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New Age Stone Works factory cut stonesNew World Stone Works--Can you say jig-saw puzzle ? This may be an architect's dream come true. This company can take natural stone from just about any quarry and pre cut it into exact shapes and provide a master plan that shows where each stone goes by number. Imagine the ability to design stone walls, fireplaces, exteriors, property walls, stone by stone and know that the materials would be delivered to your job colormatched and pre-cut. New Worls Stone Works says that there is no waste and no dust at the job site from their product's installation since all the cutting has been done ahead of time by their super-sonic water-jet. The price for the material is also quite affordable. It’s similar to Nature stone flooring cost. It is a patented system that moves water mixed with sand at three times the speed of sound. They define details from the stone type, color range and pattern to the width of mortar joints and edge finish. If you have a photograph of a stonework style or historic work you want to match, they scan the photo and replicate the look for your job. They can control the amount of grout you want. New Age Stone Works can even control the degree of surface weathering. When you walk onto a jobsite using New World Stoneworks you won’t see piles of rubble, heaps of scrap, clouds of dust from noisy diamond blades or many of the other things you would normally expect to see with natural stone construction.

polycor stone products Polycore ---Polycor has been providing natural stone products since 1884. Their site is in both French and English. Polycor quarries stone blocks, manufacturers finished stone products and will work with you designing custom stone architectural elements. They make stone tiles and natural stone flooring and granite curbs. including both marble and granite. Polycor has a landscape division and cut-to-size architectural division. This is a worldwide company with quarries in Europe and The U.S.

natural stone paversMastercut Natural Veneer Stone by LuckStone--MasterCut is a natural stone and veneer product that is precision cut into flats and corners for easy and lightweight architectural installation. Available as a ledgestone or fieldstone, face size, thickness, and colors will vary. Primary uses include veneer walls for fireplaces, house fronts, chimneys, and other interior and exterior walls.  Thin veneer requires no footings so foundations can be eliminated while still providing the appearance of solid stone.

american slate floorAmerican Slate Company--Suppliers of natural slate for natural roofing, flooring and paving projects. Currently, their product line includes over sixty different product colors and textures. Stoneface comes in the three colors and has the look of old brick or small stone blocks and can be used for exterior walls. American Slate now carries a line of Ledger Stone panels for wall treatments. The flat back allows for installation with thinset.  This thin slate can be used  around fireplaces or wall treatments.

Arizona Tile --stocks over 200 varieties of natural stone slabs and tile in granite, travertine, limestone, slate, onyx and marble.  They have 20 showrooms in the Western U.S. They serve the building and design professionals. Currently they are showcasing the Sante Fe Collection. 

Bestview International--a source for natural stone products. They specialize in high grade granite, marble, and slate products including tile, slabs, vanity tops, hand carved fireplaces and architectural elements. The customer service center is in Chicago. Bestview also offers carved statuary. Lots of photos on their website. 

Levantina de Granitos--Natural stone products from Brazil and Spain. Be prepared for a Flash website with music. Nice photographs of polished marble and interior design applications of natural stone. 

Echeguren Slate, Inc.--Importer and distributor or natural stone products. They have great photos of colorful  African slate flooring, more subtle American Slate tiles, Brazilian multicolor slate, various Chinese slates, and Indian slates in many colors. They are based in San Francisco with a showroom there. 

P and L Marble--a Chinese company offering marble, granite and slate products. They supply natural stone for architectural applications and flooring. 

ABC Stone Trading, Inc--granites, exotic marbles, French, Portuguese, Israeli limestone plus travertine, onyx, slate, sandstone, and quartzite. The website shows an impressive array of natural stones. They have offices in the New York and Houston areas. 

Gothicstone Collection--they feature the travertine Gothicstone Collection and offer natural stone for tiles, pavers, sinks, countertops, pool coping, steps, and thin veneer. The showroom and warehouse is in PA outside Philadelphia. This company also offers columns and architectural accents in solid travertine.  

Natural Stone Care Products

HMK Stone Care Products--HMK makes products to care for natural stone, ceramic tile, pavers, countertops, etc...over 20 years of experience. 

FILA Floor Care Products--For 60 years Fila has been making products to protect and maintain terracotta, marble, stone, and wood. They offer sealers, penetrating sealers, cleaners, for natural stone products.   

Natural Stone Professional Organizations

The Marble Institute of America --promotes the use of natural stone and provides information. They have web sections on stone descriptions and uses, care and cleaning info, find a contractor, FAQ's and a natural stone video. 

Canadian Stone Association--the purpose of this organization is to promote the use of stone mined in Canada. Mostly industry news, in both English and French. 

National Building Granite Quarries Association, Inc. --Info on architectural granite quarrying and promoting its use. Good information on the various colors of granite classification and where to locate it. 

Marble from Italy--offering lots of information on marble related concerns. They have stone characteristics, a list of Italian provinces, and how to contact Italian marble producing companies. Events in both the U.S. and Italy are listed.  

Northwest Granite Manufacturers Association--concerned with granite use in monuments and gravestones. The website has some interesting ideas of grave markers !

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