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Hurricane Proof Home Building Project on the Gulf Coast
Step by step photos--Page 2


This page is a continuation of the step-by-step construction of the small Gulf Coast Italian styled coastal modular concrete dry stacked block hurricane proof vacation home, built in 2002. The small house has survived thru numerous famous storms.

2005 Hurricane Katrina Photos
See How well we did ..again

2004 Hurricane Ivan Photos
See how well we survived.

2002 Tropical Storm & Hurricane Photos 

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The first row of wall concrete blocks arrive.
The truck arrives with our DAC-ART dry stack concrete blocks.

Unloading our second shipment of dry stack blocks.  First row of dacart hurricane proof blocks.
We used a Bobcat to both unload the DAC-ART blocks and place the first course on the slab.

Stacking hurricane proof DAC-ART blocks.
Scott & Darrel continued to use the Bobcat to stack the lower courses right on the stained & scored concrete floor.

Spraying on a clear sealer.

The finished Chlor-stain acid stained  concrete floor.

After the first two courses of DAC-ART blocks were set, a clear acrylic sealer/finish was sprayed on the concrete floor. It went on white & dried clear. A piece of cardboard was all that was necessary to shield the  blocks. The color of the floor darkened slightly after the finish coat.

DAC-ART concrete blocks being filled with concrete modular cement blocks

Hurricane proof DAC-ART blocks with electric box precast in place.

The interior of the DAC-ART block is filled with concrete which flows horizontally through the blocks as well as vertically. Notice the electrical boxes precast into the DAC-ART blocks. The wiring will run thru the center of the blocks, so conduit is added as each course is added. You will want to be sure that your plans include all your electrical outlets  cable and phone outlets from the beginning. If you plan to use cable Internet access, plan for that, and if your computer has a TV tuner, include two cable outlets where it will be used.


Skip ahead to see our finished hurricane proof home.

2005 Hurricane Katrina Photos
See How well we did ..again

2004 Hurricane Ivan Photos
See how well we survived.

See the photos of our house in the three Tropical Storms we had in 2002 here.

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