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 mosaic fish mosaic fish Mosaic   Glass Tile Shower snail sea creature mosaic fish mosaic tile
for the Gulf Shores DAC-ART Vacation Home Project--Page  6

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Mosaic Tile Factory Sign !

How we did it!

The silly paper sign on our kitchen back door in Memphis pretty well sums up what is going on here as we begin to create mosaic designs for an shower underwater scene!We are working on tile mosaics to be used in the shower in Gulf Shores. All the shower  walls will be covered in these Ravenna Italian style glass mosaics.
For detailed mosaic shower installation info & larger photos of finished shower --Click Here

lundy-mosaics.jpg (22716 bytes)

mosaic shower design

Working on glass tile mosaics in Memphis for the DAC-ART beach house in Gulf Shores, Ala.



In Memphis, two artistic friends, Joy McPhail & Julia Pilcher have volunteered to come help assemble the panels of glass  mosaics tiles that will be taken to Gulf Shores & set in mortar and grouted in the shower. We are working on underwater scenes which include fish, plants, shells and lots of blue water.

These individual panels will be installed and we will add the continuous background water designs by hand on site to bridge then together into one overall wall sized mosaic. At least that's the plan !!

Julia working on the mosaics. Under water mosaic design scenes

Mosaic fish swimming mosaic tile sea turtle mosaic tile sea horses mosaic tile jellyfish made from sea glass mosaic glasss tile shells and rocks for the under water scenemosaic glass tile jar spilling gold coins with shrimp on top mosaic crab and fish

mosaic glass tiles in seperate containers

mosaic border strips to be used around the entrance

The dining room here in Memphis is the 'mosaics factory' & we are getting a lot accomplished, including border strips to be used around the wall opening surrounding the shower. We lay out our designs  in reverse on clear 'contact paper' and then glue a special nylon mosaic netting to the backs of each piece of mosaic glass tile. These net backed panels will be set into the 'thin set' mortar and later grouted.

Now that I am back in Gulf Shores, construction is slow at present and I am continuing the shower wall & floor mosaics. With a big hard floor to work on, I will begin to assemble the various items into panels and create the 'water' & 'sand' mosaic design sections that will tie it all together.
mosaics factory on location  in Gulf Shores Al
Hot music, cool breeze, cold beer...maybe a light supper of peppered beef jerky
...not a bad way to spend a summer.
Fellow mosacists are welcome to join me!!

mosaic tile starfish mosaic octopus a school of little mosaic tile fish 

under-water mosaic scene in progress

finished under water mosaic scene for DAC-ART beach house shower walls

mosaic grass turtle

This mosaic panel above is under construction in reverse. The finished piece is on the left with a sea urchin and shell in the 'sand' near the base of the plant in this under water glass  mosaic tile scene. The panel in the right repeats the grass effect but in reverse with a baby turtle near the base. I will place these two on the side walls on either side of the entrance to the shower. The glass mosaic tiles are the same colors in each, but the photos were taken on different days in different light.

mosaic back panel
The back mosaic panel for the glass tile shower is coming together nicely. I will need aprox. 34 inches x 7 feet. Check this site for mosaic tile panels suitable for installation in showers and bathtubs and available for sale in the future.

This is the right hand side shower wall under construction.

rachel warren mosaics

Rachel Warren came down from Memphis in November during the Songwriter's Festival and helped out with the mosaics. Yea Rachel !!

This project is taking much longer than anticipated. Being optimistic by nature, I thought it would go much more quickly. But it will be worth the effort, of that I am sure.

The mosaics are now going up on the shower walls.

shower mosaic shower mosaic design

Left wall of the shower.

Right wall of the shower.

Originally I used blue tinted thin set mortar to attach the wall tiles, but I decided that it was entirely too messy and time consuming, so I switched to Industrial Strength Goop which is clear. The walls will be grouted with medium blue/grey unsanded grout, then sealed.

The floor of the shower has the look of sand, shells, and various sea life . I used tan tinted thin set mortar to set them and have grouted with matching grout.

shower mosaics design sealife sea scene

It appears in the photo that the lower portions are much darker than above, but that is due to the lower part having been attached with tinted thin set mortar and the upper portion with clear Goop. Once grouted, there will be no difference, but the colors will gradually lighten as the 'water' goes up the wall.

I have attached the pre made sections and begun to bridge the corner areas with the application of individual tiles, using the direct method and Goop.

For detailed Information on the construction techniques used in this project & photos-Click Here.

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