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Metal roofing can add value to your home. It can raise the asking price when it comes time to sell since according to the Metal Roofing Association, homeowners achieve a $1.35 per square foot increase in their home's value if a metal roof is installed compared to wood shingle and composite roofing. Metal roofing is sometimes referred to as investment grade roofing. You can visit for more info on the advantages of a metal roof. 

Aluminum roofing shingles from Zappone   Installing copper shinglesZappone Copper Shingle & Aluminum Shingles--Historically, copper has served as the ultimate roofing material of choice. Unsurpassed in durability, beauty and value, copper is the only roofing material that actually improves with age. This "aging", or patina process, not only enhances its appearance, it also protects the metal from further oxidation. Copper's longevity is legendary. Almost all of the copper produced throughout time is still in use. And, in addition to being 100% recyclable, most architectural copper produced today has a recycled content of nearly 75%.Thus, not only is copper the best choice to protect a structure, it's also the best choice to protect the environment. The Zappone Copper Shingle is available in 16 oz copper or 'Tough 12" High Tensile strength copper-both gauges will protect and beautify structures for literally hundreds of years. Each Zappone Copper Shingle is individually produced and inspected. This same company makes an aluminum shingle. The Zappone Aluminum Shingle is produced from Series 3000 aluminum, a full .020" thick. It is available in a variety of attractive colors. The finish Zappone utilizes was developed for heavy duty exterior use and is one of the finest, most durable available. The shingle is backed by a non-prorated, transferable 50 year manufacturer's guarantee. Some metal roofs try to imitate wood or tile, and fail. The Zappone Aluminum Shingle doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is: an attractive, affordable, premium roof, architecturally appropriate for almost any style building.

Villa Tile Roofing from Decra  Decra Tile Metal RoofingVilla Tile--from Decra--metal roofing to resemble shingles, cermaic tile, shake roof shingles. DECRA’s Villa Tile combines the superior performance of steel with an attempt at the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile. Durable and lightweight, Villa Tile requires little to no maintenance and is walkable but looks like a Taco Bell roof to some. DECRA Tile is pressure formed aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. The stone coating resists fading and UV penetration. Good for hurricaneprone areas as it is impact resistant - Class 4 to UL 2218 by Underwriters Laboratories (highest rating available). This product is from DECRA, the original stone coated steel roofing system, been around 50 years.

Millennium metal tile roof Custom metal foor on round building Millennium Tiles--For stainless steel roof tiles, Permanently-colored stainless steel roofing shingles combine extreme durability with design versatility. Beautiful maintenance-free shingles are available in natural and color. # It's the strongest roofing material available. Stainless steel roof shingles are extremely corrosive resistance
and it can be colored with a prismatic process, itis not paint - so therefore, not susceptible to UV damage or fading. Stainless steel metal roofing weighs far less than traditional roofing materials. Stainless steel metal roofing shingles are 70% recycled and 100% recyclable. A stainless steel roof is extremely fire retardent. Millennium Tiles makes the world’s first permanently-colored, stainless steel roofing tile combining extreme durability with design versatility. The tiles are available in rich colors for everything from avant-garde art museums to classic country estates. Stainless steel is the strongest roofing material available. It offers extreme corrosive resistance and has a life expectancy in excess of 1000 years. Stainless steel does not require installation clips.
It can be colored with a prismatic process and is not susceptible to UV damage.
Stainless steel weighs far less than traditional roofing materials and is 100% recycleable. Millennium Tiles™ contain, on average, 75% plus recycled stainless steel and can be recycled if ever removed. In certain cases, they can also be applied over existing asphalt.

