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Here you will find info on Antique Pool Tables, Outdoor Pool Tables, Modern & Custom Pool Tables, Pool Table Lights, Billard Tables, and Pool Tables for sale and some of the lesser known manufacturers of unusual pool tables and official sizes of pool and billiard tables...


First --lots of folks want to know......How much room do I need for a pool table?What size room do I need?
If your table is 4 ft. x 8 ft.  ideally you should have it in a room that is 14 ft x 18 ft.  If you have a 4.5 ft. x 9 ft. pool table, then you should have a room that  is 14.5 ft. x 19.5 ft.  If you can't allow 5 ft on all sides of your pool table, then you can get short cues that are less than the standard 5 ft.    If your room is not quite big enuf, then what you should do is try to leave 5 ft on three sides of the pool table and have just one side less than 5 ft. and keep your short cues on that side.  When we talk about having 5 ft of room around your pool table, that is measured from the playing surface, not the bumpers which are generally as much as a foot. Things to consider when placing a pool table are glare from windows,   sufficient shadow-free light hanging 30 inches above the pool table surface (the reason for hanging pool table lights), and no breakable glass in windows or doors lower than the height of the pool table. Balls can easily be launched off the table, it happens all the time, esp. when teens are playing. Now here is a tip: if your table is less than 5 ft on one side, you can have a home court advantage by leaving your opponent's ball on the short-cue side whenever you have the chance.    

When shopping for a used pool table, check the condition of the fabric very closely. Place you hand on it and press down a bit--try to slide it side to side. It should not shift. The pool table felt should not make waves or ripples. If the pool table's cloth needs replacing, pay accordingly because you will spend around $300 to replace the felt.

Blatt Billiards--they deliver and install pool tables anywhere. Their motto is: "I promise that you will never look at a pool table the same way again" , Ron Blatt. Made in Greenwich Village, NY.  Made by the fourth generation of Blatt family members--these are some gorgeous , hand made pool tables. The site says it is the largest collection of custom made and antique pool tales in the world. The restored antique pool tables start around $17,000. The hand crafted pool tables start around $14,000. Have a look for some interesting viewing. www.blattbilliards.com 

Olhausen is the largest pool table manufacturer in the world, shipping thousands of tables all over the globe each year. They cure and process their hardwood lumber to remain stable in any climate. Olhausen uses several species of North American hardwoods, including Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. They also use some exotic imported hardwoods such as African Rosewood, Brazilian Cherry and Genuine Mahogany. Olhausen’s finest tables, the Select Series, have a high level of detail , which are meticulously crafted by their own master woodworkers. These tables are true works of art, displaying both beauty and functionality. Olhausen Pool Tables makes the popular Harely-Davidson Pool Table and the Budwiser Pool Table. Olhausen also makes solid wood series, veneer pool tables, entry level laminate pool tables, championship pool tables, and contemporary pool tables. Olhausen dart boards are custom made to fit either an English dartboard or electronic dartboard. Made to match your Olhausen pool tables wood and finish.
Olhausen offers bars that can be custom ordered to match Olhausen pool tables. Pub tables are custom made to match Olhausen pool tables. Cue Racks--Olhausen matches the header of this rack to that of the apron, the wood species, and the finish to the Olhausen table you purchase. Cue cabinets -Three styles of cabinets to chose from with finish and wood of your choice to match your Olhausen® pool table. See the website for colors of pool table felt. www.olhausenbilliards.com

DIAMOND is the first company to offer the complete billiards environment. The DIAMOND professional was designed by players for players, plus they took suggestions to come up with a matching light that eliminates shadows, a chair unit that is comfortable and the correct height to view the game (even a padded rest to protect your cue stick), and finally a matching rack with a built-in sight for alignment. The first DIAMOND Professional, manufactured in 1987, has been used in over 50 PBTA sanctioned tournaments and is featured in at least 300 pool rooms throughout the world. In 1987, a group of dedicated pool players in Louisville, Kentucky formed a small company based on a simple but unique idea creating a table that would so surpass all others in quality and craftsmanship that it would become the standard for national and international tournament play. Achieving that goal had three strategic elements:
(1) using the table in major tournament events,
(2) seeking comments and advice from experienced, top professionals about the table's 'playability', and,
(3) heeding those comments by adding features and making refinements that improved its performance.
For example, various specifications which determine the degree of difficulty or 'tightness' of the pockets, such as the 'cut angle' and pocket size, were continuously changed to find just the 'right' configuration. Other features were refined in the same way.
Another DIAMOND facet is the 100% wool with nylon backing Simonis 860 cloth. Developed by our young company and the 100 year old Simonis company in Belgium, continually tested on a ramp meter for speed and consistency of ball 'roll', analyzed and discussed by tournament players, and manufactured to exacting standards,
In 1993 , the DIAMOND pool table was made the 1st "Official" table of the Professional Billiard Tour Association. www.diamondbilliard.com

