Kitchen Tile Splashback Ideas, Designing a Tile Splashback and Custom Ceramic Tile Designs for Kitchens


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Dutch delft tilesDelft Tile Splash back tiles for kitchens and baths. Villa Lagoon Tile has a new line of ceramic tiles in the traditional Dutch Delft blue and white. The tiles can be combined in many ways and they sell individual tiles so you can do a border or just mix in a few into your less expensive plain tiles. Delft Tiles

Swanson Studios kitchen splashbackSwanson Studios--Classic hand made custom-painted Malibu tile, Monterey tile, Catalina tile, mosaics. My friends , Gen and Linda Swanson out in California make wonderful hand made Calif style tile altho I think they could make any kind of splashback needed. See their tile website here. For over 25 years, Glen Swanson has worked in the tradition of the old Malibu & Catalina Potteries, from Northern California to San Diego. The website has very inspiring photos of fabulous tile installations. I know for a fact that Glen can make any kind of tile you want !Talk to Glen abotu your ideas and he will work with you to create a one of a kind masterpiece. The prices are not as high as you might imagine either.

A distinctive tile splashback has the  ability to create a focal point in your kitchen or wet bar and  really dress-up or jazz up your decor for a personal look. The area that a splashback covers is really not so large, so your expense is small compared to the visual impact you achieve. Most kitchens look so very similar, and all kitchens that are really used get their share of splatters and drips, so a ceramic tile, mosaic glass tile, stainless steel or creative metal splashback makes good sense too.  You can get some great ideas for designing a tile splashback by looking at some of the ceramic tile artist's websites examples. Another good resource are Dover books. Even Dover's children's coloring books make great design tools. I often use them for basic outlines for mosaic designs.

kitchen backsplash tile design with fish kitchen backsplash tile design kitchen back splash design sailboatVilla Lagoon Tile--fabulous patterned and solid colored cement tile. They offer the old world type of tile that you have probably seen in public buildings all over Europe and Latin America. These tile are rare (but not costly) in the USA, so you will not see them at the neighbors house ! See a lot of designs, some with sea shells and some with fish. You can even do coordinating floors with these encaustic cement tiles. The owner will help you create a cool design if she sees your fabric or colors.

Under sea mosaic tile kitchen backsplashTiles with Style--You gotta see this site !!!  Decorative handmade kitchen tile including cool leaf shaped tiles in natural organic shapes and glazed in natural earth colors. Tiles with Style can create any ceramic tile kitchen splashback, per your specifications or per their tile design ideas. They will  talk to you on the phone, or you can email your kitchen tile ideas for feedback from them. If a tropical fish kitchen splashback isn't your about a prehistoric tile kitchen splashback or a fossil tile splashback! Tiles with Style is  a decorative ceramic tile studio specializing in custom hand made tile. They are well known for quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and custom colorations. 

Swanson Tile Studio kitchen tile backsplash The Swanson Studio--I have found a wonderful tile artist, Swanson Studios--handmade tile murals and tiles custom sculpted by ceramic artist Gary Swanson. You must see his multi-piece tile fish. One on the websiteis shown unglazed, so I can imagine it in bright tropical colors. Gary says, "Although I produce tiles pressed from hand made molds, my tile murals are the primary focus of my work. They are developed from the initial idea or primary subject into a line drawing of the basic elements. Then a working 'cartoon' is crated and modified until I am satisfied.My tile work is earthenware tile created through several steps: A clay slab is rolled to thickness, the 'cartoon' is transferred to the clay and each piece of tile is cut from the slab. The tiles are bisque fired, then glazed and fired again. All my ceramics are fired glaze for permanency. Unmounted murals are provided for installations but I can also mount and grout murals on a backer board." The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Mural designs can feature a wide variety of themes, from natural landscapes to architectural. They are used in bathrooms, kitchens, wet bars, for public art, commercial signs, fireplace surrounds, and framed art. Single tile sized murals can be used as accents and to replace damaged tiles. The Swanson Studio

old-world-style-handpainted-tiles-backsplash-julia.jpg (9919 bytes)Artworks by Julia--tile murals, accent and decorative tiles, hand painted ceramic tiles for kitchen splashbackes and decorative effects. Her scenic mural splashbacks can be used to add pizzaz to a wet bar, butler's pantry, bathroom as well as in the kitchen. All of Julia’s ceramic murals, decorative tiles, art tiles and tile paintings are kiln fired which will make your painting permanent - it will not rub off, wash off, fade or be affected by heat, splashing or splattering of hot liquids or foods from the sink, stove or moisture from shower or bath. Shown is her "Old World Style # 3" painted kitchen splashback.  See nice examples of her work on her website. Julia will do custom work based on your color scheme, tile or wallpaper. You can send samples and she will coordinate the clay body and glazes and send back sample tiles for inspection for a reasonable cost.

