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Log Home Builders & Suppliers--USA & Canada

log cabin distributors nationwide

This list of US and Canadian manufacturers, distributors and builders of log cabins, log home and timber home kits will get you started in your research. If you know of other log home websites, please email us so we can add them to our page. 

Hardware for Log Homes     Antler Chandeliers and Lighting

Many log home companies specialize in elaborate, very custom log and timber lodges but there are also other companies who focus on economy log homes and log home kits for the owner built enthuisast. we have orgainzed this list of log home companies by USA and Canada region.

Southeast USA Log Homes

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky,
Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Bet'r Bilt Log Homes--Bet'r Bilt  has been family owned and operated since 1982. Their site features floor plans for homes ranging from 1300 sq ft to almost 7500 sq ft. Their site also gives cost estimates so you can have a general idea of how much a particular floorplan will cost to built. www.betrbilt.com

Timber Land Log Homes--Based in Greenville, Timber Land Log Homes has been serving Alabama since 1997.  Their website features pictures of the various corner and log types as well as detailed shots of a model home. In addition to the plans they offer, they can also work with any plans you have or start from scratch and help you design the home of your dreams. www.timberlandloghomes.com

Cypress Log Homes--Cypress Log homes is based in Edwardsville, Alabama and while they strongly recommend cypress, they also offer pine, cedar and douglas fir logs. They have a great page of  home building contractor's advice called Know-Know's. Be sure to look at it. www.cypressloghomes.com

Barma Log Homes--BarnaBarna Log Homes--Jim Barna Log and Timber Home is a manufacturer of log homes and cabins. The website includes floor plans, specifications, and services that they provide. Founder Jim Barna began changing the industry by changing the way the logs joined. He started the trend of milling the logs to specific, uniform tolerances and joining them together with interlocking saddlenotch corners and tongue-and-groove walls. These techniques kept the structures air- and water-tight and maintained the straight lines of the logs. The Every Jim Barna Log and Timber Home website has limited information..you will prpbably need to contact them for more facts. www.barnahomes.com

Mountain-Lake--An Alabama based company, Mountain-Lake is a distributor of Jim Barna Log Systems. Their site has a searchable database of homes. You can search by plan name, collection, or square footage with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories you want. Each plan has an informative page that tells the cost of materials for that particular plan as well as features and statistics. www.bestloghomes.com

Build a Log Home with Wholesale Logs
Looking for high quality milled logs to construct a log home? Wholesale Log Homes, Inc. sells kiln-dried white pine milled logs, grade stamped, and more at wholesale prices. Free estimates. www.wholesaleloghomes.com

Battle Creek Log Homes - Kits, Plans
Manufacturer and builder of custom log homes, log kits and log packages. Battle Creek   offers complete designing and blueprinting as well as construction services, covering the United States and Canada. www.battlecreekloghomes.com

AAA Log Homes Inc. Since 1975
Manufactures of custom log homes and commercial buildings and specialty wood products for 30 years. www.aaaloghomes.net

Satterwhite Log Homes--an office in Ellijay, Georgia with a model home for you to see. This company hs built or supplied materials for over 10,000 log homes. I think they know what they are doing ! They use only logs from dead standing timber...amazing to me. www.slh.net

Heritage Log HomesHeritage Log Homes--with home offices in Koda, Tennessee, Heritage Log Homes also has regional design centers in the US. Due to 2008-2009 economic downturn, Heritage has responded with with a new product offered through their Liberty Log Home company. They say some of their buyers have become more cost conscious because of their individual experiences of the past 18 months. Heritage Log Homes custom-mills their log components predominantly from Eastern White Pine timber. The Eastern White Pine is recognizable in nature for its height, ruggedness, durability, beauty and even its relative resistance to fire (compared to other tree varieties). To date, Heritage Log Homes has custom-made components for more than 10,000 individual log homes across North America, South America and Europe. There is a design center in Brooksville, FL called Heritage Log Homes of Central Florida. and one in Sturat, FL... Heritage Timber Homes by Masterpiece Builders. Design Centers are located all over the U.S. They have developed communities of log home dwellings. Boone, North Carolina, will boast more than 450 Heritage log homes when completed. Check the informative website for tons of info. www.heritagelog.com

