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Timberline hurricane shuttersTimberlane Woodcrafters, Inc. located in North Wales, Pennsylvania has the most fun & handsome shutter website I have been to ever ! You can spend hours enjoying the interactive exterior shutter design feature, just be sure to un-block your pop-up blocker. Click on 'Shutter Designer' on the left. Timberlane makes a high-quality hurricane shutter which meets or exceeds Dade County and Texas Building Code specifications.  On the about us page you can read that all the Timberlane employees are involved in the profit sharing program and really take a lot of pride in the craftsmanship of the product. Timberlane's shutter collection is historically accurate and they offer really hard to find hand-forged shutter hardware. This is a must see website.

Louvered hurricane shuttersHeadhouse Square Custom Shutters---manufactures custom wood shutters and is located near Philadelphia PA. This craftsman level manufacturer will work with you to make the exact redwood shutters you want for any building project, anywhere. They offer an extensive line of real shutter hardware and have detailed installation sheets in .pdf format to cover all types of wood shutter systems and hardware. They even say that if you don't see exactly what you want in Headhouse's hardware offerings, they will work with their blacksmiths to make the precise design you want. Headhouse shutters come unpainted, primed or in any type of painted finish you specify. They prime the components of their shutters before assembly for max protection. In case you are wondering, Headhouse is the name of a classic historic building in Philadelphia.  

Wisp Windows for hurricane protection WISP Window and Door Systems--this new product provides an intergrated hurricane and storm protection system with an aluminim frame that has a built in high-impact shade made from some flexible super strength material this is pulled down on the interior and even if your glass breaks, the protective screen keeps out wind, rain and debris up to 205 MPH wind. Looks like an interesting system for situations where you do not want ugly exterior apparatus and is too high up to have manual shutters that can only be reached from the ground.

Betterhaus European Storm Shutters--European Shutters are a rolling shutter which is mounted on the outside of your window, door, or screen porch. From inside your home a simple turn of the crank or flick of a switch, and the shutters are lowered to block the sun, providing complete privacy and security. Electronics controls, like remote control or timer, enhance the operation of motorized shutters. Rolling shutters provide shade, security, privacy, insulation, and noise reduction. They protect windows, patio doors, stores and counters.

Estate hurricaen shuttersEstate Millwork is a small Pennsylvania woodworking company that makes custom wood shutters, doors, and cabinet doors. They also do restoration work and architectural millwork and recently added door and shutter hardware. Estate Millwork's site has CAD software built into it. A user can access that by designing their own shutter or door on the site. The way it works is pretty easy, a user just selects the style of shutter or door they like, they choose the wood, they enter the dimensions, and then right there on the page they get a graphic of the item they want with available specs so they know what it looks like also immediately get a quote. 

Exterior hurricane shuttersKestrel Wood Storm Shutters--Since 1989, Kestrel has been a global provider of the finest quality interior and exterior wood shutters and doors. We are consistently specified for commercial and residential properties, for both new construction and historic restoration. Dade County approved Traditional Wooden Hurricane Shutters. Available with Operable/Fixed louvers, Raised/Flat panels, Board-n-Batten and custom designs. Ideal for Historic Properties. The European shutter line mirrors the architecture and the lifestyles found throughout the regions of Europe. Their substantial dimensions are strong yet proportion is not forgotten. In Italy the 'shutter within a shutter ' type is often seen on lovely older buildings. A louver with kick-out
smaller shutter within a shutter. The smaller, inner shutter acts as a bahaman shutter being hinged at the top. This allows you to prop out the inner shutter when the shutters are closed over your window. Give your home the look that only a real wooden shutter can provide while protecting your home during the hurricane season. All of Kestrel's historic designs are available with a special, reinforced fiberglass sheet that provides protection greater than specified by the engineers for Dade County, Florida. You can even retrofit your existing panels.

