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There are many European manufacturers of fine European kitchen components doing business in the States today. To see these contemporary kitchens in person, you will probably have to travel to a major city where most of the showrooms are located. Most of the websites linked to on this page use Flash and try to be very art-sy, therefore they may be slow loading, some have confusing navigation. Now, fortunately, some USa kitchen makers are doing Euro Style kitchen cabinets.

We were after the look of an Italian kitchen but could not afford the real deal, so we got Architextural Millwork & Cabinetry, LLC to build us up a contemporary kitchen with curves and they did a wonderful job. See Concrete Cottage for photos of the sleek contemporary Euro style kitchen.

Contemporary boat shaped kitchen
A ship shape kitchen from a German manufacturer. To ALNO - the number one German manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry - maritime life has been a focal point in developing their latest concept: a kitchen unit called Marecucina. With its spatially-efficient storage beneath (in what would be the keel),  sleek, modern lines rest above the white cabinets using beautiful wood for the countertops and chrome hardware outfitting. The research ALNO focused on the practical use of wood, like the deck of a boat, with the compartments below divided into different compartments, making for an easy separation of pots and pans from the dishes and glasses. The goal was to create one unit to store, create, and clean up without requiring a dinghy, or a separate shelving unit, to accompany it. German ship shaped kitchen

Curved kitchens are in !

Pedini curved kitchenPedini Italian Kitchens has been producing kitchens since 1956 and was one of the first to develop the European modular kitchen concept. They provide essential design for the contemporary kitchen space. They offer several design lines. Every Pedini Kitchen includes an assembly instruction manual, and cleaning kit, and a guarantee that is valid for five years that covers all risks. Replacement parts in the exact colors are guaranteed for six years, altho most models remain in production for many, many years since they are so carefully designed. Pedini Kitchens have authorized dealers all over the world. Their website can lead you to one that services your area.
pedini italian kitchens

The Artika (left)  is based on a circular island that contains all essential kitchen elements in a very stylish and open feeling composition.

The concept of the Italian, German, & European fitted kitchen makes the kitchen area a true work of art worth of being in view from all angles in the home.
   pedini-kitchen-artika_g.jpg (39290 bytes)

ipedini-kitchens-ntegra.jpg (45134 bytes)   pedini-circular-kitchen.jpg (53767 bytes)
These beautiful Kitchen designs are from Pedini Italian Fitted Kitchens

Kitchen Range Hoods

Aster Cucine is one of the unique and luxurious kitchen cabinet manufactures in Italy. Aster Cucine is an Italian crafted cabinet design company. Established in 1983, Aster is today a young and dynamic company, always ready to interpreter the new trends in the market. The firm is deeply "service oriented" ready to meet fully the aesthetic and functional requirements of each individual customer.
Aster Cucine Italian kitchen designs are sleek and ultramodern. The cabinets come in stainless steel, high gloss lacquered and wood finishes. Italian designers are known for unique and durable design and it is apparent when viewing their products. Aster’s designs may be viewed in English at

italian-kitchen-1.jpg (10939 bytes) italian-kitchen-3.jpg (10615 bytes) italian-kitchen-2.jpg (12440 bytes)
Examples of Aster Cucine streamlined modern contemporary Italian kitchen design

Nolte German kitchens photoNolte---German kitchens that have been made for 50 years. Check the websaite, the Nolte kitchen configurator enables you to simply design and print out your dream kitchen. Very sleek kitchens in many, many confgurations. Get the Euro kitchen look with one of these sleek, modern all in one kitchens. Small detail, great effect.The push-to-open-technology allows planning a kitchen completely without handles. All doors open at the light pressure of a finger. Choose your personal combination from a multitude of unit decors, work surfaces, handles and special areas.

Aster Cucine is the ideal target for people looking for a unique and luxurious design, where every detail fits perfectly. The US distributor of these beautifully crafted Italian kitchens is Urban Homes. You can get a free kitchen or bath quote.

NYC Italian kitchen design centerGeD Cucine--SoHo, New York City showroom and custom Italian kitchen supplier offers modern such as Sistema Natura, were laminate dominates, available with flat, square cherry wood doors, in cotton or hemp colors and in polished and opaque versions. These have tops also offered in white laminate and aluminum. They also create 'traditional style' kitchens like the Sistema Stile Settecento. You can order a hard-copy of 'Classical Line Kitchens' or 'Modern Line Kitchens' catalogs from GeD Cucine. Also a full line of natural stones and tiles in the GeD Cucine showroom.