Suwannee River log homeSuwannee River Log Homes--Welborn, FL--Suwannee River Log Homes has built log homes, timber frame and log cabins for many years. Suwannee River Log Homes has been in business for over two decades and has delivered over 2,800 homes nationwide. They build using cypress or cedar logs. The offer custom architectural design services and free home consultations. Suwannee River has free bi-monthly seminars for those who think they might want to build this type of home. They tell you everything from A-Z on what to expect when building a log or timber frame home. They are an architectural design company that designs and provides the materials for custom cypress log homes and convention timber frame western red cedar homes. Lots of great photos of customer's projects. www.srloghomes.com

Strongwood Log Home Kit HousesStrongwood Log Homes--offices in Nashville, TN--You can design your own log home or log cabin, or choose one of Strongwood's log home plans, then let the Strongwood staff help you pick the log style and building program that best fits your needs. Their Design Department will do all of the design work necessary for construction. Strongwood Log Homes can provide log building assistance anywhere in the world. Their experience is that totally complete turnkey Strongwood homes in the U.S. average between $120 and $160 per square foot. They have seminars that you can attend to learn more about the process. Building options include asking Strongwood to assist you in locating a competent local builder, working as your own builder, or, when available, working with an authorized Strongwood dealer in your area.   www.strongwoodloghome.com

Southwest USA Log Homes

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona

Log Homes from New Mexico
Fine handcrafted log home construction services. www.logconstruction.net

Lone Star Log Home--A distributor for Jim Barna Log Systems, Lone Star Log Home offers complete services from planning and design to to construction. Their site has tons of photos, some during construction others of customers homes. www.longstarloghome.com

Hayley Builders, Inc--Builds custom homes in Texas. They offer ground to finish service, no "assembly required" headaches. Their logs are hand peeled and have stress cuts to reduce the amount of  checking that occurs. Hayley builders uses logs cut from Douglas Fir, Engelmann Spruce, or Western Red Cedar. www.haleybuilders.com

Satterwhite Log Homes--office located in Texas with a display show home in Longview, TX. They have 3 US locations. This company uses only logs from stand dead trees so you get minimum shrinkage and a very dry material. They can send you everything you need including screws and caulk if you want to build it yourself. You can windos-shop online at www.slh.net

Heritage Log home in the mountainsHeritage Log Homes of Central Arizona -- Goodyear, AZ. The Heritage website is a goldmine of information and a breeze to navigate. They supply materials for a variety of log and timber frame projects all over the country and even have helped establish communities of log homes in several locations in the U.S. Their Classic Series embodies classic log architecture and design. These are the plans that helped make log living a viable option, proving that a Davy Crockett-style cabin can definitely have its refined side. Classic Heritage homes accommodate a wide range of lifestyles, from families seeking a refuge of rustic elegance to the couple that appreciates the durable simplicity only a log home can provide. The Arts & Crafts series was also created to showcase outdoor living spaces. Live an “inside-out” lifestyle in a setting where kitchens, fireplaces and areas for socializing are equally functionally outdoors as indoors. www.heritagelog.com



Pacific West USA Log Homes

California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

Timberline Log Homes--Washington based Timberline Log homes has been in business since 1991. They use dead stand trees and remove the affected portions. Seven different diameters of logs are offered and there is also an option for standard or cabin grade logs. Cabin grade logs are more rustic, whereas the standard grade logs are more uniform. www.timberlineloghomesllc.com

Century Cedar Log Homes--Located in California and builds according to tastes and budget. Site has several floor plans available. Their logs are made from Western Cedar. www.centurycedar.com