Mindy Sommers Color Bakery TileColorBakery--Mindy Sommers' offers some really unusual and unique ceramic tile designs with wild, colorful and sometimes futuristic patterns and designs. They come in three different finishes. One of her tile murals or a ColorBakery tile border could really bring some life and pazazzzz to a kitchen. . She also offers her designs on assorted home furnishings like placemats and even clothes ! 

Mexican tile murals for backsplashesMexhapati--You can order direct from Mexico--check out the tile splashbackes on their site. 

Jerusalem tile kitchen  backsplashJerusalem Pottery splashback Tile--Hand painted tiles for kitchen splashbackes, made by family tradition since 1922 . This Birds of paradise tile murals is $290 and sized 18 x 18 inches. It would make a spectacular focal point in any klitchen. They have lots of colors including the popular blue and white tile designs.



book-tile-designs-full-color.jpg (6994 bytes)Turn-of-the-Century Tile Designs in Full Color (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)--This Dover book has 250 lovely royalty-free designs from a rare early-20th-century tile catalog include beautiful floral and foliate motifs on wall tiles for bathrooms, multicolored stenciled friezes, decorative panels of all sizes. Also includes signs for meat markets, food shops, and other commercial establishments. With a Art Nouveau flavor, this inexpensive collection will serve as a good resource for ideas or layouts for tile splashback designs. A wonderful browsing book, too, for lovers of the decorative arts.

Kitchen range backsplash and hood tiles. Sintra Antique Tiles --they can make any old world style tile you wish. From traditional blue and white decorative tiles to elaborately hand made and hand painted tiles, the variety shown on their site is unbelievable. Sintra Antique Tiles brings these very exquisite European traditional tiles to clients in North America. They have put together a collection ranging from well priced, good quality hand painted tiles, to hand made and hand painted period reproduction tiles. Browse and decide, or be original and send them your own creation. Sintra Antique Tiles can faithfully reproduce it and produce it in large quantities within three to six weeks. Other tile is available for immediate shipment from their warehouses in Florida. 

tile-mural-by-balian.jpg (28302 bytes) Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem--Unique handmade bathroom tiles, kitchen wall tiles, decorative ceramic tile murals, tile splashbackes from one of the oldest tile studios in the world. The website is easy to use and quick to load. They have links to splashback design idea photos too and a whole section on swimming pool tiles. The Balian Family of Jerusalem has been producing hand painted ceramic tiles and pottery since 1922. The ceramic tiles and pottery of Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions including the solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C. in 1992. Original and authentic Balian Pottery is sold only at their factory and retail outlet on 14 Nablus Rd. East Jerusalem and now on their web site.  

stone age murals-kitchen backsplash tilesStone Age Murals--ceramic, porcelain and marble tile murals for kitchen or bar splashback. Most examples show fruit or flowers, some are words...almost all done in earthy colors. They do not do hand painting, but transfer artwork or custom images onto marble, porcelain, or ceramic tile. Stone Age Murals says it is durable..In biz since 2004. 

Gooseneck Tile Kitchen BacksplashGooseneck Tile Designs--WOW!!! These guys have made the most unbelievable kitchen splashback tile groupings that I have ever seen. They seems to specialize in custom tile designs that feature wildlife and nature themes.Out of the ordinary hand made tiles, and custom sculpted murals are their specialty!

E J Harpham of E J Tilescapes-Pacific Tilescapes, Custom Handpainted Ceramic Tile splashbackes. This is an artist that makes everything from individual accent tiles to full kitchen back splashes, murals and swimming pool tiles. EJTilescapes hand painted artwork is a distinctive unique addition to any home. Each individual tile is hand painted and combined to form a large mural design for kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor applications. See her website to see the large scale ceramic tile murals. I am sure she can come up with some great ideas for kitchen tile splashbackes if you are not sure what you want. 

Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals, Alora specializes in wildlife paintings on tile that are original works of art. She has numerous examples of her nature and landscape themed hand painted  scenes. She  is even generous enough to offer a  tutorial page for those interested in making their own handpainted ceramic tile wall and splashback designs. 

Linda Paul Decorative TilesLinda Paul--Decorative tile wall murals of Italy & France & the Southwest for your kitchen splashback, dining room or wine bar.  Wine art and Southwestern kitchen cuisine ceramic tile wall murals. You can buy Linda Paul's  paintings on Italian tumbled stone tile for use as a kitchen decorative accent or stove splashback. .also individual tiles for accents or use in borders.  

Dy Witt is a ceramic artist with over 20 years experience who does custom ceramic tile splashback work. She uses only the true fired ceramic process, which is the bonding of color to the clay body, as opposed to low-fired china painting which only bonds on the surface of the clay, and is less durable.   Dy is happy to make custom ceramic tile murals, kitchen and bar splashbackes, countertop tile, kitchen wall tile, shower tile and bathroom tile designs. She would love to help you come up with a one-of-a-kind idea for the kitchen splashback to give your home more personality.

Ceramic Tile Photo Murals-if your room lacks windows, or if your sink has a splashback instead of a window, you  might like the look of Aristophanes Murals. They offer old master paintings and photographs reproduced on tiles that are assembled like a puzzle to create a vista type effect. Better inquire to see if the color is fired on before you use any strong cleaners.

