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Verot Oaks Building Blocks = VOBB

VOBB® concrete blocks are dry stacked (morterless) to create custom homes/buildings which are strong and affordable. The interlocking concrete blocks create a unique patented mortarless concrete block building system specially designed for wall construction of custom-built homes and quality, cost-effective built commercial buildings. The VOBB® home has many advantages over wood-built homes and buildings.

Vobb mortarless concrete block house You can pretty much build a house that has any look you want with these mortarless blocks and know that you have amazing strength, resistence to all sorts of things like bugs and weather that you are not going to have in a wood built home. Plus the company will assist you with house plans.

To greatly reduce labor costs, VOBB® concrete block construction is based on dry-stacking (mortarless) with the elimination of the weak mortar joint. (What is the weakest part of a concrete block wall? The mortar joint! That is almost always where the concrete block wall breaks.) Instead of making a weak mortar joint, the concrete mix is poured into the cavities on a vertical basis. VOBB® works with gravity, to reduce the expensive labor cost of using regular concrete masonry unit (CMU). The slow process of making a weak mortar joint is eliminated with the dry-stack method. In addition, VOBB® blocks are made based on a grid of six inches. VOBB® blocks are made in lengths of 18”, 12” and 6” long. Therefore, a lot of unnecessary cutting (i.e. a lot of labor cost) is eliminated when the design is based on this six-inch grid. For example, the wall length is ten feet or ten feet and six inches, but not ten feet and two inches. VOBB® will help you get the plans you need for the best outcome in building economically.

Mortarless VOBB concrete block wall. In addition, the doors and windows are made for 3’ or 3’6”, 4’ or 4’6”, 10’ or 10’6”, 20’ or 20’6” in width, etc., etc. All VOBB® blocks are six inches high and six inches wide. VOBB® blocks are made on a regular block machine with the same aggregate and the same curing process as CMU used for Wal-Marts, etc. Rebar is inserted where the concrete is poured for super vertical strength. As such, part of the expensive cost of labor for regular CMU is exchanged to add concrete mix and rebar with VOBB® block which stays on the job when it is finished.

Vobb mortarless dry stack block home in Louisiana The VOBB® block website has lots of step-by-step photos of houses built with their product. You will be reading for hours and have every question answered !

Verot Oaks Building Blocks Inc--VOBB® See their website for tons of technical data and photos
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