Accordion hurricane shuttersNu Code Shutters  began the shutter business in 1998. Nu Code Shutters is proud to offer their advanced technology to residential and commercial customers. They have accordion shutters which provide the maximum in storm protection--especially on wider openings. The heavy duty all aluminum construction provides superior strength and protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, rain, forced entry and theft. Clear Lexan Hurricane Panels offer superior weight advantages over aluminum panels, as are dent-resist. Due to its high light transmittance (similar to glass), Clear Lexan Hurricane Panels can be permanently installed in hard to reach areas such as upper stories. Another option , Hurricane Window Screens offer protection against vandalism, glass breakage, energy savings, as well as storm protection. The screens bear a Miami-Dade County product approval as well as an approval with the Texas Department of Insurance.
The Hurricane Window Screens are very similar to insect screen, only much stronger and sturdier. They are manufactured with heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames with the screen being a stainless steel mesh which is powder coat painted black.

cottage_shutters.jpg (19896 bytes)Vixen Hill makes real wood shutters in a whole bunch of styles. They offer stainless steel hardware so they would be good for coastal locations. The website has a page called "Do it Yourself-Custom Size Your Shutters" where you can get an instant estimate of the costs of these solid cedar shutters from Pennsylvania.



Bahama shutters for hurrican countryFlorida Shutters services the Vero Beach area and also exports to Bermuda, the Bahamas and other Caribbean locations. They make accordion shutters that combine strength, ease of operation and economy into a shutter system that neatly stacks to either side of the window or door, with no parts to store. Extruded aluminum and stainless steel last a long time even under severe coastal conditions. Florida Shutters makes Rolling Shutters that glide up and down in side rails mounted on the exterior of the window or door. They can be operated electronically or manually. Bahama Shutters are hinged at the top and project away from the wall with telescopic arms at the bottom. Bahama Shutters easily close to provide storm protection. They provide shade the rest of the time. And another less expensive solution is Hurricane Panels which are intended to be stored and put up for hurricane protection or seasonal closings. Florida Shutters' Hurricane Panel system consists of vertical overlapping lightweight aluminum or lexan panels that fit into a header at top and fastened with wing nuts on the bottom.

Hurricane rolled shutters closedQMI Storm Safe Hurricane Roll Shutters ---Alulux, the largest manufacturer of rolling shutter systems in the world, has selected QMI as their exlcusive distributor in the United States. Alulux provides over 35 years of roll shutter experience and offers the largest selection of the highest quality rolling shutter slats, grilles, housings and components in the world. QMI sells hurricane shutters with punched openings so that you do not have to have a home or business in total darkness when the shutters are in use. You can see the various punched patterns on their website. They come in 7 different colors. You can get hand cranked roll down shutters or motorized controls.
Their shutters are tested and approved in accordance with all current certification authorities to provide hurricane protection. The shutters pass all current state codes for hurricane protection. Currently there are numerous wind load specifications established and accepted by different counties through out the U.S. There is no single adopted windload chart accepted, so each installation needs to check with the local county, state, or governing body to establish the correct wind load table. Check with your local building inspector for the applicable code. 

Rollaway shuttersRoll-a-way manufactures an exclusive storm and security shutter system with an outstanding record of proven performance as protective barriers for windows, doors, balconies and more. They have been aroound a long time and we had them give us a price before. They are well known for the roll up style shutter. Accordion shutters can be used for many types of applications and will protect, secure and cover openings. The accordions have roller-supported blades which move inside an upper assembly. Their Colonial shutters look like traditional wood shutters. They are hinged at the sides with hinges that allow the shutter to be clear of the window in the open position. Depending on the size, they may also have bi-fold or tri-fold hinges that allow each panel to hide behind each other when in the open position.Bahama shutters add a distinct tropical look to a structure. They are hinged at the top and are supported by adjustable arms when open. They offer continuous shading and privacy, and are designed to be lowered to a close, fastened position for storm protection.