Homestead Log Homes--Oregon based and has been in business since 1978. Homestead offers 35 standard designs, and many times custom designs do not cost more than the standard plans. www.homesteadloghomes.com


Mountain West USA Log Homes

Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming

Centennial Log Homes  builds custom handcrafted log home from packages . Cabins to lodges--all sizes. www.centennialloghomes.com

Precision Craft Log Homes
Award-winning log home designs by Precision Craft Log Homes. Register for a free CD including hundreds of log home interior and exterior design ideas. www.precisioncraft.com

Log Home Building Information
Loghomes.com provides free log home and log cabin information from American and Canadian log builders. www.loghomes.com

Greatland Log Homes
Greatland Log Homes has a wide range of log home plans, kits, and virtual tours. www.greatland-loghomes.com

Alpine Log Mill Co. - Custom Log Homes
TPI graded milled Swedish Cope House logs, milled round logs and log home products for homeowners and professionals. Quality products, professional results. Call for product information. www.customloghomes.net

Satterwhite Log Homes has provided materials or built over 10,000 log homes. This gives them great level of experience in the log cabin. log home filed. They only use logs from dead, standing trees. This results in a very dry material so you have minimum shrinking and moisture levels. They have an office in Utah with displays for you to see. Located in Gunnison, UT. For details see www.slh.net

Heritage log cabin in the mountainsHeritage Log Homes of the Great North West--Caldwell, ID. --logs are prepared in Tennessee, Heritage Log Homes website can show you all the technological differences in log joinery, from the way they stack and anchor the log walls, and corner, window and door joints. Read the website for more information on how each system adds strength and energy efficiency. Heritage makes every kind of log or timber frame home avaliable. The website is amazing..  The timbers for your home arrive at their milling facility in squared lengths called “cants,” each of which is cut from the heartwood of the tree. Because of its tighter grain pattern, heartwood is the strongest part of the tree, and its minimal knotting enhances both structural integrity and aesthetic beauty. Heartwood also minimizes wood checking (cracks), is less prone to shrinking and is more resistant to insects. Although Eastern White Pine is the standard utilized at Heritage Log Homes, they are able to accommodate special requests for log components milled from other types of timber. www.heritagelog.com

Precision Craft Log Lodge HomePrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Homes-PercisionCraft handcrafted log homes are typically designed with full hand hewed log walls, ridges, trusses & purlins and incorporate other natural materials such as stone and glass. Each log is individually selected, hand cut and intricately placed. Each handcrafted log home is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will live on for generations. Handcrafted log homes can also be designed as post and beam structures similar to timber frame homes but using logs rather than timber beams. The possibilities are unlimited. www.precisioncraft.com


Midwest & Great Plains USA Log Homes

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa,
Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio

Town and Country Log Homes in the  MidwestTown and Country Log Homes--For builders or homeowners, new construction or remodeling projects in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York or anywhere nationwide, Town & Country has all the Northern White Cedar siding & cedar paneling products you will need!-www.michigancedarproducts.com

Timberline Log Homes in South DakotaTimberline Log & Country Homes Inc.--located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota near Rapid City. Ralph Greslin and his son Michael have been building log homes for over 36 years. This website has an extensive Frequently Ask Questions/Ask Ralph section which provides an extensive amount of information for someone considering building a log home. You will also find floor plans and a photo gallery showcasing Timberline’s work. www.timberlinelogs.com

Maple Island Log Home Maple Island Log Homes--Maple Island Log Homes offers a variety of thought starters to begin your custom design process. It is seldom that they build any of their plans 'as is'. Their custom design process ensures a final result that precisely meets your needs. Maple Islandf builds very distinctive homes and mansions. Full-log gable ends and log roof framing are Maple Island hallmarks, and just a couple of the many distinctive nuances that define their handcrafted log homes. Maple Island's log homes retain the logs' unique personalities and natural characteristics. They lend a warm, natural appearance. Their logs are not pre-cut or milled to uniform shape and thickness, they do not use a predictable, formatted assembly procedures. They specialize in high end very custom projects. Handcrafted, and nothing but is a motto of Maple Island Log Homes. Building handcrafted log homes is not a side business with us. They don’t sell home kits. They don’t build pre-cut log homes, stick-built homes or residences of any other kind. For over 30 years they've built hundreds of custom, handcrafted log homes. www.mapleisland.com