Scavolini Italian Kitchen w/ glass cabinet doors.Scavolini--The "Best Seller" kitchen from Italy. Scavolini was founded in Italy in 1961. It is the top Italian kitchen manufacturer with over 1000 Scavolini sales centers in Italy and 250 Scavolini stores in foreign countries.Scavolini exports Italian kitchens to over 50 countries worldwide. The photos shows the new Crystal kitchen in all glass, featuring glass doors and tops available in 12 non-transparent colours. Scavolini offers cabinets in various materials. Lacquered doors normally consist of a medium density fibre board (MDF) panel finished with polyester or polyurethane lacquers. The lacquered finish may be mat or gloss and normally continues in every surface of the panel, without interruption. Another is: High Pressure Laminates These doors consist of a particle board panel covered with HPL laminate. This finishing material consists of a series of sheets impregnated with phenol or melamine resins and a sheet of decorative material. These layers are glued together using high pressure and heat. The resulting finishing material is about 1 mm thick. It has excellent technical characteristics and is tough and easy to keep clean. In common parlance it is often known as "formica". It can be curved at the edges to allow application of an unbroken finish to the two edges of the panel, while a different material can be used for the other edges if preferred.  Scavolini offers both solid wood and veneered wood cabinet fronts.

SCIC Ambienti Cucina , The huge Italian SCIC manufacturing plant can create your kitchen in 100's of finishes and combinations of materials. They not only manufacture extremely contemporary kitchens, they also make wood cabinets and kitchens in rather traditional patterns. Be sure to see the line they call "High Quality". Also click on the link called "Cheapness" , I think what they meant the link to say was something like "Specials" :o) Their website is flash heavy and may be slow but they have a lot of information. To see SCIC Ambienti cucina go to

Snaidero Italian kitchenSnaidero, --Very sophisticated Italian kitchens are made by Snaidero, they have catalogs so go to to see their version of high-tech contemporary & modern kitchens  and get a catalog. Snaidero is Italy's leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinetry. Snaidero USA has Flagship studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, as well as 15 privately owned and operated Snaidero exclusive showrooms nationally and has product showcased in over 30 private retail outlets coast to coast. In addition Snaidero USA distributes product to operations in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.Snaidero is the kitchen of choice for several luxury residential hi-rise developments, including Bristol Towers, Santa Maria, Porto Vita, the Michael Graves project, 1500 Ocean Drive, The Pinnacle, IL Villagio, The Palms, and Ocean Club in Miami as well as several new projects in Las Vegas.

Poliform Italian kitchenPoliform sleek, modern, lots of chrome, stainless, modern wood grain doors, showrooms in many hip US cities such as Aspen, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Naples, Miami, Phoenix, Santa Cruz, Stamford, Dallas, This company also makes furniture, walk-in closets, and various home furnishing items. 

Boffi Italian kitchensBoffi, founded in 1934 near Milan, by brothers Dino, Pier Ugo and Paolo Boffi, chose to take a path of experimental design and advanced manufacturing. The specialty is kitchens and baths. They have a showroom on the west coast in L.A. and one in SoHo on the east coast. Check their website for international dealers and photos of some 'far-out' kitchen designs. They offer 13 different styles of kitchens.


Archlinea KitchensArclinea tecnologia creativa is an Italian kitchen manufacturer with showrooms in Boston, Chicago, N.Y., Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Mexico City. Lots of streamline, modern kitchens with sharp edges. They advertise in Elle Decor and other US magazines. Their website is

Fake it--consider having new contemporary doors put on your existing kitchen cabinet frame work. Kitchen cabinet refacing--a different option to give your kitchen a new look at a low cost. What they do is put new classy doors on your old cabinet frames. It can make a huge difference and is a good choice for a new look if you are basically happy with the cabinet configuration. Click Here to Request Information Now

Strato Cucine KitchensAn entertaining website to say the least, gives you an indication of the level of creativity of Strato Kitchen Design, an Italian company. The emphasis is on door to door architecture and how one contacts this company remains a mystery to me even after spending quite some time on the website. Marco Gorini appears to be the designer behind this ultra sophisticated approach to kitchen design and website frustration.