Fabral metal roofing in residential applicationFabral is one of the premier suppliers of metal roofing and siding for agricultural, post frame, architectural, industrial, commercial and residential applications. They manufacturer 30 different profiles and a wide variety of popular finishes and materials including galvanized steel, galvalume, aluminum and copper give Fabral one of the most extensive product lines in the industry. With eight manufacturing facilities nationwide. Fabral's Alu-Loc looks like old fashioned roofing. The 28-gauge metal roof is available in ten colors, including shades of burgandy, green, brown and gray, as well as brights like caribbean blue, white, yellow and red. The roof is warranteed for 30 years, and is guaranteed not to fade or chalk for 25 years. According to Fabral, Alu-Luc's superior color retention is achieved by a technology that applies several layers of protective resin coatings. Fabral makes standing seam metal roofs with panels that clip one over the end of the other. The 5 V roof panels lap over each other and can be attached t the decking with color matched screws or nails. The Fabral website has great installation info in layman's terms.

Pac-Clad metal roofing systemPac-Clad , Peterson Roofing makes both aluminum roofing and steel roofing.
The Peterson Roofing website offers a good presentation that provides a general overview of: the environmental impact of buildings, the practice of green design, how metal roofing can save energy, and a few leading government programs. They define green roofing as design and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and occupants in five broad areas. The whole concept of green roof is fully explained. The metal roofing that they manufacturer is available in several roofing systems. Some people refer to this type of metal roofing as corrugated roofing or tin roof. Several styles are standing seam metal roofing. ‘R’ Panel is a great roof for hurricane regions. Our R panel roof whith color matched screws on 2 foot centers withstood a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan with absolutely no damage at all while house all around us went to pieces. The R panel roofing system is also not very expensive. This exposed fastener utility panel is also excellent for use on walls, equipment screens and parapet wall applications. Petersen Aluminum has added an additional coverage area of 5 inches over the conventional ‘R’ panel to improve upon the efficiency of installation of this panel. You can get both rofing types as an aluminum roofing or steel roofing. The installation of R panels roofing is not difficult like standing seam roofing can be. The M panel is similar. Peterson Roofing does a good job of explaining their different types of metal roofing systems.

Steel Master curved metal roof systemSteelMaster® Roofing System--Big emphasis on curved steel panels. Great for windy areas. Both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, the SteelMaster® Roofing System is an excellent addition for your building. From the Romans to the modern era of civilization the arch has been an engineering and architectural marvel. From a sound covering to an architecturally designed complex roofing system, Steelmaster® will be on top of it. Self-supported, corrugated panels simply bolt together framing long lasting weather protection by SteelMaster®. If you are interested in unique architecture with curved steel roof seactons, check out this site. Your SteelMaster® Building Kit includes all the components necessary to erect a garage, a barn, a warehouse or a building for almost any purpose! These components are made to precise standards of accuracy for easy assembly with pre-drilled holes and bolts as the only required fasteners for construction. The prefabricated kit will be delivered directly to your building site. One beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama with a curved steel roof came through Hurricane Ivan very well w/ no roof damage while houses all around them were destroyed.

Galvalume metal roof residentialDofasco's RoofsteelTM, used for steel roofing, comes with a 20 year warranty. RoofsteelTM is a prepainted GalvalumeTM product guaranteed not to fail structurally, perforate or rupture within 20 years, given normal ecological standards, unlike alternate methods of roofing. Contrary to popular belief, steel roofing is just as quiet as other roofing materials during rainstorms. When replacing a roof, steel can be applied directly overtop of the existing product, usually with very little additional support. Steel roofs are not susceptible to air-borne sparks from nearby fireplaces. A variety of attractive colours and patterns are available to suit your building needs. Dofasco makes the steel material products and can lead you to a roofing supplier. GalvalumeTM steel sheet combines the best qualities of aluminium and zinc offering at least two times the corrosion resistance of galvanized. The aluminium-zinc coating provides superior corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. It also has good bare edge protection and forming qualities.
The smooth, silvery metallic spangle appearance makes it attractive in unpainted applications. It is also available in prepainted form and can be readily post-painted in the field or at the fabricating