Strongwood Log Home Kit Houses

Strongwood Log Homes--offices in Waupaca, WI. --You can design your own log home or log cabin, or choose one of Strongwood's log home plans, then let the Strongwood staff help you pick the log style and building program that best fits your needs.Write for the 'Plan Book' to get your imagination in gear. Their experience is that totally complete turnkey Strongwood homes in the U.S. average between $120 and $160 per square foot. They have seminars that you can attend to learn more about the process. Building options include asking Strongwood to assist you in locating a competent local builder, working as your own builder, or, when available, working with an authorized Strongwood dealer in your area.   www.strongwoodloghome.com

Nashville custom log home builderPioneer Log Systems, Inc-- is a Tennessee log home builder that specializes in hand hewn dovetailed log homes, post & beam homes, timber trusses. They specialize in being a custom log home builder in Nashville. When country stars are looking for a Tennessee log home builder, this is one to consider. They offer a wide range of log styles including hand hewn logs. Pioneer Log Systems can supply heavy timbers in eastern white pine, douglas fir, western red cedar, cypress, oak and poplar as well as reclaimed timbers. Pioneer offers a unique line of flooring products including reclaimed and antique materials. Additional products include siding joints, v joint interior and exterior materials, fireplace mantels, and more. www.pioneerlogsystems.com

Pine Ridge Log Homes
Log homes customized to fit your needs and priced to fit your budget. www.prloghomes.com

Golden Eagle Log HomesGolden Eagle Log Homes
Golden Eagle Log Homes builds about 150 homes every year. Located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. A family business, as are many log home companies. Very complete log home packages. Floor plans and pricing information. Golden Eagle specializes in affordably priced, high quality homes, most of their homes built in 2003 were under $250,000. The website has great information about the breakdown on how they charge and the procedure they use to take you from a great idea to the reality of buillding your home. .www.goldeneagleloghomes.com

Tomahawk Log & Country Homes Inc.
Tomahawk Log & Country Homes Inc. is a builder and supplier of energy efficient log homes and custom log components. www.tomahawklog.com

Strongwood Log Home Company--Kiln-dried Log Homes Worldwide
Strongwood designs and manufactures log homes, cabins and commercial buildings worldwide. We offer 20 log styles.  www.strongwoodloghome.com

Heritage log houseHeritage Log Homes of Central Illinois --Canton, IL . Heritage Log Homes has design centers all over the country. The white pine heartwood timbers are milled in Tennessee but shipped everywhere. The website is wonderful adn has a ton of information. They offer several series of home deisgns, from small Arts and Craftsman cabins to timberframe mansions. One of the most unique things about working with Heritage Log Homes is their Tree-to-Key service, which means they can assist you with virtually every phase of the home-buying experience, from locating the perfect piece of land to determining which home best fits your lifestyle to delivery of your new Heritage log home. Heritage will even help you arrange financing and decorate your home’s interior. Big company...great website www.heritagelog.com

wisconsin log home builderWisconsin Log Homes--Log homes, hybrid homes, timber-frame homes, and log cabin packages, floor plans, designs, pictures, and videos by Wisconsin Log Homes. With so many choices available to you when designing and building a hybrid log or timber home, it is sometimes overwhelming for homeowners to make comfortable decisions and stay on top of the building process. To keep your project organized, and to bring fresh and creative ideas to your attention, Wisconsin Log Homes offers personalized interior design & décor services from one of the top designers in the industry. They also have a special insulated log system. In a private study, David Janczak, founder of Wisconsin Log Homes, compared a 16-inch solid-log home, with a log home built using his new Thermal-Log™ Building System. David found that the Thermal-Log™ home used one-third the amount of energy to heat twice the amount of living space. As a result, in 1979, Wisconsin Log Homes completely stopped building and selling solid log homes.Savings are greater than you may think – hundreds of dollars the first year, thousands of dollars in the future. -www.wisconsinloghomes.com


