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Tip: Get the Italian look for less, Doors by Design here in the States does a great job on old world style doors and hand carved doors.

Front doors made in ItalyDierre--Major manufacturer of Italian doors of  all types. Their website shows everything from charming classic front doors to sleek high-security modern contemporary styles. Be sure to see the lovely wood veneer interior doors, like the 'Opera Essenza'. Their motto is  'Your Home, Your Life' and Sharon Stone, the U.S. movie star is the advertising glamour touch in their print ads and on the website. 

Milano Doors--contemporary DoorsMilano Doors sells direct to architects, designers and builders. Very cool modern, sleek front doors. Award winning exterior contemporary doors that can be customize for you. All the entry doors are designed with America standard in energy conservation. The door coating have a five (5) years limited warranty.The coating are made by
electronic-chemical processing and can sustain in coarse weather without the color changing and chips with normal maintenance. Lead Time 45 days.
Milano Doors has a large number of exterior doors (front doors) and double doors from different countries: French doors, Italian and German doors.

Navello started out in 1824 as a carpenters’ workshop in the village of Dogliani, with a passion for working wood that has now been handed down through seven generations. Navello windows are inspired by a long-standing love for wood, combined with a great respect for the environment and nature. Navello uses raw materials from controlled plantations where there are sustained forestry resources, preserving the environmental balance between growth and use. Navella doors are made of solid wood, in all sizes and various styles. They include grand entrance doors and interior paneled doors. Be sure to click on the British flag to get the English version of their site. 

Casali--awesome Italian door manufacturer of sheets of glass for doors that slide on a overhead track systems. Flat even curved---for a very modern, sleek look. You got to see it. 

Silvelox--Italian made garage doors and entrance doors of all styles. The present production centre of Silvelox has been developed at Castelnuovo Valsugana in the region of Trentino, Italy. The company is headed by its founder, Silvio Taddei, who is assisted by his children. Silvelox now employs more than 170 people for an annual production of more than 6.000 doors. In 2001 the turnover exceeded 24 million Euros, classifying the Company as number 1 in Italy among timber up & over garage door manufacturers. 

Rimadesio--Italian products with a high level or innovation, including doors, sliding panels, walk-in closets, libraries, furniture, tables and furnishing systems. The extraordinary glass door, Ghost, with transparency and luminosity for an innovative door. design for doors, modular panels and wardrobe shelving systems. Rimadesio specializes in ultra-contemporary and modern lines. The Rome showroom is at 

Gardesa Italian Doors-- Maximum security and a vast range of high quality. Active and passive security brought together. Gardesa has also renovated the concept of shutters and blinds. They offer high-tech armoured doors and roll-up shutters for windows and aluminium and steel shutters. The Biptronic class of security doors offer various high security options. Using miniature circuits drastically reduced the sizes of all components of the alarm installation: sensors, siren, partial remote, signal repeater, GSM telephonic modem. The elegant and modern design of single elements and the small sizes allow perfect camouflage into the inside location. 

"Kerlite" is the new ceramic material enriched with zirconium grit and destined to renew the ceramic decoration and use possibilities. Cotto d'este has used this material for sleek contemporary Italian doors. 

Torterolo & Re ---born in 1964 as a little firm for the production of quality fastenings. Quickly Torterolo &Re corporate growth moves into more specialistic lines which includes doors, especially armour-plated entrances and shutters, safes and fire-stop doors.
Nowadays Torterolo & Re is a member of the most important trade associations, it takes part in large trade fairs and it has a prominent position also at an international level, and is exporting successfully all over the world.  The company is situated in Cosseria (Savona) Italy--- 31.000 square meters of covered surface and about 100 employees - where the computerized production uses highly automated processes. The Torterolo site has an English version. 

Privato Italian Doors--Made in Italy doors with interesting inlay designs. Also sliding glass doors, some have colored glass squares. They make various versions of interior sliding doors with glass insterts. They use beech, cherry, walnut, pear, maple, and chestnut for the door frames. 

