DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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Gulf Shores Hurricane Proof Home Project----
Marble window sills on the waterfront vacation home---Page  12

Our windows required thin sills, so instead of DAC-ART sills, as planned, we ordered marble cut to size.

marble window sills on classic architecture italian style
In this photo, I had already grouted the lower courses of architectural concrete blocks, but as you can see, the upper ones have not been grouted yet. What a difference it makes!

details of marble window sills on concrete home construction

concrete home construction cement home construction


Harry used a saw and grinder to cut down the sill area & he set the marble sills in with silicone caulk. The marble sills were grouted after this photo was taken. Since they were very expensive, I recommend being sure that your windows will fit your rough openings allowing adequate room for DAC-ART sills which are much less expensive. I got prices from two Memphis, TN suppliers, and they were nearly identical--about $400 for the four marble window sills as I recall.

cement block home construction cement architectural block construction cement dry stack block construction home design

Our scaffolding has been a tremendous help. Originally we had only two sections, but it was scarry to me to be up on the very top with no guard rails, especially when using the grinder and applying pressure on the concrete cornice blocks. We purchased an additional section. It could be rented of course, but we use it in Memphis as well. Our blocks had considerable mold release attached here and there and the ones that were positioned extremely close to one another needed some seam grinding to provide an adequate groove to hold the grout. Had I been wiser, I'd have done the grinding when the cornice blocks were on the ground. I am told that now, any cornice blocks that are shipped will be pre-ground. As Martha Stewart says: that is a GOOD thing !

But even with the necessary grinding, the concrete block construction means no maintanence later, so the time spent now is well worth it.

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The Gulf Coast area is the perfect location for DAC-ART architecture. The incredible strength is there for hurricane season, and the salt air will not be a problem. Italian architecture, European architecture, and Old World style house plans are a natural with DAC-ART. Architectural concrete is basically maintanence free, so it is perfect for a vacation home and the foam inner core insulates well in Gulf Coast temperatures. When thinking about plans for your home or vacation home, consider  timeless architecture with DAC-ART Building System.

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