Midatlantic USA Log Homes

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland

Alternative to Log Homes
High style post and beam homes. Tradition and innovation since 1969. www.yankeebarnhomes.com

Heritage Log Homes wall section imageHeritage Log Homes of the Finger Lakes--Victor, NY . Several lines of log homes adn timber frame buildings. Unique system to insure that you walls stay tight and true. Heritage Log Home’s innovative Thru-Bolt system is designed to eliminate potential pitfalls, ensuring a tight fit between logs and adding structural strength to walls. The concept is simple: Once logs are stacked into wall segments, the contractor runs a long, threaded steel bolt, from top to bottom, through a set of pre-drilled, precision-aligned holes. The spring-loaded bolt is then threaded into their patented self-aligning log-locking yoke anchoring system in the base log and tightened from the top. Thru-bolts are inserted at four-foot intervals and on each side of every door and window to maximize wall rigidity.. Great website with clear information. www.heritagelog.com


New England USA Log Homes

Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

Yankee Barn HomesYankee Barn HousesYankee Barn Homes--Yankee Barn Homes is a national custom post and beam company specializing in classic American architecture, including barn-style homes, classic farmhouses, coastal cottages, mountain lodges and lakeside retreats. They design and build highly insulated timber frame homes that are elegant in their simplicity and grace landscapes around the country. Unusual program, their clients have the opportunity to test drive a Yankee Barn Home through their Overnight Stay Program. They work with the clients on their individual tastes, paying special attention to
details throughout the design/build process. A typical Yankee Barn Shell Package is produced in the manufacturing facility in 2-3 weeks and raised on the building site in as little as 12-17 days. Pretty dogone fast I'd say for a home of this size. The look and feel of barn architecture, the warmth of antique wood and the strength of timber frame. Authentic post and beam, soaring windows, great floor plans. High style manufactured timber frame homes. Since 1969. Built nationwide. www.yankeebarnhomes.com

Northeastern Log Homes - 4-Star Promise
Personal service, innovative designs, premium materials, and easy build packages to help you create a beautiful log home to last and be loved for generations. Mid-Atlantic and Northeast USA. www.northeasternlog.com

Heritage Log Home MansionHome at Last Heritage Log Homes --Gouldsboro, PA . A regional design center for the Tennessee based company that has supplied materials for over 10,000 log cabins and log homes. Fascinating company that even has developed communities of like minded log home owners. To date, they have helped developers complete nearly 20 Heritage Exclusive Communities around the country, from Georgia to New Hampshire. These prestigious developments are located in areas known for their impressive landscapes and pleasant seasonal climates. One of our most ambitious projects, Cielo Falls in Boone, North Carolina, will boast more than 450 Heritage log homes when completed. The website is a goldmineof information. www.heritagelog.com

Katahdin log homes interior photo Katahdin Cedar Log Homes-- They hold regular seminars and mill tours to show you how they make Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. It is a fascinating operation to visit: combining traditional woodworking techniques with the latest in computerized technology. Katahdin uses Northern White Cedar exclusively for construction of its log homes. A good choice since Maine's Aroostook County — where the mills are situated—holds one of the largest stands of Northern White Cedar in North America. It is an abundant, sustainable and naturally renewable tree. Katahdin uses logs with natural resistance. Cedar produces a chemical that is naturally resistant to rot and mildew, and acts as the tree’s defense against insects. Katahdin offers both D-I-Y cedar log home packages and turn-key dealers who will build for you. www.katahdincedarloghomes.com