Peter Vitalie--North Carolina is the furniture capital of the USA and Vitalie Pool Tables makes some of the world's finest handcrafted billiard tables there. Peter Vitalie turned his hand to many things searching for the one that inspired him; he found it in billiards. He loved to play pool and was good at it too but he loved the pool tables he played on even more. He became a billiard mechanic and soon had worked on thousands of tables. Some were centuries old and still fine, sound and beautiful. Others were nearly new and in some cases lucky to be standing. They lacked the sound structure and quality craftsmanship of the bygone era. He dedicated himself, his ability as a craftsman and years of hands on experience to returning billiard equipment to the excellence he felt it deserved. If you can afford it, indulge your fantasy with a Billiard Table designed for you and totally unique. Let Vitalie pool tables sales design for you a pool table that reflects your unique interest, hobby, fantasy, or unusual taste. See the website to see some incredible carved pool tables. Some of the limited edition pool tables are fascinating: The Caulija--Carved of cherry in painstaking detail then hand painted, this legond is the perfect choice for the cigar and billiard aficionado. The Partiot: Red white, and blue stars and stripes, dontations are made from the sale of the Vitalie Patriot to assist the families of those lost in the September 11, 2001 tragedies. The The Sencillo switches from a dining table to a pool table. Vitalie Pool Tables sales also makes game tables and cue racks and cabinets and pool table accessory items. www.vitalie-manufacturing.com

PoolFool.com--Pool Tables quality crafted by some of the finest manufacturers including Showood and Murrey. View their online table diagrams or speak to a live person to help find the perfect pool table to fit your needs. See the reasonably priced ball and claw Brazza Arch pool tables witha classy look. Choose from a wide selection of quality pool cues to play pool at any level.PoolFool has accessory kits, billiard balls, lights, chalk, racks, and many more supplies. PoolFool has 5 pages of billiard lighting options, better lighting might even help improve your game! www.PoolFool.com

Golden West Billiards has added the Kling, Empire, and Sunset to its fine line of tables. These tables are all handcrafted under a watchful eye by the steady hands of perfectionists.
Also, check out the new selection of antique tables. They sell, repair, and do full restorations of all lines of antique tables and equipment. Golden West is the only pool table manufacturer that does all their own designing in-house. They have been the industry leader in product design, with many patents granted us over the years. Golden West has several contemporary pool table designs. www.billiardmfg.com   

Mitchell Custom Pool Tables,  makers of fine contemporary and antique style billard tables. Modern Pool Tables. Stainless Steel Pool Tables. Ed Mitchell's experience in the billiard industry dates back to 1960. In 1979 his high standards and expertise were applied to establish Mitchell Custom Tables. Mitchell Custom Billard Tables are built to B.C A. specifications with the newest and highest quality materials available, along with 1” oversize slate professional K-66 style rubber cushions, genuine leather pockets and the finest wool blend billiard cloth color coordinated to match your billiard room. All models are available in your choice of woods (Oak, Ash, Mahogany etc.) and stains. The contemporary tables come in a wide range of faux finishes metals and colored lacquers. Your choices also include such custom finishes as the Old World Fresco. See the Mitchell Custom Pool Table site for some very sleek contemporary pool and billiard table designs. www.mitchell-custom.com 