Composite Kitchens ItalyComposit Kitchens, Italian Kitchens of Life. Be sure to un-block pop-ups to see this website. It is loaded with stylish slideshow photos of modern Italian Kitchens. The translations in the English version are somewhat funny.

Bontempi Kitchens-Building beauty in Italian kitchens :Opps--link is dead,

Fiamberti Italian KitchensFiamberti Kitchens was founded in 1974. I LOVE the look of these kitchens. Seems they are taking a tip from the Russians and making sleek, attractive kitchens with curved shapes. They specialize in the production of modern and classic modular kitchens. Fiamberti took over the Valli Cucine Company in 1992. The website shows lots of photos of modern modular kitchens, many using bright happy colors with metal and streamline design. Their slogan is: "Fiamberti: Modern design kitchens, characterised by curvilinear and rounded off lines under the banner of ergonomics and classic kitchens characterised by valuable materials, craft created in real wood finishes, in the best tradition of Italian furniture." ..See whole page of Fiamberti Kitchens  Fiamberti Kitchens

Bivona Italian KitchensBinova Techno-Logical Kitchens says ""keep nothing in your house that you can't USE or don't find BEAUTIFUL" and we agree ! Nothing is left to chance. The result is a perfect balance between function and elegance. As with most Italian kitchen manufacturers, there is an English language section of their website.

Lube Italain KitchensCucine LUBE Italian kitchens, says it makes a kitchen to live it. The very hi-tech site shows contemporary kitchens made from fine woods and metals. LUBE sells modern fitted kitchens worldwide.

elmar-italian-kitchensElmar, an Italian kitchen company can create a traditional European kitchen as well as a modern contemporary fitted one. The emphasis is on creativity in both their kitchen design and  the website which will drive you crazy with it's slow loading Flash.

Dada Italian Kitchen PhotoDada has been producing kitchens at Mesero in the province of Milan since the early Seventies. It offers a wide range of kitchens, each one designed with the same attention to detail and manufactured to the highest quality standards, taking pride in what they do ... pride in things well designed and manufactured even better. Very contemporary, the website has English language and great photos

Del Tongo Italian Kitchen Photos

Del Tongo To see this Italian kitchen manufacturer's website, you must allow pop-ups. And a good connection Lots of variety in modern sleek kitchen style.

Euromobil’s Progetto Multisystem for kitchens is designed to satisfy the many tastes and lifestyle needs of today’s society, Progetto Multisystem has put an end to the closed systemlogic of the traditional model of kitchen by creating the free space of an open system where everything can be combined with everything. The extensive range includes 221 front panels,48 frames, 10 types of handles in five sizes with15 finishes and a large range of accessories. The numerous alternatives can be combined in countless ways, providing an infinite choice of possibilities.

PiùCucine srl began life in 1982 in Pesaro, the centre of Italian kitchen production, within a territory that has always had strong tradition of hand-craftsmanship. In a little over 20 years PiùCucine has undergone a significant transformation, reaching a considerable level of industrial development and establishing itself among the most qualified and dynamic manufacturers in the area. Today, thanks to its enthusiasm and experience, PiùCucine represents a point of reference in "Made in Italy" design for the production of fitted kitchens through advanced machinery, highly qualified staff, sophisticated production and control procedures as well as computerized systems. Productive choices determined by a thorough knowledge of the market and of the final customer's needs, quick and punctual delivery, a diligent customer care service, these are some of the most important strengths of PiùCucine that guarantee a confident choice of quality for homes all over Europe.

Rossana Italain Kitchens photo
Rossana RB Kitchens,
considers the kitchen as the continuation of the "living" space of the house, a place of sophisticated elegance, thought for cooking but also a meeting space for socialization. Italy's Rossana RB’s has innovative products in which the emphasis of the technological and professional kitchens, is always softened by a sophisticated and feminine aesthetic, in a perfect balance between aesthetics and feature, between design and technology but never in detriment of the absolute quality. See many photos of Italian kitchens on this site which gives you a choice of html or flash--choose html !

You can spend hours and hours on the forums and reading the articles at This Italian site is totally about kitchens and kitchen design, and you can see it all in English. Wonderful site !!