The very best hurricane shutters from ItalyTorterolo & Re Italian Doors & Shutters--Torterolo&Re armour-plated shutters represent an effective means to assure your house total protection. They are finished with the traditional care which characterizes every product they make. The armour-plated shutters have been planned to the highest security standards. The structure of the armour-plated shutters consist of two galvanized steel sheets stiffened internally by sturdy vertical ribs.
The frame and the falseframe, in galvanized steel sheet, offer the possibility to adjust both the height and the depth.
The high resistance hinges slide on inoxidizable steel spheres and anti-seizure ferrules. The wide choice of Torterolo&Re shutter panels offer various aesthetic and architectural looks: it is possible to panel the metallic structure with solid wood panels, with sloping small boards, similar to a "persiana", or with vertical staves similar to a "big shutter", or even with vertical-, horizontal-, or diagonal-staved pantographed panels.  All Torterolo & Re Italian Shutter panels are varnished by immersion with mordant for external use.

Storm screens for hurricanesJordan's Aluminum, Inc., a family owned and operated business, with 23 years experience providing better solution in storm protection for residential and businesses in South Florida.  Jordan's Aluminum, Inc. manufactures and installs all types of storm protection products and ships them throughout the U. S. and the Caribbean. We are fully licensed and insured in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties and perform all work according to municipal building codes. Buy rolling shutters online can  save you up to 40%. They   will manufacture them and ship directly to you. These shutters are prepared for easy installation. Bahama shutters are functionally practical, provide storm protection, allow free flow ventilation, and do not obstruct your view. Accordion shutters offer an affordable, durable means of protection against storms and intruders. They work on any type of opening and are ideal for larger openings such as sliding doors and across balconies. Permanently fastened to your home, the accordion shutters are easily operated by one person from inside or outside. The shutters are equipped with a T-Handle lock and 4 locking rods to ensure it remain in the proper position open or closed.

Call The Storm Depot for information on the different types of Hurricane and Security Shutters available, pricing and how to measure.Removable panels, Bahamas, Roll-A-Way, accordions, hinged colonial style and lexan shutters. After The Storm Depot tells you exactly how to measure your windows, doors and other openings, either FAX, Phone or E-Mail in your order. They give you the price of custom made shutters delivered to your doorstep. After you receive your order, if you are confused about something call The Storm Depot's Toll Free Tech Support Line and they will assist you. The Storm Depot is a company designed to accept orders F.O.B. anywhere in the world for custom made Hurricane and Security Shutters that protect windows, doors and other exposed openings from Hurricanes.

Slide in window storm panelsAmerican Shutter System Association seems to really be mostly associated with a company called Eastern Metal Supply. They sell Storm Panels Systems, Accordion Shutter Systems, Roll Shutter Systems, Bahama & Colonial Systems. Removable panels are made of a variety of materials. The three main products are made of steel, aluminum or clear polycarbonate. Panels are attached with anchors top and bottom or by tracks. Panel tracks make assembly and installation faster and easier. Storm panels are considered one of the most economical choices for hurricane and storm protection. They offer substantial protection at a lower cost of other storm protection products. Clear polycarbonate panels are the most expensive of the three types. Aluminum panels are lighter than steel panels.Panels are stackable and require a dry place for storage, usually a garage or carport. For assembly, do a dry run early to see how long and difficult the process is for you. This will also give you the opportunity to fix something before it's too late. Accordion Shutters are permanently installed for year round protection. They fold back compactly similar to a louvered door and are one or two piece shutters. They are installed beside windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings. Accordion shutters are convenient, and easily closed within minuets. They lock from the inside or outside for increased security and protection. Accordions are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly. Accordion shutters are considered one of the strongest shutters available. When built into a new home Roll Shutters are virtually invisible and can be closed via electric motor. While in the closed position, they not only provide storm protection, they also protect from forced entry and theft. The system can be activated manually by crank or remotely using a motorized system. Bahama Shutters are similar in design to the Colonial Shutter. Bahama shutters cover windows and are hinged at the top giving the house a Bahamian or tropical appearance. The Bahama shutter also reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window. Simply lowering and latching the shutter provides storm protection. Colonials Shutters are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate. Before the storm arrives, the shutters are simply closed and latched with hinges and or locking bars. and

Service Magic
can put you in touch with a hurricane and storm shutter installer in your area. Their website is designed for you to input info and them to in turn have someone get in touch with you--no pictures or product info.

