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Interior Details-Italian Styled Small Vacation Home

Italian Furniture


 interior of italian style seacoast home sea coast

The above photo has been 'stitched' together from three photos. I did a little bit of photo editing, but it is fairly obvious where the photos on the right were joined. But, this wide angle view does a pretty good job of showing how the room 'feels'. The furniture has been selected very carefully and most of it is on wheels. It is wonderful to swing the sofa around to face the water and then back to chat with someone in the kitchen. You can see the scale of the Italian Murano chandelier in the photos on this page. A spectacular hand blown glass Italian chandelier can do more than just about anything to elevate a room to 'special'--even a bare room with an Italian chandelier is beautiful. Order Italian Murano chandeliers directly from Bella-Italia. Order directly from Bella-Italia in Italy and save

italian style seacoast sea coast home

The large Italian console cabinet was purchased
on eBay last summer. It was in Italy at the time and the web photo was only postage stamp sized--but no one was bidding on it due to it's  large size..8 ft long, about 7 ft tall, so I was able to get it for a bid of $510 U.S.

It took several months for it to arrive from Italy via N.Y. state to Tulsa, to here, arriving in excellent shape at midnight one Tuesday night.  The shipping costs ran $425, which still kept the overall cost under a thousand dollars and gave us much needed storage.

modern italian style seacoast home modern seacoast italian style

We had David Denny, our carpenter, make the jelly-bean shaped wood table. My original intention was to have a piece of glass cut the same shape to mount a few inches above the wood but it was going to be very expensiive. The solution was to purchase a round glass topped coffee table that we disassembled,  shortened the legs and insert the wood jelly-bean shape. The table is now on casters (not shown). We are very pleased with the result.

The kitchen, bath & utility/storage area is on the north side of our small house.

seacoast italian style vacaion villa home

mosaics italian style seacoast sea coast kitchen

I made a 2 ft. x 4 ft. mosaic panel to hang over the stove in the kitchen area. It is the same glass tiles that are used in the shower, but this panel is on exterior plywood and simply hanging on the wall.


 kitchen-bath small sea coast home

bathdoor small seacoast vacation home house

 hand painted italian door bath door painted italian style

The doors into the bathroom have traditional Italian Baroque painted decoration that I hand painted--except--that they have modern bathroom items included in the clusters of shells.....toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, hairdryer, and toilet paper.

villa lagoon cement tile


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