Founded in 1974, the International Log Builders' Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to furthering the craft of handcrafted log building, to the advancement of log builders, and to the promotion of the highest standards of their trade. The International Log Builders' Association writes and distributes educational materials on log construction to individuals, institutions, and industry. In addition, the association provides educational services related to the craft of log building, develop and disseminate educational material and programs related to the craft, establish operating trust funds for scholarships and educational purposes. www.logassociation.org  

Canadian Handcrafted Log Home Builder Schools, Suppliers & Builders:

Del Radomske's Okanagan School of Log Building International in
Kelowna, BC, Canada, offers a 16-week entry level log building course on full scribe log construction and seminars on advanced log building topics. Del Radomske's Okanagan School of Log Building entry level course trains individuals for a career in the log building industry as well as training owner builders. You will learn essential log building skills needed to build a full scribe handcrafted log house.
Enjoy the nature around you, as Master Log Builder Del Radomske shares his 30 years of experience in log building with his students in a hands-on log builder training course. Do it yourself !! www.okanaganschooloflogbuilding.com

Island School of Building Arts--James Mitchell. The ISBA trade school is the only bonded trade school in BC, Canada specializing in teaching Log & Timber Frame Construction skills for the Owner/Builder and for Industry Pre Employment.

The Island School of Building Arts offers Building trade school programs & building trade school courses that cater to a multimillion dollar & growing, log building & timber frame industry, with an economical, organic and environmental approach in structural design. They teach log building and timberframe construction skills for pre-industry employment. On the pristine Gulf Island of Gabriola, ISBA trade school was established in 1997. ISBA trade school is the only bonded trade school in BC, Canada specializing in teaching log & timber frame construction skills for the owner/builder and for Industry Pre Employment. They offer building trade school programs & building trade school courses that caters to a multimillion dollar & growing, log building & timber frame industry, with an economical, organic and environmental approach in structural design.

Precisioncraft Log homePrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Homes specializes in the design, production, and construction of log homes & timber homes in Canada. Nearly two decades of experience designing, manufacturing and building log homes, PrecisionCraft brings its exclusive Total Home Solution® to Canada.They have aa specialized team in Canada that offers every client living in Canada or building in Canada custom log home design, state-of-the-art log & timber manufacturing, and timber & log home construction services. www.precisioncraft.com


Living Log and Timber Ltd.--located in Breton, AB , Log and timber frames homes, commercial buildings, restoration and consulting. Furniture and accessories (cornblasting, chinking). They design cabins and large scale mansions, and offer home inspections. www.livinglogandtimber.com

Mark Deagle Log Building Ltd. located in Hinton, AB --Mark Deagle constructs custom log homes including complex roof systems, staircases, log furniture, also design consultation and plan drawing. Call Mark at phone : 780-865-1513 fax: 780-865-1100

Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. of Bragg Creek, AB builds handcrafted full scribe log homes guaranteed never to need chinking. www.moosemountain.com

Twin Butte Log Homes Ltd.--Bruce Mackintosh of Twin Butte, AB , Twin Butte Log Homes builds custom handcrafted log shell package by contract, log stairs and log railings. Call Twin Butte Log  Homes at phone : 403-627-2609

British Columbia:

Ram Creek Log Homes--R ichard & Evelyne Fahselt of Wardner, BC --Ram Creek Log Homes builds quality log homes, featuring the highest level of craftmanship, in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.  www.ramcreekloghomes.com

Artisan Custom Log Construction--Rob & Katherine Littler in Mission, BC --Artisan Custom Log Construction specializes in the creation of unique, high quality, hand-crafted log buildings and round log post and beam structures. Unique handcrafted log work, round log, post and beam construction, custom design and blueprints. www.artisanlog.com

