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Build a garage with character and charm

We are showing some pre DAC-ART garage designs here. Maybe these drawings will inspire you to build a better garage or you can contact us about adapting these garage plans to build using The DAC-ART Building System for a maintenance free structure.

If you are not interested in a custom designed garage
for your property, consider
one of these plans books

garage-designs-2-front.gif (5566 bytes) garage-designs-2-back.gif (7625 bytes)  

garage-designs-2-floor-plan.gif (3417 bytes)

garage-designs-2-side.gif (5828 bytes)

This garage design has an old world barn or stable look. It is drawn as if it were on a hillside.
Just imagine the wonderful storage you would have with this garage design.

Some ready-made Garage and Storage Shed plans that you can download and print.

Carriage Barns: Sources of Building Plans, Kits, Products and Services to Help You Create a New Garage, Workshop, Stable, Backyard Office, Studio or Live-In with Old-Style Charm

book-garage-reinventing.jpg (10817 bytes)
People LOVE this book Anyone who thinks the garage is simply a place to park the car will never think that way again


garage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plans

  point-clear-carriage-house-sm.jpg (18280 bytes)

A DAC-ART garage design that would add value to your property.

garage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plans

garage-designs-1-front.gif (7204 bytes)  garage-designs-1-side2.gif (5371 bytes)
garage-designs-1-side.gif (4557 bytes)

'Invisible' Garage Door is on this Side of this Ted Dial garage design..

This garage plan is suitable for placement on a sloped property, but of course, it could be built on flat ground as well.


garage-designs-3-front.gif (5058 bytes) garage-designs-3-back.gif (5732 bytes)

garage-designs-3-floor-plan.gif (3401 bytes) garage-designs-3-side.gif (8154 bytes)

The front of this garage has old world charm.
The back shows placement on a sloping property with steps leading down.

Another good option is the Amish built garage and Sheds that you can order from www.homesteadstructures.com


garage designs plansfree garage plansfree garage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage designs plans

storage building plans garage designs

A DAC-ART garage can have the look of a small garden building or small barn

horse-barn-designs garage plans dac-art storage building

garage designs plansgarage designs plansgarage floor plans


The above garage designs can all be adapted to the DAC-ART Building System.
They are Ted Dial designs from the pre DAC-ART days.

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