DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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Many DAC-ART homes are owner contracted homes.  No matter what building system you choose,
If you are considering building an owner contracted / owner built home,
the following books might be of help to you.

Owner / Self-Contracting Books

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Cottage House Plans Books

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A cottage book 25
enchanting house plans
of Florida, coastal and
Caribbean island cultures,
gloriously illustrated

Dream Cottages,
elegantly illustrated book,
architect and teacher
Catherine Tredway
presents 25 unique
plans for a variety
of cottages

Mountain Homes, Cottages & Villas
This collection fashions
three distinct elevations
around each of
twenty-one floor plans.
Bold and beautiful
mountain retreats,
breezy waterfront cottages
and cool Mediterranean villas

Cottage Architecture of
Victorian America -

unabridged republication of
"Hussey's National
Cottage Architecture,"
which appeared in 1874. Clear,
crisp perspective drawings and
floor plans for
home designs
small cottages to
large 5-bedroom

Late Victorian
Houses & Cottages

Floor Plans and Illustrations
for 40 House Designs

Plans offer perfect
solutions for families seeking a
plan for waterfront

property! They offer open
casual living and

ample size for all the grandkids.

Classic and European Home Design Books

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book-french-country-houses.jpg (6675 bytes)

book-european-house-plans.jpg (7028 bytes)

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Floor plans ranging
from about 3000 sqft.
to over 11000 sqft.
Amazingly creative

floor plans and great elevations

Not a plans-to-order book, but, A fine representation of French country decorating style. This book covers exterior, interior and a bit or garden landscaping

This book is mostly
on interior decorating
and the interior photos
are beautiful. with close ups of interesting architectural
and design elements.

European Dream Homes :
200 French, English
& Mediterranean Design

A catalog of perspective renderings of expensive "European Style" home designs plans with accompanying floor plans

. Styles vary from
Old World Mediterranean,
Modern Spanish
to Contemporary
Coastal. Sizes-from
2,500 to 6,800 square feet
of living area. 60 pages
of full color
interior photography,
112 pages of home plans.

American Home Plan Books

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book-dream-home-plans.jpg (7122 bytes)

book-luxury-house-plans.jpg (7438 bytes)

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192 pages
detailed front
elevations and comprehensive
floor plans

American Dream Homes
Ranging in size
from 3,000
to over 10,000 sq ft

50 plans,
every one is
and unique
3,000 to 10,000
sq ft

209 floor plans
many homes
under 2,500 sq ft,
the largest is
5,620 sq. ft.

Waterfront Homes:
200 Plans for River,
Lake or Sea

See Warerfront and Tropical Homes Books   Log Cabin Plans

Two Very Inspirational Books for Italian Architecture & one new one on STONE

This reasonably priced large format book
Venettan Palazzi
has wonderful photographs that show
great details of interior and drawings of the exteriors.
The text is in 4 languages. I love this book.

This book is out of print now...get it if you can

Venetian Palaces
I do not have this book but sure wish
I did ! The reviews are very good.

This book is out of print..get it if you can...

Heather and Earl G. Adams, Jr. are the founders of Natural Stone Design, a specialty tile showroom on Florida's Gulf Coast. Boasting years of experience with the material, they are veterans at offering in-depth advice on designing spaces with natural stone.

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