Binova Techno-Logical Kitchens says ""keep nothing in your house that you can't USE or don't find BEAUTIFUL" and we agree ! Nothing is left to chance. The result is a perfect balance between function and elegance. As with most Italian kitchen manufacturers, there is an English language section of their website.

Berloni Kitchens of Italy   Has many series of contemporary Italian kitchens pus a traditional kitchen series of lines. They refer to the contemporary kitchens as "TREND" and the really-really contemporary kitchens as "NEW"

Our small Italian style home has a kitchen with custom cabinets made to coordinate with the wood molding around the windows and doors. Since it is a basically one room structure, the harmony between the wood kitchen cabinets and the many windows and oversized 10ft. French doors is a good thing.

Miele--The European Miele line of appliances has been featured in home building magazines for many years.

Fisher and Paykel--manufacture AeroTech ovens with sophisticated cooking modes. Many of their kitchen appliances come in stainless steel including the Dish Drawer Dishwasher. www.Fisher and

LG makes a refridgerator/Freezer with a easy access tilting freezer drawer. LG home appliances can be seen at

Italian wood flooring is available from Listone Giordano at

Artemide--For unusual and sleek contemporary lighting fixtures, see Artemide. They have showrooms in many major USA cities. Also and

For Italian kitchens or any kitchen, Arte Italica has silver, china, ceramics, crystal, glass and pewter tableware all made in Italy. The Tuscan kitchen canister set--available in 3 sizes with engraved pewter tags is especially handsome. 

Zona Cucina Contemporary kitchen cabinets
Heritage Kitchen Cabinets
is now making a Euro Styled look caleld Zona Cucina by Heritage Custom Cabinetry. ZONACucina™'s combination of sleek European styling, zoned cabinet space and innovative storage solutions offer you an impressive and creative design option for your kitchen with storage space, optimal work flows, better ergonomics. ZONACucina™, which means kitchen space in Italian, organizes your kitchen into 5 Zones


Fiamberti Kitchens

For Vintage looking appliances with brand new technology, see Elmira Stove Works. They are made in Canada.

For very creative Italian doors, see . They say that "In 1996 Arredo Italiano introduced in the USA interior doors from Italy. The company's president and founder Enrico Cavaciocchi designed many of the models seen on the collections presented there. The company's philosophy "The door as a piece of furniture" is a direct reflection of the Italian approach to interior design. The broad selection of styles and models offers the client the possibility to choose between different collections. " Be sure to see the section on Glass Doors.

Italian Kitchens or Italian Style in the UK , check the following places

In the UK, Bianco lavanda is available from Idea Italia who is renowned for its stylish designs, with Italian kitchen manufacturer Lube creating flexible and functional products.

Moben--Cargo a supremely versatile freestanding kitchen system that can be used with any door front and a range of appliances. Shown here with Falcon professional stainless steel appliances from Moben Kitchens. Moben Kitchens offers quality, innovative design and exceptional value for money, and with over 200 showrooms nationwide, you're assured of the highest quality service.

Clayton from Kitchens Direct is a modern range of appliances. At Kitchens Direct, they have a complete range of top brand, fully integrated appliances, including state-of-the-art stainless steel. 

Kitchen Island Design:

How much space do you need for a kitchen island? If you want to build an island in your kitchen you will also need enough open space for appliances, seating and passage around the island if you want a safe and functional kitchen.
Of course you are going to need enough space to open the doors of your appliances without obstruction so that you can easily and safely reach inside them. The minimum distance between an appliance and an island is 3 feet, the ideal distance is between 45 and 50 inches.

If you want a kitchen island where you can sit down, you'll need to allow enough space for knees. For an island with a surface at table height, about 30 in., you will need 18 inches of knee space; you'll need 16 in. of knee space for a surface at counter top height (about 36 in.) and about 16 in. for a surface at snack bar height.
And immediately behind the chairs you will need at least 32 inches of space if there is a wall there and more if there is a passageway or hallway.

For a refrigerator this minimum distance depends on the refrigerator's width and on whether the door is single or double. If a refrigerator has a single door and is 36 in. wide, clearly the space necessary in front of it will be more than 36 in.

