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Gulf Coast Concrete Modular Home Construction Journal--Page 11-Interior Carpentry--Kitchen

Info on Italian Kitchen Components   Kitchen Cabinet Ideas    Kitchen Backsplashes   Kitchen Counters

David Denney and his helper Jimmy have delivered our custom kitchen cabinets. David cut the half-round trim on the cabinets to co-ordinate with the window molding that Ted Dial recommended for this Italian style house. This photo shows the north wall where the slide-in electric stove will go.

kitchen cabinets north

Looking toward the west where the kitchen sink will be centered under the window. To the right of the Swanstone sink we plan to out an icemaker and the dishwasher to the left.

kitchen cabinets west

Looking east, the refrigerator will be next to the tall kitchen cabinet. There will be knee space on both sides of the peninsula. David plans to add some trim to the large area between the filing cabinet drawers and the small phone book cabinet.

kitchen cabinets east

Kitchen countertops are being made now.....

We have added a POWERHOUSE kitchen light ! It is a 175 watt commercial food-prep fixture and it puts out enough light to illuminate the neighborhood.

book-kitchen-idea-book.jpg (10753 bytes) book-kitchens-that-work.jpg (8898 bytes) book-kitchen-consultant.jpg (9930 bytes) book-kitchen-design.jpg (11408 bytes) book-kitchen-planner.jpg (10682 bytes)
The Kitchen Idea Book is exactly what is claims to be: a book full of ideas for the kitchen.

This book forces you to think about how you want to function in your kitchen before you even begin to select cabinets, appliances, fixtures and fittings.

This book is written from a contractor's perspective, and is an excellent overview of the remodeling process. There is great advice on hiring contractors, selecting materials, and otherwise surviving the remodeling of your kitchen. The book is very detailed, and gives some shrewd "insider" tips. However, there are two groups of readers who may be disappointed by this book. If you are designing your kitchen and are at the dreaming stage, you may not be ready for this book. Beginners will appreciate Maney's step-by-step approach, which guides them through their remodeling project in a logical manner. Lavish Photos. This interactive workbook will stimulate both creative and workable ideas about designing your new kitchen.

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David has made a sofa/bed frame for us. The plan is to upholster the entire unit in turquoise vinyl and add covered mattress cushions and rolled bolsters against the back. Since it is on casters and rolls easily, we can swing it around to face the water or the kitchen.

italian style sofa

Little note here: These legs did not last, too much weight. We eventually had to go with cast irom pipe that screwed into threaded flanges that we mounted on the underneath of the sofa. On the end of the pipe legs, I screwed on a threaded pipe cap w/ a hole in each one that I had drilled at a local machine shop. The post on the casters slips into the drilled hole. We went thru about 3 or 4 sets of casters before we found a leg/ caster set-up that was strong enuf for this ultra heavy sofa.

bathroom-light bath-light-2.jpg (68503 bytes)

The hanging interior lantern  for the bathroom is shown here hanging from scaffolding in the main room where it is a convenient height for attaching sherbet colored sea shells. The lantern is about 2 1/2  ft tall & holds 4 bulbs which is practical-when one or two burn out, you still get light. I picked it up at an outlet store in Memphis for about 25 % of actual cost. I think it might have been intended as an entrance hall lighting fixture. I have since seen this light fixture in the catalog at Lowes. The shells came from local tourist shops here. I used Goop (my favorite glue) and masking tape to hole the shells in place until the Goop dried. It took a couple of days to add all the shells. It is going to make a cool bathroom light since all out ceilings are tall--even the lowered bathroom one (hotwater tank and A/C are above the bathroom as well as some nice attic space.)

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