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Interior Details-Italian Styled Small Vacation Home

Detail of opaline glass chandelier from Murano Italy in Gulf Coast Italian Styled DAC-ART vacation house

See a page of Chandelier Online Resources

Our all glass Italian chandelier arrived in late December. This was aprox. 6 months after it was ordered & a great Christmas surprise. The handblown glass is opaline with an aqua edge trim on all the parts, a bit more transparent than this photo appears. It came packed in two big cardboard boxes, with all the individual pieces vaccuum sealed to rigid seets of cardboard cushioned with LOTS of styrofoam chips.

Italian chandeliers can be shipped anywhere


Scaffolding is handy for assembly of handblown glass lighting fixtures

It was really helpful to have scaffolding on hand to set up inside and hang the 4 1/2 ft. chandelier for assembly & wiring.

This Venetian chandelier is from a small glass blowing factory in Murano that we visited  when we bicycled across Italy. At that time, we ordered a much smaller chandelier for our Memphis home.

I suggest a handblown Italian chandelier for anyone wishing to add one of these timeless & elegant centerpieces to their project. They can be ordered in many sizes, styles and colors. Some of the suppliers who advertise on this page have great prices, much less that we paid.


Handblown glass chandelier from Italy being hung

Michael Bates and his son Justin came to help hang the heavy Italian chandelier from our 13 1/2 ft. ceiling. The scaffolding, once again, was just what we needed to do the job.

You can order Italian Murano chandeliers  from Murano, Italy.

 chandelier glass italian venice venetian


venetian handmade italian murano chandelier
This is the original photo I sent the  Italian  blown glass chandelier  company in Murano, Venice and I told them to make it a 10 arm instead of a 6 arm as shown here. I used my computer to cut and paste various parts from several chandeliers onto the illustration to show them what we wanted. Ours turned out to be a little more opaque glass than the photo I sent, but it still has the opaline look--a bit iridescent (doesn't show that well on web photos)  and has a very cool frosty icey look. We love it. The Murano chandelier looks like ice which is very refreshing in a warm climate. Order Italian Murano chandeliers directly from Bella-Italia.

The Sofa

Our sofa/bed is now covered in tourquoise vinyl and fabulous. Our carpenter & cabinetmaker, David Denney built the frame and Jimmy Leigeber upholstered it. He did an excellent job. The casters make it possible to swing it around to face the water or the kitchen really easily. The color matches the blue in the chandelier. I have gotten several good night's sleep on it already. I plan to silver leaf the wooden legs. See a better. later , interior shot here.

chandelier murano italy
See a better. later , interior shot here.

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