Folding hurricane shuttersJ and L Shutters---classic.....nice looking, strong and very, very heavy.  I'd have them do the installation as the shutters tend to warp a bit if the are lying about in hot sun and that makes installation difficult. J&L Shutters, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is a manufacturer of PERMEX exterior shutters. J&L Shutters' almost 50 years in the window coverings industry has provided both experience and knowledge to create the patented PERMEX exterior Dade County approved wood-look shutter. This completely synthetic, functional and custom-made shutter is the only exterior shutter in the industry that offers a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and a 10 year warranty on paint defects backed by Sherwin Williams. One bit of advice--put a delivery date deadline penalty clause in your contract with them to save yourself many frustrating phone calls.

Consider building or replacing your windows with hurricane resistant impact glass windows instead of using hurricane shutters.

Nana wall glass folding door logoNanaWall Systems has a fabulous website with all sorts of animations to show the  creativity  and flexibility of their opening glass wall systems. Bring the outdoors into your home with a wide-opening NanaWall.
Easily open NanaWall panels to blend indoor and outdoor spaces of your residence. Connect to nature. Enhance beautiful scenery with unobstructed views. NanaWalls are weather-tight to wind, water, snow and ice when closed.Folks living on or near the coast love homes with huge glass walls that can be opened and closed. NanaWall Folding Systems consist of glass panels connected together in a train. The glass panels can be hinged off either one or both side jambs and meet in a number of ways. The NanaWall is a full line of precision engineered systems that have been independently tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural performance and forced entry. A Dade County hurricane approved system is also available. An extensive report on test results is available under at their website under "performance". In the past 15 years, NanaWalls have been installed in thousands of commercial and residential buildings throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. A vast selection of project photos can be viewed in their Photo Gallery. NanaWalls provide unique solutions for any opening wall situation. At Nana Wall Systems they believe that if you can imagine it, they can probably create it.

weather shield windows logoWeatherShield is one of the few companies that still offers true divided light. Weathershield  makes a very high quality product.  They also offer French Doors in 10 Ft. as a standard height. This is a good thing, as you'd pay considerably more for custom doors to get 10 Ft height from other companies. Most other cmpanies are going to try to talk you into 8 ft doors with a seperate transome above. This in no way gives the same effect of a 10 ft door. If you don't believe me, walk thru both and you decide. Class vs. ordinary.

sabana windows and doors logoAnother high quality window and door manufacturer: Sabana Windows sells wood windows and
doors with Dade County approval. We are talking hurricane country ! They
design and manufacture mahogany impact windows and doors, shutters and floors in traditional French styles. Sabana Window's high performance pre-finish is designed to give the highest quality coating for wood windows and doors. Sabana's large old world style double exterior front doors are manufactured in  2-3/8” thick styles  from Honduran mahgony with  a stainless steel threshold. They are prehung onto the 1-3/4" jambs complete with hardware 3 point or 8 point locking mechanism and surface bolts and tested for hurricane impact, water infiltration, and forced entry. Sabana can supply Cremone Bolts,Surface Bolts and beautiful old world style hinges.

wingard windows logoPGT® WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors provide your home with effortless, full-time protection against flying debris and hurricane-force winds.According to PGT, there's no need for inconvenient, unsightly panel, accordion or rolldown shuttersplywood or other hurricane protection devices. Even when you're away, WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors guard your home against hurricanes and intruders with no effort, while reducing noise and providing UV protection. WinGuard with vinyl frames and standard insulated glass also provides enhanced energy efficiency.