American Heirloom is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of pool tables selling factory direct to consumers. Founded in 2000 by managers and employees of Gandy Pool Tables, American Heirloom builds on Gandy's 50 years of experience in the billiard industry while adding a new tradition of excellence in furniture design and construction. With thousands of legendary Gandy "Big G" pool tables still in use in billiard rooms throughout the world, experienced pool players will recognize the Gandy name and appreciate the reputation of Gandy pool tables for outstanding tournament play. Gandy finally succumbed to two different floods, first the flooding of the Ocmulgee River in 1994 that left it's manufacturing plant under 5 feet of water, and afterwards the flood of cheap pool tables from China that devastated much of the billiard and furniture industries. While other American manufacturers responded to the Chinese threat by outsourcing components and complete tables for production overseas, the founders of American Heirloom devised a new business model that bypasses the inefficient retail distribution of pool tables by reaching out directly to consumers via the rapidly growing Internet. Unlike the Gandy dealers that were forced to mark up the wholesale cost of pool tables by 250% to 300% in order to cover their expensive retail overhead -- retail rents, retail hours, sales commissions, large inventories of pool tables and accessories -- American Heirloom pays no salesmen, sells no accessories, has virtually no inventory of finished tables. Every American Heirloom pool table is made to order. We have no finished goods inventory. When you order from American Heirloom you get a custom built pool table. With 55 models available in any of 35 different finishes and 4 sizes, rail, leg, diamond and other options, you have thousands of choices available! www.ahpooltables.com

American Heritage Billiards, Located in Streetsboro, Ohio, has been manufacturing heirloom quality billiard tables since 1987. Focusing on unequaled attention to details, American Heritage has flourished by providing high quality, fine furniture pool tables that exemplify strength and integrity. Every table manufactured is meticulously handcrafted, using only the finest grades of premium, seasoned kiln-dried hardwoods combined with age-old woodworking techniques, culminating in a finished product that can be enjoyed for generation upon generation. They offer more than 30 different models. Choose from economical, hardwood veneers, superbly milled and bonded solid hardwoods or one of their ornamental carved wood tables that may become your next family heirloom. American Heritage Billiards sells matching bars, bar stools, pub tables, game tables, racks and spectator chairs. Their three price groupings are called : Masterpiece, classic & designer. www.americanheritagebilliards.com

Cornerstone Billiards has pool tables from $1900 to over $50,000. Cornerstone also offers free delivery. Cornerstone Billiards will deliver and install your new slate pool table for free ! 48 Continental United States.
They use their own trucks and installers dispatched directly from Cornerstone Billiards in Atlanta, Georgia. They do the delivery and installation all at once. Perfect from start to finish. Cornerstone also includes one of three levels of accessory packages with your purchase at no charge. Cornerstone Billiards will warranty your pool table as long as you own it. If you ever have a problem with your pool table, just call them and they will take care of it. Cornerstone can also handle resurfacing or relocating your pool table. Cornerstone Billiards only sells Name-Brand pool tables. They currently offer 4 major brands. All table lines are made in the USA. Every slate pool table they sell comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and is backed by Cornerstone Billiards. You can easily find the manufacturers online. Their products are proudly displayed on almost every pool table showroom in the world. Millions of their tables have been sold to happy customers. They are some of the oldest and most respected billiard manufacturers around........one, A. E. Schmidt....since 1850.
You can purchase one of these classics and have it delivered to your home. You probably won’t even have to pay sales tax on your purchase. Cornerstone Billiards maintains a huge inventory of pool tables in their warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. Most tables are in stock and can be delivered quickly (4-6 weeks). Others must be custom built and will be delivered upon completion. This may take 6-8 weeks. Be sure to look at the unusual and contemporary pool tables hand crafted by Adler on the website. www.cornerstonebilliards.com

Billiard Gate offers Shender Pool Tables & free delivery in USA & Canada. The styles are mostly traditional wood tables. The also have the 8' Shender Elegance Snooker Table, the 12' Shender Elegance Snooker Table & the CHURCHILL 12' Snooker Table & the WESTBURY 12' Snooker Table if you have a big room and deep pockets. In addition to Pool Tables & Snooker Tables, they have Air Hockey Tables, Poker Tables, Soccer Tables, Tennis Table, Butterfly Tennis Tables, Shaffleboard, Dome Hockey, Chess Tables, Small Game Tables. The website has diagrams to show you the minimum space requirements for pool tables. They carry a ton of pool cues: SNOOKER CUES, John Parris Snooker Cues, Maple Snooker Cues, Composite Snooker Cues, Cuetec Snooker Cues, Shender Snooker Cues, Snooker Extensions, POOL CUES:, Economy Pool Cues, Maple Pool Cues, Trouble Shooter Cues, Cuetec Pool Cues, Viking Cues, 5280 Series Cues, Players Cues, Lucasi Cues, Action Pool Cues, Scorpion Cues, Budweiser Cues, Predator cues, Dufferin cues, Falcon Cues, AC Cues, NFL Cues, Joss Cues, ASKA L2000 Series ($32), ASKA TC2 Series ($45), ASKA LICOS Series ($55), ASKA LICOS Black Series ($99), and ADAM Maple Cues ($259). The have Billiard Lights & Lights for Snooker Table in every price range and style imaginable. Some are very cool. www.billiardgate.com