Victorial metal roof moldedW.F. Norman Corporation is a manufacturer of sheet metal ornaments. They offer hundreds of stock designs including cornices and moldings, roofing, siding and finials . They can do custom work from samples or drawings in zinc, copper & lead-coated copper. Two original 1908 W. F. Norman Victorian Roof Shingles are still available with a variety of hip and ridge finishes. Metal shingles may be applied over old roofs. They say the old roof acts as in insulator for heat and cold. From its turn-of-the-century factory in Nevada, Missouri, the W. F. Norman Corp. uses original machinery and production methods. The W.F. Norman website shows some very interesting examples of their products.

Stevens Roofing offers TPO, PVC and Hypalon® Roofing Systems for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Specialty Applications. This is the big guys...stadiums, and that sort of thing. These reflective "cool roof" materials can save you money. Their roof systems have been used on stadiums and commercial applications. Not much of a website, but all the contact info is there. You can get a free video or CD from GAF Residential Roofing. Founded in 1886, GAF Materials Corporation has grown to be North America's largest roofing manufacturer (currently over $1.6 billion in sales) The website clearly offers 5 classes of shingles for residential homes. You can see what is available in each price range, from the rugged beauty of real wood shakes—(and safer because they’re UL Class A Fire Rated) to shingles that look like slate!

Follansbee metal roofing companyFollansbee Steel is the only manufacturer of a pre-painted or natural Terne roof and is a leading supplier of metal roofs for new and retrofit commercial, institutional, residential and historic preservation projects. Their research has resulted in Follansbee’s patented ZT® (zinc/tin) alloy, which is oxygen reactive and surpassed 5,164 hours of salt spray testing with no red rust.
Beach homes where salt spray abounds are a perfect match for Follansbee TCS II Terne-Coated Stainless Steel. TCS II is armored with Follansbee’s patented ZT Alloy, an electrochemically bonded coating of tin and zinc applied uniformly to both sides of Type 304 stainless steel - itself extremely resistant to chemical attack. KlassicKolors is pre-painted for a smooth, reliable and beautiful finish. KlassicKolors is available in 20 colors, offering deep, rich tones of red, blue, green, gray and earth tones of beige's, tans and browns. Custom formulated and matched colors are also available. Classic Terne-Coated Steel --Terne II is a new and improved version of historic Terne metal, which was used extensively throughout both colonial and modernistic America. While it retains all the time-tested qualities of the original, Terne II has improved capability for resisting corrosion in all environments. Terne II also has excellent formability, solderability, and affinity for paint. The Follansbee Stamped Diamond Pattern Steel Shingles have been installed on fine homes, churches, and other important structures for over 100 years.

Custom-Bilt Metals, in an agreement with Vail Metals Systems, is licensed to manufacture, market, and sell one of the industry's most recognized metal roofing shingle product, which includes choices of copper, and painted steel and aluminum. Many people love thelook of an aged copper roof. Custom-Bilt Metals makes Vail Copper Roofing Shingles, Copper Standing Seam Vertical Panels. The Country Manor Shakes provide the beauty, protection, and long-term value of a metal roof with the rich, inviting beauty of hand-split cedar shakes, Country Manor Shakes will enhance your home in ways you never thought were possible. With a weight of less than 50 pounds per 100 square feet, it is roughly 30 times lighter than the average concrete tile roof. These aluminum roof shakes do not pose the dangerous "cave-in" threat that heavy tile roofs. Vail Titan Select Shingles provide the timeless shingle style and the durability of a metal roof. Heavy gauge metal construction ensures they can stand up to what nature dishes out. And they are available in a broad array of colors. Custom Bilt Metals--this company was incorporated in 1974 as a result of recognizing the need for a distributor of rain ware products to the seamless gutter industry in Southern California. Custom-Bilt Metals. The manufacturing process adds dimension to the panels, improving the strength of each shingle. The solid construction means that they can withstand nature's harshest conditions. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Custome Bilt Metals supplies Vail Titan Select Shingles, continous rain gutter system, soffit and wall systems, copper standing seam vertical panels,aluminum shakes, one called country manor shake and standing seam vertical panels.

