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A Collection of Recommended Books about Waterfront Homes

Modular Prefab Kit Houses

book-house-on-the-water A House on the Water:
Inspiration for Living
at the Water's Edge
This is an excellent book
for those who dream about
that perfect home on the water
and those who want to learn
more about good design
and good architecture.


For anyone who has ever
dreamed of living near an
ocean, lake, or river,
Beach Cottages offers a
unique vision of some
of the most innovative
waterfront cottages
constructed during
the last few years.
All of the houses, cottages, and cabins included in this book are located on waterfront property and combine a sense of the elements with that of pure delight. Meticulously documented, Beach Cottages also features more than 300 gorgeous, full-color photos and dozens of architectural plans and details. A thoroughly captivating display of the finest in waterfront living!  

book-seaside cottage plans

This book is mostly a historical account as Seaside, the development in the panhandle of Florida, is being developed. It mostly shows photographs of the different houses built so both architects and designers can get an intimate view. It is a great book as a reference for building in the Florida vernacular  


A photographic celebration of the architecture and spirit of the small town that influenced architecture throughout the world. A photographic celebration of the architecture and spirit of the small town that influenced architecture throughout the world.If you're looking for a book of relatively contemporary homes in Florida, this might be of interest to you, as it's well done from that perspective.


book-houses-of-key-west style architecture

If you enjoy the unique look of Key West Conch architecture you will enjoy this book. Color full page and full page plus photographs fill the book. Most pictures are full close-ups of the front of the house. Excellent pictures of great Key West houses including addresses. No interior pictures.


book-key-west-houses tropical style


book-caribbean- homes

Here is an exotic interior-design book for anyone who has ever dreamed of escaping to a different way of life. A gorgeous book that's as interesting and informative as it is beautiful. Read Caribbean Elegance and be  transported back in time to an era when sugar was king and great fortunes in the Caribbean facilitated a style both elegant and sensual.  

book-island-style living tropical

This book features many amazing pictures- of exclusive hotels as well as private homes. Highly recommended for people who are interested in Balinese and tropical architecture and design.

book-tropical-houses to build



Tropical Houses: Living in Nature in Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Java, Bali, and the Coasts of Mexico and Belize

Author Tim Street-Porter spent more than 10 years traveling through Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Bali, Java, Mexico, and Belize, meeting the owners of these Shangri-las and taking interior and exterior photos. Tropical Houses offers intelligent, dreamy commentary and over 272 breathtaking full-color photos.  

book-classic-cracker-florida cottage

Classic Cracker: Florida's Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture In this visually delightful book, laced with quotations from one of the best chroniclers of Florida Cracker Life, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Ronald Haase takes us on an intimate tour of the utilitarian wooden structures constructed by early settlers in North Florida. A well-designed and thorough examination of Southern vernacular architecture. With its concentration on Florida 'Cracker' design.

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