At Tschirhart's Pool Tables, they design & build beautiful quality pool tables and snooker tables.They are heirlooms that will last generations. Tschirhart's Pool Tables also offers antique pooltable restorations, Brunswick Pool Tables & professional billiard services.Located in Ontario, Canada. Used Tables are bought & sold.
Renaissance: Heirloom, investment quality with world wide demand describe these rare billiard tables and cue racks. Hand carved from the finest and most rare exotic woods and exquisitely finished to create a masterpiece worthy of the word "art". Every table and cue rack is an original design by renowned furniture craftsmen Charles A. Porter and Dwight T. Porter. Come see the "Creme de la Creme"!
Highland: Finely crafted original designs made from extra stout select hardwoods. Each table is hand stained, hand finished, and identified with a unique serial number. Check out these limited edition tables that are destined to become treasures for generations to enjoy!
Playmaster: Crafted for excellence. Built for fun, From entry-level to beautifully designed solid hardwood tables with diamond sights, wide rails and a finish that is second to none.
Kasson: Guaranteed for Life.
And Built to last several lifetimes. www.custombilliards.com

ProLine Billiards offers a wide line of tables in different sizes, styles, felt colors, and stains. ProLine tables are made in the United States. They use skilled craftsmen who employ the best in furniture manufacturing techniques. Proline Billiards uses the best quality hard woods, slate, and other materials. Their tables come with a lifetime warranty. You need to see their Americana model. The homespun warmth of a country road comes alive in the Americana. Constructed of uniquely distressed solid white pine. This hand waxed and hand painted rustic beauty is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure, as no two tables are exactly alike. You can choose from several standard designs, such as fishing, hunting, and golf, or our artisans can create a table exclusively from your own distinctive theme. The embodiment of vintage America. The SAFARI is made of solid cherry with a walnut finish. The top rails are over-laid with burled carpathian elm and have hand-inlayed double diamond sights. The sights consist of a genuine mother-of-pearl outer inlay band surrounding an ebony wood, diamond shaped, center inlay. The frame & legs have raised inserted panels, carefully covered with Zebra and Cheetah skin prints to coordinate with the custom made Zebra, hand-tooled pockets. A unique, stunning, custom billiard table. The perfect showpiece for the ultimate game room. www.prolinebilliard.com 

Florida Billiard - The Gameroom Store & More - has everything to furnish your new gameroom: pool tables, card tables, bars and barstools, cue sticks, cue racks, billiard lighting, juke boxes, air hockey, foosball, dart equipment, billiard accessories, and much, much more. Fun for the whole family. Florida's #1 authorized dealer for Brunswick, Olhausen and AMF-Renaissance. Specializing in custom, traditional, contemporary and ornate pool tables and accessories. With three designer showrooms located in Orlando, Tampa and Lake Mary, Florida Billiard is Central Florida’s number-one source for billiard supplies and gameroom furniture. Florida Billiards carries The Best in Billiards, as well as handcrafted originals by Peter Vitalie. They also stock items by Beach Mfg., California House, Mikhail Darafeev, Trica, Kessler, Tornado, Players, Viking, and McDermott. Family owned and operated by Carol and Augustine Bollo along with their sons Jamey and Anthony. www.floridabilliard.com 

Infopen Inc. Makes Thunderbird Pool Tables, billiard and snooker tables. Website has a slow loading intro and no 'skip intro' button. The website will drive you crazy. This company is based in Jakarta 11110, Indonesia. They make bar room and home tables of a rather utilitarian looking nature. www.infopen.co.id 

Laner's specializes in restoration and repair, and our tables are priced for all budgets. Founded by Sydney Laner in 1918, this company has built a solid reputation of serving satisfied customers around the world! They have remained a family-owned business, and all the work is done by our own old-world, skilled craftsmen. They accommodate  special needs of of customers and design each custom table to its exact requirements. Located in the Chicago area. All Laner tables are made with slate. And they have over 80 years of experience in refurbishing antique tables. www.lanerpooltables.com