Pressed sheet steel roof shingles Diamond shaped metal roofing pressed steelMetal and Copper Roofs---supplying homeowners and contractors with metal and copper roofs. They have more than twenty-five years experience manufacturing and selling high performance roofing shingles with more expensive look at a less expensive price. They are located in Southern Indiana and are able to ship nation wide. Their stamped metal shingles can be used for residential and commercial roofing projects. The metal shingles and panels are perfect for historical buildings of all kinds, including homes, churches, and schools. Metal roofing is extremely long lived and will last decades with only minimal maintenance, especially during the first twenty to thirty years. Metal shingles are lighter and less costly than slate or tile and will not crack, break, curl, or split and are fireproof. The cleverly designed interlocking edge joints prevent the shingles from blowing off in storms or high winds. They can be installed without specialized tools. Metal shingles may save you money on your homeowners insurance. Metal shingles come in a variety of colors to choose from, including copper.

Metal sales roofing companyMetal Sales Roofing offers a complete line of roof, wall and facia panel systems for the commercial, industrial, architectural, agricultural, and residential markets ­ new construction or reroofing. They have 19 branches across the USA.  Their steel panels are available in over 75 profiles, with a wide selection of widths, colors and gauges. The roofing system structural components also come in various shapes, sizes, and gauges and will fit most types of post frame, retrofit, and steel building applications. All Metal Sales panels and components come with up to 30-year limited warranties. The Metal Sales website has information on the many advantages a metal roof can offer your home or business. A properly installed metal roofing system is virtually maintenance free over the life of the roof. Metal roofing can be installed over the top of existing roofs, bringing significant savings in time and labor in addition to eliminating the growing disposal problem associated with shingles. Metal roofing does not warp, split or crack and is impervious to mildew, rot, termites and pests. Properly installed metal roofing systems will withstand inclement weather (high winds, hail, snow and rain) better than any other roofing material. Most metal roofing systems carry fire ratings that can reduce the homeowner's overall insurance rate. Metal roofing weighs from 1/10th to 1/2 as much as competing materials, translating to lower transportation costs as well as construction costs. Metal Sales offers six types of Residential Roofing Panels.

Lead roofing companyAmerican Eagle Roofing Systems, Inc.--Lead Shingles-- is a subsidiary of Mayfield Manufacturing Co., of Birmingham, Alabama. Mayfield has been fabricating lead sheet for roofing and other quality lead construction products for more than 65 years. lead shingles are long-lasting, and will last more than 100 years. When the useful life of the structure is over, the lead can be reclaimed and start life over again as a battery or as X-ray shielding! At $6.75 per square foot or $675.00 per square, lead shingles compare favorably with any other long-lasting shingle, such as slate, copper or stainless. Lead's well known longevity and beauty is unquestioned, and with a life of well over 100 years.

Golf clubhouse with metal roofDrexel Metals, located in New Jersey, originally a supplier of other manufacturers metal roofing materials, they now manufacturer their own line of metal roofs with theemphasis on keep-it-cool-colors, the idea being to save energy. A 1985 study by the Florida Solar Energy Center demonstrated that roofs made of metal absorbed 34% less heat than those roofed in asphalt shingles, and homeowners who switched to metal roofing reported savings up to 20% on their energy bills. A 2001 study by the Florida Power & Light Company found that a white painted metal roof provided dramatic energy savings as a result of its high reflectance and superior ability to cool at night. Metal Roof Systems by Drexel structural panels carry UL 580 Class 90 and E1592 wind uplift ratings. These panels are also uniquely designed to handle the potentially damaging effects of thermal movement, as the concealed anchor clips used to fasten the panels have a “floating” feature, allowing the panels to expand and contract in response to changes in temperature. In 1991, Drexel Metals became a leading supplier to the U.S. Military.