"Work Triangle" is the name between your sink, refrigerator and cooking range. A work triangle should not intersect a functional island by more than a foot. If it does, moving around your kitchen will become difficult and potentially dangerous.

If you're planning for a cooktop in your island, the depth of the counter top where the burners will be should be increased by at least 8 inches for safety.

An island creates passageways of varying widths in a kitchen. The passageway in front of the operational areas, washing, prep and cooking, should be at least 44 inches wide.

TIP: Once you've decided on the dimensions of your island, even if on paper your design seems perfect, it is always best to simulate the final effect. You can do this by positioning a table or some boxes of about the right dimensions in the area destined for the island. If it is an irregular shape, cut some plywood (to set on top of the boxes) to the proposed shape.  If you are remodleing an existing kitchen, then using your kitchen and simulated island for a while will let you make adjustments and see if it is a safe and wellplaced addition to the kitchen.

Kitchen Design and Layout :

Choosing the right kitchen isn't always a question of taste. Personal preferences clash with the spatial characteristics of the room every time. In fact, not only the space available but the shape of the room can vary a lot creating doubts for anyone who isn't familiar with all the possible arrangements.

italian-kitchen-wall.jpg (8423 bytes)Linear arrangement
If the kitchen is very narrow, it would be better to reserve just one wall for the working area of the kitchen. If the furnished area seems not enough you can always increase it vertically using practical wall or suspended units. That way the rest of the room will remain open enough for easy movement.

italian-kitchen-galley.jpg (9499 bytes)"Railroad" arrangement-also known as "Galley"
It's the same principle as the previous example, but with the furniture built up along two parallel walls. This arrangement is recommended when the kitchen is wide but not particularly long: one of the walls will be dedicated to the "working" part of the kitchen (washing and cooking areas), while the other can become a convenient area for preparing meals. The center of the room will stay free to permit easy movement between the two sections.

italian-kitchen-peninsula.jpg (9146 bytes)Peninsula or island arrangement
A peninsula might be the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have an area for eating a quick snack or who simply wants an additional place to prepare food. Whether you want it equipped with accessories or not, a peninsula is always modern and captivating and doesn't disrupt a classic corner arrangement: the important thing is to leave enough space for people to pass by easily and to sit down (a passage of 90 to 110 cm).
Availability of space is even more important for an island: located in the center of the room it goes well with a linear arrangement of kitchen and amounts to a modern composition.

italian-kitchen-corner.jpg (9546 bytes)Corner arrangement
Should you decide to place the table in the center of the room, the ideal would be to put the kitchen furniture in the corner. This arrangement is also the best if you have a kitchen which opens without dividing walls onto the dining or living room. The corner where the kitchen furniture will be installed should always be that which is opposite the dining room.

italian-kitchen-idea photo"Horseshoe" arrangement
If your space is large enough to creatively furnish without worrying about problems of dimensions, you could opt for the three side arrangement: the table stays in the center, food preparation and conservation are distributed to the two parallel sides while washing and cooking share the internal side.


The Italians and Germans have designed kitchens in a modern, contempory style for a long tme. Most have shart edges and are very rectangular in concept. Interestingly, you rarely see any food item in promo photos of Italain or German kitchens. Nowhere is any normal kitchen clutter. Everything is stored away.

Italian kitchen manufacturers include: Alno Italia, Antares Cucine, Arc Linea, Armony, Aster Cucine, Berloni, Binova, Boffi Arredamento, Carma Cucine, Cesar, Dada, Del Tongo, Dibiesse, Domina Cucine, Elmar, Ernestomeda, Errebi, Euromobil, Fiamberti Cucine Componibili, Frame, Futura Cucine, G&D Arredamenti, Gatto, Gemal Cucine, Grattarola, Gruppo ATMA, Gruppo Febal, Gruppo Aran, Heral Cucine, Kappa Cucine Componibili, Laca, Latini Cucine, Lineaquattro, Lyon's Linea Cucina, Lube Over, Mobilcucina, Nova Cucina, Polaris, Poliform, Record Cucine, Rinaldi, Scavolini, Schiffini, SICC, Sira Cucine Componibili, Snaidero, Spagnol Cucine, Stilcucine, Stosa Cucine, Toncelli Cucine Componibili, Torchetti, Valcucine, Varenna, Veneta Cucine

Italian Furniture for your home

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