garage apartment or carrage house.

european home plans south european home plans north

These unusual home plans can be built entirely of concrete with the DAC-ART Building System to give the look of European limestone. Shown above is a North and South elevation.

european home plans ground floor european-home-plans-floorplan.gif (9884 bytes) european home plans loft area

The Ground Floor Plan ----- Main Floor Plan-----Loft Area

european home plans east

This home would be  well suited for a narrow lot location

unusual-house-plans-front.gif (13039 bytes)

These unusual house plans seem to be from a more gracious and elegant era.

unusual house plans floor plan unusual house plans floor plan

The first and second floorplans show how large this home really is with it's vaulted ceilings and four bedrooms, as well as versatile entertaining areas.

classic home building plans

Imagine this classic building built in the tradition of European limestone using the DAC-ART Building System.

Shown here are first and second floors plus a cut-away section.

classic home building plans classic home building plans

classic home building plans

More House Designs and Plans

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