Fiamberti Italian Kitchens

Fiamberti Kitchens has some of the most innovation kitchens around. Their lines with gracious curves and smooth undulations are a cook's dream. Famberti Italian Kitchens come in over 300 colors plus various woods. The only other kitchens that we have seen that are even anywhere close are Russian Kitchens and they do not seem to export out of Russia. Fiamberti Kitchens, on the other hand, has an English language version of their website. They also offer the web text in Russian,French, Dutch and Spanish.

Fiamberti Italian Kitchens


Clever projects, on human scale.The Famberti kitchen interior becomes a space to live in: elegant, friendly and functional. They havecreated kitchens with a curved and smooth design, with regard to ergonomics, to guarantee freedom of movement and to optimize spaces, giving more capacity. Moreover each model, both for lacquered and laminate ones, is supplied with a wide range of different colors ( 300 colours in matt and bright finishing, light oak, wengè oak, teak and cherry wood). Famberti Kitchens comply with the most up-to-the-moment tends.

The Butterfly Series

Faimberti Butterfly

Faimberti Butterfly Kitchen from Italy

The Magic Series

Clean-cut lines lines and essential design for a modern and comfortable kitchen. It’s Magic, beautiful and professional.

Famberti Magic Kitchen, Italian Design

The Rolly Series

The design trend without sharp edges characterizes the Fiamberti style.
Rolly includes a wide choice of materials for the worktops and a the wide choice of material for the doors. Classical, creative and of trendy.
Faimberti Italian Kitehens Rolly Series

Prestige Kitchen Series

Prestige designs new domestic interiors with smooth lines, precious materials and elegant design
Faimberti Presteige Italian Kitchen

Faimberti Speedy Series

The Faimberti Speedy series includes kitchens like Jolly, shown here, with the homespun look that many of us grew up with. They just have a bit of an edge with features like glass door upper cabinets.

Faimberti Italian Litchen Jolly Series

Carnaby Series

A functional and well balanced project, characterized by the warm harmony or wood. The cabinets feature a panel effect but retain a very modern kitchen look.
Faimberti Italian Kitchens Carnaby Series

Shaker Series Kitchens

Thanks to high modularity of the elements, to practicality of the accessories and to the brilliance of coloursthe SHaker series has a lot of pizzazz. It is Shaker, a young amusing kitchen, with solid contents. Not related to Shaker style furniture in the USA, but more like Shaker in that it 'shakes things up' !
Faimberti Italian Kitchens Shaker Style

Dream Series Kitchens

The natural look of wood combines with teak finishing and stainless steel. There is also the lightness of glass, in a kitchen that has a timeless design, beyond the trends.
Faimberti wood and glass kitchens



Famberti Kitchens Logo

Founded in 1974, the Faimberti Kitchen Company exports its kitchens areound the world and supplies a high level of customer service. Only one other Italian kitchen manufacturer that I know of, Pedini, makes suce lovely curved front cabinets other than a couple Russian kitchen companies that I have been able to locate.

Fiamberti s.r.l.
Via Paganini, 31/8 - 61100 Pesaro (Italy)
tel. ++39 0721 453450 | fax ++39 0721 453561


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