therma true windows logoThermaTru has a new division called: Therma-Tru's New Florida Building Code™ Approval Site. They have a great deal of information available including , Detailed instructions for door system installation for hurricane-level performance., Cross-sections of installation requirements in AutoCAD format for cut-and-paste into building plans, Frequently asked questions relative to the new Florida Building Code, and a online tool called the Wind Load Calculator, Calculates wind loads for door systems according to ASCE 7-98 as required by the 2001 Florida Building Code. ThermaTru offers many hurricane resistant products such as Outswing Construction Series Steel Doors - Impact Resistant
, Inswing Construction Series Steel Doors - Impact Resistant, Inswing Residential Ins. Fiberglass Door , Outswing Residential Ins. Fiberglass Door, Premium & Construction series Outswing Glazed Residential Insulated Steel Double Doors, and Outswing Glazed Residential Insulated Steel Door w/Sidelites

custom windows and doors logoCustom Window and Door Millworks has worked with clients in all of Canada, throughout the United States and as far abroad as Hong Kong and Japan. They build individually carved doors and windows to customer specifications. They are best known for Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir and use only the finest grade of kiln dried wood that will last a lifetime and beyond. Other species such as oak and mahogany are available. Custom Window and Doors We has the flexibility to build whatever size and style of wood door or window you want, especially useful for large timber framed or log homes.

kolbe windows logoKolbe & Kolbe makes a quality product. Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. manufacturer of premium quality wood and aluminum clad windows and doors. Kolbe & Kolbe has manufactured windows and doors of superior quality and style for over 55 years. Their wide array of standard shapes and sizes, as well as custom millwork capabilities, make Kolbe & Kolbe windows and doors perfect for any home or project.  Their website has a wealth of info and a extensive FAQ section. Kolbe & Kolbe windows are doors are primarily constructed of wood. Most may be ordered unfinished, primed, finished with K-Kron II, or with aluminum cladding applied to the exterior. Vinyl windows and doors are offered by Kolbe Vinyl Windows and Doors, a division of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. Steel and FiberOptixTM fiberglass doors are offered by Acore Door, a subsidiary of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. For those in hurricame zones Kolbe & Kolbe not only offers impact glass, but impact products. Please view or download a brochure about SeaStorm® Glass or Impact Products.

lunambaum windows logoLuxbaum Windows and Doors, manufacturers of custom windows and doors designed and built in the grand European tradition, hurricane tested, impact resistant, & Dade County certified. Their windows and doors are made from Merbau, a wood from Southeast Asia that is unmatched in beauty, strength, and a natural resilience to the elements. The wood's physical characteristics exceed those of Mahogany by over forty percent. Merbau is highly resistant to termite and other beetles due to high mineral, oil and silica content. Luxbaum employees the centuries old wood working skills of the Balinese, the procurement of the finest European machinery and tools, and the highest quality hardware from the leading manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. The impact resistant Luxbaum Windows and Doors are designed to exceed the highest standards of the Miami Dade County Protocols. This performance has been accomplished through the careful engineering of the joinery, consisting of multiple dowels at corners of the jamb as well as the sash. As reported by the Rosenheim Institute, dowelled and coped connections are significantly stronger than mortise and tenon joints. Luxbau, LLC. A Florida based company manufactures Luxbaum Windows and Doors, in its own factory on Bali. Luxbau has been founded by the principals of The Landfall Group, of West Palm Beach, Florida, premier builders of exquisite single family residences in the Palm Beaches since 1981. Development work of this product line has evolved out of the extensive coastal construction experience and the company's commitment to excellence. View their online photo gallery. 


For folks in Australia or New Zealand, look at Canterbury Windows and Doors. Canterbury is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of timber windows and doors. For new or replacement applications, Canterbury can even make “one off”, custom,  windows to your exacting requirements. They can also advise on compliance of your designs to Australian Standards, where applicable. You only need to provide either a sample of what you want, a CAD drawing, a photo or even just a sketch for their design team to assist you with window and door suggestions. Their website has a .pdf whitepaper catalogue download and the photo galleries show many different types of windows and doors and bi-fold glass doors.

Having protective storm shutters that can be closed by one person in an hour or two, you will be able to focus on other matters and not have to worry about damage or running all over looking for plywood and hammering holes in your walls and window frames.

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