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Gulf Shores Architectural Cast Stone Project----Kitchen Counters----Page  13

Info on Kitchen Solid Surface  Countertops

Info on Italian Kitchen Components

The kitchen countertops have just been installed by carpenters David Denney and his helper, Jimmy. Randy Mullis has installed the sinks and the appliances have been ordered. The formica tops have a beveled edge that is called a 'diamond' edge by the cabinetmakers. It really dresses things up and gives the Formica the look of solid surface countertops which we could not afford. I would love to look into the popular concrete counter tops but we have a lot of countertop area for such a small place and just didn't have the time to locate a manufacturer of concrete countertops. The fact that I was able to find a slightly mottled Formica color that is such a close match to the floor color helps the extensive counter top area not look so prominent as it just receedes and blends into the overall look nicely.

book-concrete-countertops.jpg (8987 bytes)
This seems to the THE book for learning about concrete countertops. You can order Concrete Countertops at a discount directly from Amazon from this book link.

Small vacation house kitchen area.

These custom cabinets match the windows in our DAC ART house.

The sink is on the west wall.

The stove will go on this north wall between the windows.

I was lucky to be able to find a solid cast resin sink at Lowes or Home Depot (forget which) that was a very close match to the Formica countertops. The brand was Swanstone and it was WAY less expensive than Corian or some of the other heavily advertised brands. It has this nice speckled color and as a result never looks dirty even if it is!!
Folks, this is the way to go, I swear !

The computer area with phone & cable  jacks in the kitchen of the DAC ART small vacation home.

Bathroom and attic with utilities in the Italian styled water front home.

This shot shows the kitchen/bath/attic wall. The refridgerator will go on this wall between a broom closet and the peninsula.

The narrow double doors that are hard to see on this wall lead into the bath. There is a small attic above as well as the HVAC and hot water heater.

Counter close up detail in the DAc ART kitchen.

At David's suggestion, we had beveled edges put in the Formica and we are glad. He calls it a 'diamond edge' and we think is adds alot. The cost of the beveled edge added about 20 bucks a linear foot, but was worth it. Most people really do think it is solid surface counters or concrete countertops. The beveled edge dresses the counters up a lot and since this is a one room place, that is a nice thing since the kitchen area is in the same room as the fancy chandelier and living area.

Italian styled mirror in the bath room.

Bathroon sink in the Gulf Shores vacation house.

I found this wonderfully scroll-ey mirror here in Gulf Shores at an outlet store. The sink  is an old American Standard that a dear friend, Sally Bailey Thompson,  gave me since she was remodeling her Jackson, MS guest bath and replacing them right when I needed them. Thanks Sally !!

David Denney build our bath cabinet to match the kitchen cabinets. The shallow drawer in front will function as a medicine cabinet. That worked out to be a GREAT idea--if you are having custom cabinetry built, why waste all that space under the sink where the pipes are--you can still put just as much shampoo, etc under the sink and the large shallow drawer makes small things like tubes of ointment and dental floss really easy to spot.

The U.S. Gulf Coast area is the perfect location for DAC-ART architecture. The incredible strength is there for the storm season, and the salt air will not be a problem. Italian architecture, European architecture, and Old World style house plans are a natural with DAC-ART. Architectural concrete is basically maintenance free, so it is perfect for a vacation home and the foam inner core insulates well in Gulf Coast temperatures. When thinking about plans for your home or vacation home, consider  timeless architecture with DAC-ART Building System, especially in hurricane prone areas. 

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