DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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concrete modular carriage house

Concrete Modular Homes plans
for DAC-ART precast concrete dry stack concrete man made stone

concrete modular homes cement homes luxury

concrete modular homes luxurey concrete modular homes cement modular homes

Imagine a classic elegant home like this constructed of DAC-ART concrete modular precast stone blocks. This home is perfect for a urban narrow lot or a coastal location, where narrow waterfront lots are also common. The over-window ornament can be molded into the dry-stack concrete blocks to save time and money during construction. Contact Ted Dial, the designer for info on building this with DAC-ART Building System.

Ted Dial DAC-ARTonline building planstheodore dial dacartclassic home design onlineclassic architecture online on lineclassic home designs online

Traditional Two Story Home with Porches

luxury architectural house designs plans front This home was drawn in pre-DAC-ART days but can be adapted to the new concrete modular building system.

A two story home with elegant proportions
could have an old fashioned 'sleeping porch'
on the second floor's rear porch area. The third
floor with it's full sized dormer windows could
be fitted out to sleep multiple grandchildren
at the beach or farm.

The surface ornamentation can be molded right into the DAC-ART blocks, so much time is saved during construction.

luxury architectural house designs plans floor plan

architectural luxury house designs plans 2nd floor plan

Shown are the first floor plan and the second floor plan.

home designs plans onlinehome design on linehome plans onlinehome plan on linehome design plans waterfront coastalonile home plans designs

A Small House Design with Big Impact

home designs plans online north. side of house

home designs plans online-west of house

home designs plans on line east of home

home designs plans online south. of house

home designs plans online 1st-floor plan home designs plans online 2nd floorplan

This home could be a small house with a big presence, well suited for a corner lot. This stunning home design has an open plan downstairs with one bedroom down and a huge master bedroom suite upstairs. Light & the view pour in from all sides.... a great waterside design. This home is also well suited for narrow lots and a rooftop terrace is an option.

More House Designs and Plans

Most DAC-ART homes are built from custom plans, but if you are interested in stock plans that can be ordered, click on these books:

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Ranging in size
from 3,000
to over 10,000 sq ft

209 floor plans
many homes
under 2,500 sq ft,
the largest is
5,620 sq. ft.

50 plans,
every one is
and unique
3,000 to 10,000
sq ft

192 pages
detailed front
and comprehensive
floor plans

150 Plans of
many 4000 to
6000 sq ft up.

More Books

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