A Workshop of Wonders Ceramics Studio describes itself as offering a variety of handmade and handpainted items featuring animals of the northwest. It is owned and operated by Melanie and Robert Jeffs & located in Missoula, Montana. They specialize in hand painted tile designs and designing kitchen tile splashbackes. Workshop Wonders has an exciting line of ceramic tile murals too. They are reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts Style Movement, and add unique architectural detail to any room. Besides using them in a kitchen as wall tiles or for a sink or counter splashback, they are great for a fireplace frieze or a handcrafted bath feature. This ceramic tile studio's tile murals are able to stand on their own as an architectural feature or to be incorporated into any large tiling project. Each mural shown on their website is composed of 15 tiles, each tile being approximately 4" x 4" in size. Each tile is handmade and hand painted. Contact them about custom work.

Tresorelle Home Designs--Hand-Painted Stone Tile Murals for kitchen, bath, or garden. Pretty standard themes like fruit, wine, Tuscany, The murals are hand-painted with heat-cured enamels, (water, heat, and scuff resistant) on your choice of tumbled marble or stone and can be customized to fit your personal style, and needed size. Custom orders can be arranged via e-mail, fax, or by telephone. The murals are shipped with the tiles only ( stone borders are sold separately) to be installed by local  installer. Tre Sorelle (tray-sor-e-lay) means Three Sisters. Three artistic sisters and their best friend started a very successful mural/faux finishing business, Lilies of the Field Fine Interior Art. 

Tile by Design--Here you can find artists that offer their original work on tile .  If you are an artist that would like to be added to the Original Artist page contact them. Tile by Design is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was started by Brian Robertson and Lori Stout in the fall of 2004.This company prints the designs onto the tiles in some way that is pretty durable. I couldn't find info about the exact process used but I am sure if you call them they'd fill you in. If you don't mind tile that had a printed look, this might be a great choice due to the vast number of kitchen splashback designs available. There are plenty of tropical splashback designs and also traditional food themed kitchen splashback designs. They offer many famous paintings on tile. You have several choices, glossy, satin finish, and even glass tiles that have the design printed on the back side. I can imagine some great ultra-modern effects by using this method. 

  • An interesting thing is that in the USA a splashback is called a backsplash :o)

Pressed Tin and Faux Pressed Tin splashback

Pressed Tin Style Kitchen BacksplashACP- Pressed Tin Style splashback--For something really different, ACP makes a pressed tin style product out of plastic with a metallic finish for kitchen splashbackes. ACP`s decorative thermoplastic panels create an instant cottage look. These panels look like classic tin tiles but function with the many benefits of thermoplastic construction. Attractive, highly durable panels show a custom finished look. There are several styles and finishes to choose from available at half the price of metal panels. The pressed tin look panels are suitable for wet environments with resistance to impacts and stains. They are imple to clean using warm water and soap with a soft cloth. Matching finish trim options are available to treat corners and edges with a professional look. You can also get matching finish outlet cover laminates to make the electric switch and outlet covers blend with the pressed tin look. They say it is easy to install. 

copper colored pressed metal backsplash materialTalissa Decor Faux Tin PVC ,--Polystyrene ceiling tiles and kitchen splashbackes
Manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheets approximately 0.01" thick. It is dimensionally embossed to create 3D effect. This product can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. All PVC ceiling tiles available in 2’ X 2’ size and you can order your tiles almost in any color shade or even combination of 2 or more colors. Various effects like wooden grains, Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.), Pearl shine etc. This product can have the look of the traditional molded plaster of paris ceiling, painted wood carving, pressed tin ceilings. splashbackes come in a 2' wide rolls and available at 10' and 25' lengths (for special orders, contact them). Shipping and handling for one roll - $25. splashback rolls - made from the PVC approximately 0.01" thick. Come in half a dozen different designs in whole variety of finishes - plain metallic, antique etc. The splashbackes are the best option when you want to make fast upgrade to your kitchen. They come in a 2 ft wide rolls (10 to 50 ft. long) and could be installed in one piece without seams at all. 

M-Boss metal backsplashM-Boss Metal splashbackes--from a leader in tin ceilings comes an easy to install, easy to cut splashback that will quickly dress up your kitchen. This product is available in any of 3 and 6-inch repeating patterns and in any one of our 10 traditional and specialty finishes as well as solid copper. Standard tin snips can be used to easily cut around cabinets and outlets. They say it's so easy you'll be able to install it in one afternoon. Might be the lowest cost metal splashback on the market.  



Just to get an idea of the hundreds of ready-made kitchen splashback designs available, do an image search on Google or and you will find that there are many attractive mosaic designs imported from Turkey and other countries where labor is inexpensive compared to the USA and Europe.  Popular mosaic splashback designs include fruit baskets, grapes, and Greek borders.

Did you know that in the USA kitchen splashbacks are called Backsplashes ?

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