Big Foot Hand Hewn Log Homes Inc. --Big Foot specializes in building Cedar hand hewn log homes.They will also build to suit using Fir or Spruce. Big Foot Hand Hewn Log Homes has been building log homes in Salmon Arm, British Columbia for more than ten years. www.bigfootloghomes.com

Canada's Log People Inc.--Established in 1978 and has built over 1000 handcrafted log buildings. Company owner and president, Theo Wiering, founded "The Log People" in 1978 and has been dedicated to building the finest log buildings possible, as well as leading the way in design and construction improvements.  Built primarily with Engelmann spruce and Douglas fir, although we use Western red cedar and Lodge pole pine on occasion. The logs they use are an average of 12-16 inches in mean diameter, and the tight-grained timber is between 80 and 140 years old. www.canadaslogpeople.com

Cancedar Log Homes Ltd. of Chilliwack, BC --Dedicated to creating the finest top quality hand crafted log homes. They ship worldwide. Their log homes are hand-peeled, hand crafted homes. About 90% of their homes are custom made. Send them your plan, or hand-drawing, they do the engineering and blueprints. Or choose one of their designs. They will do a free estimate for you. Cancedar Log Homes Ltd. will ship log homes world-wide. For the erection of the log-package, Cancedar Log Homes will send one of their builders to supervise. Cancedar Log Homes ist eines der erfahrensten Unternehmen dieser Sparte, und mit den Bauvorschriften in Deutschland und Oesterreich bestens vertraut. www.cancedarloghomes.com  

Chilliwack Mountain Log Homes Ltd.--Chilliwack, BC
Their premium log homes are built using only the finest quality, fully scribed, and hand-cut Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir logs. Log Homes, Plans, Kits and Cabins Log Homes Canada . A leading international supplier of Canada's premier, handcrafted log homes. Each of their customers receives a custom log home web site, so that you, your family, friends and business associates, can easily monitor the ongoing building of your dream home from anywhere in the world-kinda fun ! www.loghomescanada.com  

Chinook Log Homes of Fort St. John, BC --Chinook Log Homes offers quality custom log homes, using the saddle notch technique. Also, restoration services, stain and chinking products. Chinook Log Homes Ltd has been handcrafting custom log homes for approximately 12 years. www.chinookloghomes.com

Continental Log Homes--Supplying all residential, recreational and commercial markets with handcrafted log work from large air dryed Western Red Cedar and dry Fir logs. Continental Log Homes builds high quality hand crafted homes, recreational cottages and commercial structures from prime British Columbia Timbers. Continental Log Homes use only logs which have been air dried for a minimum of 1 year and, with their own timber supply they are able to source their western red cedar, douglas fir and western fir from areas known for true, straight grain, from occasional feature logs to massive structural log components, they are able to complete your home with dramatic log work hand peeled to a spectacular finish. Logs range in size from 10" minimum to our 18" to 20" super size. www.continentalloghomes.com

ECO Log Homes of Smithers, BC --Handcrafted scribe-fit log and timberframe with custom design and consulting in-house/since 1989 The log shell price can fluctuate depending on the design and layout and can be anywhere between $45 and $65 per sq. ft. Design rate is $25.00/hr (Cdn) or approx.$2.00/sqft for a basic design. Sounds like a bargain ! They also do stairs and railings. www.ecologhomes.com

Forbes Landing Log Homes--Custom designed handcrafted log homes, Scandinavian full scribed Fir and Cedar. Because the log home is normally built at their log yard and then shipped to the customer's building site, it is practical to consider the log home as going through at least two phases of construction. The first phase of construction is known as the "Log Shell Package". It is the completed log building ready for shipping to the customer's site. Upon arrival at your site the building is erected on its pre-Log Shell Package constructed foundation. It is advisable to have the building re-erected under the supervision of the log home staff. Once erected the building is ready for the beginning of the second phase of the building which is commonly referred to as "Lock-up" . "Lock-up" is particularly important to your log home as logs subjected to prolonged periods of moisture or sunlight without proper treatment will discolor. In addition, the foundation and sub-floor will need protection from rainfall. Therefore once the shell is erected, the first priority is to roof the building and thereafter close the wall perimeter with the installation of doors and windows. Contact Forbes Landing Log Homes for more info about both phases. Forbes Landing also offers log furniture. www.forbeslandingloghomes.bc.ca