Furniture Plans--Downloadable plans for a real, classic, Mission Style Pool table to build yourself--downloadable .pdf file. www.furnitureplans.comPool Table Plans--Pool table plans, snooker table plans, and billiard room furniture plans can be ordered from Pool Table Plans. You can buy their products both with and without customer support. www.pooltableplans.com

Build a Pool Table--this company offers plans for an inexpensive looking basic pool table that they say you can build for around $200 in materials. Not exactly heirloom quality--but might be a fun project to do with older kids. http://www.tourbeaufort.com/buildapooltable.htm

Mini Pool Tables

Mini Pool / Billiard Table. Easy storage and transportation. Made of high quality durable wood frame, green felt surface and cushioned rails. Each pocket contains a yellow trim and brown leather pocket with fishnet to catch the balls (just like on the professional tables). Includes:(2) 37" cue sticks,(1) 8 ½" Brush,Set of 16 balls, (2) Chalks, (1) Triangle,The table measures an incredible: 19" Wide/ 36" Long / 8" High. Free Shipping. www.furniture2yourdoor.com

Outdoor Pool Tables

OutDoor Pool Tables--Research and development combined with modern
technology and space age materials now enables OutDoor Pool Tables to offer all weather pool tables and world wide shipping. Modern contemporary design lends itself to any environment.
Standard 8-foot table; BCA approved specifications. 7-foot table also available. Non-rusting, aluminum welded unibody construction. Stainless steel hardware offers years of serviceability. Playing service is 1 1/4" thick, available in slate or composite; beds are epoxy treated to resist moisture absorption. Durable powder coat paint assures high quality and lasting textured finish. Heavy-duty 100% acrylic fabric resists water, tearing, mildew and rot. Available in several colors. Adjustable leg levelers for leveling accuracy on rough graded outdoor surfaces. Commercial grade molded pool pockets assure trouble-free performance. 1000 SERIES: This all weather table has all aluminum frame construction with 1 1/4 " weather resistant composite resin playing bed. This out door pool table model is shipped in one box and assembles in minutes (attach the 2 pedestal legs and level). The tables weigh under 400 lbs. allowing for easy storage. They also offer optional table tennis tops and dining table tops for a multi-purpose outdoor table. www.outdoorpooltables.com

All Weather Billiards, The only Indoor Outdoor Table manufacturer in the world building 10 models to choose from. They offer 7- 8 and 9 foot professional tables with your choice of over 30 cloth colors and designs. They have the only 7' coin operated model now in production! All Weather Billiard's outdoor pool tables are 100% waterproof . All Weather Billiards are a truly playable outdoor pool table manufactured in the USA with pride and sold all over the world. The tables are built from all products that are found in outdoor environments everyday all across the world. 4 main ingredients, Aluminum-stainless steel-protective Powder Coat Finish-proven slate beds! www.allweatherbilliards.com

Heltzer, Inc  Available in 3 sizes. Features a powder coat finish suitable for outdoor use. Woven Metal Pool Table
Materials Exterior frame–stainless steel. Subframe–hardwood. Weave–bronze, copper or stainless steel. Slate–1". Felt–standard billiard fabric. Pockets–leather.
Finishes Stainless steel–hand rubbed over silky matte. Weave–hand rubbed.
Features Felt/pockets in variety of colors. Accessories/custom rack available.
Sizes available
Home: 58w 102d 32h
Professional: 60w 106d 32h
Tournament: 64w 114d 32h
Matching pieces: Woven Metal Pool Equipment Rack, Woven Metal Serving Cart, Drink Table. www.heltzer.com

Antique / Used Pool Tables for Sale

Time After Time , Custom and Antique Pocket Billiard Tables--specializes in the restored and functional antique pool tables. They are located in Bethel, CT near NYC. You can view the current antique pool table offerings and all contact information online. www.tatpool.com

Red Baron Auctions--For antique and used pool tables and billiard tables check with Red Baron Auctions--they have incredible items and auctions 3 times a year. See the website for current listings of antique pool tables, snooker tables and billard tables. www.RedBarronAntiques.com

