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Gulf Shores Italian Style Vacation House Project----New Precast Steps & Casting the Baseboards

I have seen that many people find this page while searching for info on how to pour concrete steps. We used pre-cast concrete steps rather than pouring them as one unit.

Larry Hoagland of DAC-ART of Alabama in Birmingham came down to help for several days when our truckload of new steps and last blocks arrived. Our son Miller came down too, so Harry, Miller and Larry worked together to set the steps at both ends of the porch. Larry also worked with Harry to set the blocks to form the lower porch/patio that will keep us from having to put up a ballistrade according to the building inspector. Additionally, Larry brought and glued in place interior corner fill pieces where we had a gap in the cornice blocks. We really enjoyed Larry's productive and fun visit.

New precast architectural stone steps from DAC-ART of Alabama

Setting the pre cast concrete steps that look like European limestone.

With Harry driving the Bobcat, Miller and Larry guide the step into position.

Harry & Larry filling the hidden holes in the steps with concrete.

These precast concrete steps replaced the first batch that was sent out from DAC-ART. The first ones were just rectangular slabs with no bullnose overhang on the tread area. These new precast concrete steps look dressier than the first ones. These area also buiult up from special side pieces of concrete block and the others just laid solid and stacked. .

Precast concrete steps from DAC-ART Building System

New steps from DAC-ART of Alabama in Birmingham

I grouted the new steps right away. The porch extension blocks are visible on the left.

We think the new concrete steps look wonderful.


New lower porch on our DAC ART small vacation home.
We used the Bobcat to place all our extra and leftover pieces of concrete into the fill in the porch extension. A slab has since been poured on top. One step up from lower porch to upper porch will be added & both  will be scored and acid stained to match the porch. The steps have been acid etched for better traction now.

Concrete Baseboards

wac-art-on-table.jpg (28136 bytes)

I have made a mold and have been pouring small concrete pieces to use as a baseboard where the DAC-ART blocks meet the stained  concrete floor. It is a crude mold, and I can only pour one piece a day. Once the tinted concrete baseboard pieces have aged a bit, I plan to acid stain them the soft olive green shown on the sample chip in the photo.

wac-art-mold.jpg (30451 bytes)

wac_art_Close_up.jpg (47134 bytes)

I think it would look good to also go around the windows and doors over the treated wood nailer frames with these or similar, concrete strips, so I am having some moldmaker friends make me a mold that will pour three sections at once to speed up my little operation.

two-molds.jpg (63710 bytes)
Now with two molds, I can pour four pieces at once. I just keep it on the kitchen counter and pour it once a day.


I used the same concrete acid stain on my baseboard pieces as I used on the porches. It is a soft olive green. Now in place, I am very pleased with my concrete baseboards.

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