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Mosaic Tile  Designs Detailed Info for the Wilder Gulf Shores DAC-ART Project--(Page  16)
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mosaic sections on the walls.

It has been necessary to do quite a bit of bridging between the side and back walls to join the mosaic tile design. The tiles have a tendency to slide downward when applied to a vertical surface using GOOP. Because so much of this mosaic work was done off site, ahead of time, we allowed ample area between wall surfaces to merge the various colors of tiles smoothly into one another. We did not know what the exact dimensions of the shower would be either. In the future, I will strive to have as much of the mosaic tiles attached to the net backing as possible to speed up installation. It is so much quicker to glue them down on a flat tabletop than repositioning the sliding vertically glued tiles over and over.

Mosaic stingray and underwater designs.

This is another example of taping the section above to align the one getting attached to the backer board. I put the section with the stingray up with masking tape before I placed the sections to go under it. By using GOOP to attach the net-backed mosaics, I did not have to be bothered with the thinset extending outside the section area. It went so much more quickly.

The stingray is made using iridescent tiles, as are many of the fish and shells.

Iridescent glass mosaic tiles. TILES Irridescent mosaic glass tiles.

Originally, I ordered glass mosaic tiles, called 'spa tiles' at a local tile distributor. I visited the showrooms of several Memphis tile distributors and found the price could vary widely. I estimated how many of each color I might need and Venice Tile & Marble (I liked the name ) ordered my tile from Ann Sacks Inc. Most Ann Sacks product is very pricey, but these tiles were the best price locally. I have since found Internet sources that may have better prices yet. I ordered some very bright yellows and oranges from a fellow I located thru the Yahoo! Directory.

Now--about half way thru making the mosaic sections but before applying them to the shower walls, I found on eBay auction the most incredible glass tiles with an iridescent sheen that look like REAL FISH scales !! I got so excited that I contacted the seller and bought outright 100 tiles of every color she had. They cost about twice what my regular tiles had cost, but were so outstanding for making eels, fish, jellyfish, shells, etc that I cut out some of the original creatures and shells and replaced them with new ones made from the iridescent tiles. I have noticed a couple of people who sell iridescent tiles on http://www.eBay.com and I think they are worth the trouble to obtain for special mosaic effects. And if you can afford it, do a whole piece of work with them !! They difficult to cut but are heavenly.

Iridescent pink mosaic tiles.Deep green iridescent glass mossaic tiles from Italy.Italian glass tiles.Italian glass mosaic tiles in Mango color.

Seafoam iridescent glass mosaic tiles from Italy.Bright yellow irridescent glass mosaic tiles.Iridescent periwinkle blue glass tiles.

These scans of the iridescent tiles will give you some idea of their beauty.

Shower wall mosaic designs.

Mosaic tile shower walls.

You can see here that the mosaics are up past the stingray on the right wall now.

Turtle and tropical fish mosaic designs

Octopus and fish mosaic designs.

Left shower wall.

Center shower wall.

See the finished shower on this page BIG   or smaller here

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Go to: www.Mosaic-Tile-Design.com our whole site about MOSAICS Projects and Tips

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