High Mountain Log Homes offers custom - built, handcrafted quality log homes, buildings and cabins. High Mountain Log Homes is situated in Clinton BC, Canada. Specializing in handcrafted,
custom built and designed log homes and log cabins, using full length, diameter fir, pine, or spruce logs. High Mountain Log Homes is happy to ship your log home or log cabin anywhere across Canada, throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Professional assistance is available to help set up your new log home or log cabin on your site. www.highmountainloghomes.com

Ideal Export Log Homes Ltd., dba Lake Country Log Homes--Handcrafted and machine profiled log homes, in house designers. Custom build buy direct since 1989. Buy Direct from Log Home Manufacturer of precision milled and handcrafted log homes at discounted pricing. Lake Country Log Homes' 36 acre site in British Columbia Canada is a high volume facility capable of meeting the needs of large volume builders. www.lakecountrylog.com

Kootenay Lake Log Structures Ltd.--Handcrafted log home construction and architectural, design and drafting service. Kootenay Lake Log Structures Ltd. is headed by company President Ken Bredt. Ken has been involved in handcrafted log building since 1980. Kootenay Lake Log Structures Ltd. began as a small two man operation in 1985, and has grown to a well rounded crew of fifteen. Ken's log building background, years of experience, and the ability to communicate with clients has turned his once small log building company into a very busy and well respected company. Kootenay Lake Log Structures Ltd. constructs custom homes only. Each handcrafted log home is as individual as the client it is being built for. www.kootenaylakelogstructures.com

Pioneer Log homes of british columbiaPioneer Log Homes of British Columbia--custom handcrafted log homes with the emphasis on custom. Each and every log is hand-peeled using a draw knife and placed strategically into your custom designed structure. The joinery is finished with axes and slicks, sculpting it to perfection ensuring that each one will add to the individuality of your custom, handcrafted log home or commercial structure built by Pioneer Log Homes of BC. Ltd. Theyhave four fully operational building sites in British Columbia, Canada. Bryan Reid Sr. established Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, a handcrafted log home building operation, in Williams Lake, British Columbia in 1973. This location (approximately 500Km North of Vancouver, BC) has provided excellent access to the world's finest stands of Spruce, Pine, Fir, and Western Red Cedar. www.pioneerloghomesofbc.com


Canadian log home designsHeartwood Log & Timber Design,199 Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON N1H3V4. Heartwood Log & Timber Design is a small, highly-focused team of design professionals based out of Ontario, Canada. Their philosophy, experience and process allow them to work with individuals in all regions of North America and around the world to produce exceptional one-of-a-kind log and timber homes. Their website shows some really interesting designs. www.designma.com


Custom Built Log Homes
Do you know how effective the Scandinavian technique of log home construction is? Using traditional tools, they construct beautiful handcrafted log homes.  www.constructionscandinave.com


Log Home Care
Everything you need to know about your log home care and maintenance. www.loghomecare.com

Canadian Log Home Supply
A source for log home supplies. A Perma-Chink Distributor. www.canadianloghomesupply.com

Log Homes Online - LogHome.Net
Log cabin manufacturers, designers, maintenance and more: all on one site. Browse log home floor plans from multiple log home companies. Receive free information and brochures on log homes. www.loghome.net

Topsider Log Home
Topsider prefabricated post and beam homes offer log cabin home living with a contemporary flair. Unique pedestal, stilt and conventional foundations adapt to any terrain, climate or size. www.topsiderhouseplans.com

Log Home Links  is a  resource for all things related to log homes, log cabins and plans. www.loghomelinks.com

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