Italian exteriro doors--slidingCampesato makes very classic Italian doors with shutters and windows. The site is flash and in Italian so it is a bit difficult to navigate. They make rustic , commercial, residential exterior doors including sliding glass door with wood frames, something you do not often see in the U.S.A. 

Finstral --makes Italian exterior doors , some with glass panes and true divided light. 

Arredo Italian Doors--they make contemporary, modern, classic, glass doors, sliding diirs and an economy line. Their doors can be swinging, bi-fold, pocket doors or what they call bypassing doors. Arredo's glass doors are very cutting edge cool with metal / wood combo frames and frosted glass among the choices. 

Ferrero Legno--Handsome classic wood panel doors as well as plain contemporary Italian doors. Tons of styles are shown on the website. Text is in Italian. 

Lualdi Porte--Mostly very contemporary, modern doors. A sliding door system with single-mirror doors that can be utilized as a simple door or as a full partition wall. The system's ability to create an extreme sense of transparency, luminosity and brightness adapts well to design trends with open spaces. The frame and the sliding mechanism are made of anodized aluminum. The doors are outfitted with safety glass, in transparent or opal versions, and in wood of oak. The handle is embedded in the thin profile of the door and is invisible to the eye. The Swing system is also available with fixed doors to maximize its functionality as a partition wall. The website has both English and Italian versions. 

IPEA Porte--Italian manufactures of classic wood panel doors both with and without glass inserts. They offer many contemporary plain face doors as well. 

SJB Porta Italian Doors--they have an all-Flash website with both English and Italian versions. You will have to disable the pop-up blocker to see the site. SJB Porta makes classic style panels doors and many with glass inserts, both clear and frosted. Each line of doors has a slideshow to show the various styles available. 

Moulding Associates--offers the La Scala Collection of doors, stair balusters and newels. La Scala is designed and crafted of fine European Beech hardwood for Moulding Associates by Family di Busi in Sedrina, Italy. The six distinctive styles offered in this exceptional collection, Bergamo, Romano, Bellagio, Tuscany, Rialto and Corinthian, were inspired by some of the most beautiful landmarks in all of Italy. The old world beauty that is La Scala is available in America exclusively through Moulding Associates. European style entranceways are furnished from MIA. 

Gregors Studios - located in Dallas, TX offering hand carved and elegant interior and exterior wood doors in the European tradition. The also have carved wood doors with linen fold panels. 

International Wood Products--IWP Aurora Old World composite doors are engineered to withstand the rigors of nearly any environment, while being crafted to emulate the rich appealing look and feel of solid wood doors. Door designs within this collection bring a charming, European flair to extraordinary homes. These fiberglas doors really do look like wood on the website. Might be an interesting choice for coastal locations. 

Architectural Elegance / Arredo Italian Doors --There are a very few manufacturers in the world who view doors as furniture…a beautiful work of art in their own right. Such is the line of Italian Doors from Arredo Italian Doors. The quality and design are unmistakably Italian, the finish is absolutely unbeatable. Doors so beautiful, you'll be tempted to take them with you when you move! Available in the US from Architectural Elegance.

Beau Artes Heavenly Home Designs--If you want the look of Italian Doors with out the bother of importing them, then the folks at Beaux-Artes can either paint them for you or sell you pre-painted panels, decorative ornamentation that can be applied to plain doors for you to do the work yourself. Offerings are designed to transform doors. Hinge straps can be glued next to existing hinges and provide a dramatic facelift, while faceplates fit over existing doorknobs - eliminating the need to remove the existing knobs just to change a door's appearance. Each piece is individually cast in polyester resin when it is ordered and pre-finished by hand in one of 33 faux finishes at no additional charge (silver and gold leaf are available for a premium).  Architectural wall panels reflective of French Renaissance, Georgian, Classical, and Spanish Empire historical cultures are shown along with an array of HVAC grilles in various motifs, some derived from Arts & Crafts, Louis XIV, and Italian Renaissance eras. and 

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