Niko rebuilt the heritage copper roof on the Carnegie MansionNIKO Contracting, Inc.- renovating and restoring historic landmark buildings and also full service roofing contractors. They have been providing quality craftsmanship in roofing and architectural sheet metal nationwide since 1974. They specialize in projects where roofing and architectural sheet metal work comprise the majority of the work but often include extensive structural carpentry, steel repair, masonry repair, siding work, painting, and cleaning, often large historical renovations/restorations. They provide both new and renovation/restoration work to clients for institutional roofing, commercial roofing, industrial roofing, high end residential roofing.

Orthodox metal roof restorationHeather & Little, located in Canada, provide a wide range of architectural ornamental sheet metal reproductions, and restoration services. In addition to contracting, they also custom fabricate supply decorative re-productions, restorative sheet metal stampings, and historical sheet metal components, while assisting sheet metal contractors on restoration projects throughout North America. WOW--see the website to se the "Flame of Knowledge", Thomas Jefferson Congressional Library, Washington, D.C. The project took approximately eighteen months to complete, and was the recipient of the National Roofing Contractors Association's, 2000 "Gold Circle Award".  Copper domes and 24 karat gold cupolas of the church shown can be seen from miles away


R-Panels--Hurricane Roofing

It was very obvious after Hurricane Ivan here along the Gulf Coast that the most substantial metal roofing systems were the metal roofs with color matched screws. The standing seam roofs that use the invisible clip systems did not hold up nearly as well as the simple R-panel types that have the screws that go thru a washer and into the decking. The screws commonly come with Neoprene washers, but lead is a better choice. From a short distance, the color matched screws are not even noticable in the roof panels. The simple lapping R-panels are less expensive than the elaborate clip system standing seam metal roof systems too. I was told by several roofers years before IVAN that these roofs held up well in high wind. It was after hurricane Danny and Georges when I first asked around. Now after Hurricane Ivan, I was very glad that I had made the decision to use this type metal roof on our home.

How to buy r-panel metal roofingMechanical Metals, Inc. is a steel service center located Newtown, PA. They sell R-Panel roofing metal. The R Panel is a deep, wide panel that is very high in strength. The R Panel can easily be cut to your specifications and is ideal for both metal roofing applications and siding.Mechanical Metals offers a wide array of design options. They can provide metal roofing and wall systems or steel sheet products that are easy to work with and economical for any construction project. They now offer stainless steel metal roofing products as well as plain steel or galvanized sheets.
All Are Now Available In Stainless Steel ! Self Tapping Screws--Available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Type "A" Point - For metal panel to metal panel lap stitch screws, or when structural fastening into wood.
Mechanical Metals, Inc. services Canadian commercial and industrial clients with our complete line of expanded metal, perforated metal, metal roof products and roofing materials. In Canada, visit Mechanical Metals, Inc.'s Canadian site:

Texas metal roofing ThreadgillsThreadgill Sheet Metal Works, Inc.---Since its establishment in in 1964 in Houston, Texas by J.E. "Buggs" Threadgill, Threadgill Sheet Metal Works has become one of the oldest and most respected companies of its kind in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Exposed fastener systems are roof panels in which the fasteners penetrate through the panel and into the roofing substrate. These systems are usually fastened with screws with neoprene washers and are often used on residential as well as commercial applications may cost up to 30% less than concealed fasteners, come in a variety of profiles, and provide the dollar conscious home owner with an long lasting alternative. Typical maintenance projections for exposed fastener systems are 20 years before some maintenance--usually painting--becomes necessary. When remodeling, this homeowner opted for an exposed fastener system in favor of composition shingles. This R panel roof in Galvalume® looks great, and the Galvalume® finish has far surpassed original research and development projections for twenty years of trouble free service.

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