The Billiard Collection offers a huge selection of both new and antique / used pool tables. The have the largest selection of pool table lights, cue sticks, cue racks, game tables, bars and bar stools. The Billiard Collection carries a complete line of recreational equipment. Looking for pool tables, cue sticks and antique pool tables, you will find the largest selection in South Florida . There are over 40 antique tables in stock, over 2500 pool cues and a variety of game room art and accessories. They also have a printable Game Room Planning Chart--that can help you plan how much room you'll need for a pool or billards table. www.thebilliardcollection.com

Pool Table Slate

Rasson Slate Co., LTD. Rasson Slate Co., LTD. was founded by the present president Mr. Yunnan Song in 1990. Rasson Slate is the manufacturer who is specialized in the Billiard Slate. Rasson Slate own its quarries, and two of them have been mined for over 3 hundred years. www.billiardslate.com  

Build a Pool Table--this company offers plans for an inexpensive looking basic pool table that they say you can build for around $200 in materials. Not exactly heirloom quality--but might be a fun project to do with older kids. http://www.tourbeaufort.com/buildapooltable.htm

Official Sizes of Pool Tables:

Pool Rules

Official pool table sizes are:
Pocket Pool Tables..................4' x 8' and 4 1/2' x 9'
Carom Billiard Tables..............4 1/2' x 9' and 5' x 10'
American Snooker Tables.......4 1/2' x 9' and 5' x 10'

Playing Area:
Measured from the felt covered nose of the cushion rubber to the opposite cushion rubber, both width and length:
4' x 8' table ...............................the playing area is 46" W x 92" L
4 1/2 " x 9" table.......................the playing area is 50" W x 100" L
5' x 10' table..............................the playing area is 56" W x 112" L

The Billiard Congress of America will sanction tournament play on home and coin-operated pool tables produced in sizes other than the ones listed above if the playing area width is one half the length when measured cushion to opposite cushion.

Pool Table Height:
The pool table playing surface, when measured from the bottom of the table leg should be 29 1/4 " ...plus or minus 1/4 inch.

Pocket Openings: 
Pocket pool tables: pocket openings are measured between the opposite cushion noses at teh point where the nose meets the slate opening in the pocket throat. 
Corner pocket: 4 7/8 " minimum to 5 1/8" max.
Side pocket: 5 3/8" minimum to 5 5/8" max.

Snooker tables: pocket openings are measured between the opposing cushion noses at the point where the nose meets the slate opening in the pocket throat.
Corner pocket: 3 3/8" minimum to 3 5/8" max.
Side pocket:................................ 4 1/16 max.

Playing Bed:
The playing surface must be capable, either by its own strength or a combination of its strength and that of the table baseframe, of maintaining an overall flattness within plus or minus .020" lengthwise and .010" across the width. This surface should have an additional deflection not to exceed .030" when loaded with a concentrated static force of 200 pounds at its center. If more than one slab is used, th4e slab joints must be in the same plane within .005" after leveling and shiming. This surface must be capable of withstanding without fracturing or indentation the impact of a 6 ounce billiard ball dropped 6 feet above the surface. The bed must be covered with a billiard fabric, with the major portion made of wool, with proper tension to avoid unwanted ball roll-off (one ball dia. max) Weight must be a minimum of 130 pounds per cubic foot. Commercial tables must have a 1"...3 piece set of slate with a wooden frame minimum 3/4" attached to the slate. All playing surfaces must be secured to the base frame with screws or bolts. 

Rubber cushions should be triangular in shape and molded with the conventional K-66 profile with a base of 1 3/16 and a nose height of 1", with control fabric molded to the top and base areas of the cushion. On carom and snooker tables, the triangular K-66 profile cushion is to be maintained., however the control fabric may be modified to affect a medium or slow ball rebound action. The balance of the rail section to which the rubber cushion is glued should be of hardwood construction and attached to the slatebed with a minimum of three heavy duty, threaded rail bolts per rail. 

Billiard Balls:
Molded and finished in a perfect sphere with both dynamic and static balance in the following weights and diameters:
Pocket Pool Balls: weight 51/2 to 6 oz.....................Dia. 2 1/4 "
Carom Balls : weight 7 to 7 1/2 oz. .........................Dia. 2 27/64"....2 3/8"......2 7/16"
Snooker Balls: weight 5 to 5 1/2 oz. ........................Dia. 2 1/8".........2 1/16"
Ball diameter tolerance of plus or minus .005

Billards,billard,snoker,snooker,snocker,pooltable,poltable,poolhall,poolque,pool que,pool cue 

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