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This is a big list of the major manufacturers of kitchen vent hoods and ventelation systems. Some have very contemporary and modern stove vents and othes concentrate on the standard, rather plain ones. Some stove vent makers on this page offer custom manufacturing services. The trend seems to be for manufacturers to go in two directions. Stove and range vents are either elaborate massive hoods that form a major focal point in the kitchen or they are small, sleek and modern. Some makers offer a range of both types.

Wolf stove vent hoodClark Luxury Appliance Showrooms--fun home page on the website, at least right now--tire swing comes flying in from right. Quite unexpectedly. Makes a grear point about a  hig end kitchen being a playground for adults. Wolf Hoods-Wolf ventilation hoods are part sculpture and part tool. They have a strong visual impression, but like all Wolf appliances they perform at a very high level, also. There's a lot of hard-nosed functionality behind its smooth sculpture. Clars offers Sub-Zero as well. Who doesn't love a Sub-Zero ref/freezer ?

Abaka custom range hoods for kitchenABAKA Range Hoods--has been making high-end range hoods since 1981. They are a leader in handcrafted range hoods of copper, hammered copper, stainless steel, aged bronze and brass. They were the first and still the only manufactorer or one-piece seamless kitchen exhaust hoods with stack and canopy joined without a trace. Abaka makes sland range hoods and Euro kitchen range hoods. All Abaka kitchen vent hoods are handcrafted custom range hoods and one of their statements is Seamless kitchen exhaust hoods "f you can imagine it, we can build it". Abaka makes professional kitchen vent liners for wood range hoods, stucco range hoods, range hood shell and designer wood range hoods. 2009 prices begin at $3950. This is some serious craftsmanship. ! If you dont want the noise of a stove vent, consider letting them make you one with the motor on the roof vent. Abaka makes the industry's quietest roof or exterior wall mounted ventilator with power enough for the largest commercial style range. All this in an architectural design that makes a minimal impact on any home's exterior appearance.

Elica Range HoodElica Range Hoods--famous for their Evolution FLoating Hoods, like the Wave Island Chimney Range Hood with 350 CFM Internal Blower, 3-Speed Light Soft Controls, Halogen Lamps and Recirculating Ventilation System which is just under $2000. These stove hoods are very beautiful and add a real flair to a kitchen. In producing the Elica Collection, UK company Elica has turned the cooker hood into an art form. An Elica kitchen vent hood looks like a pendant lamp. All over the world, the Elica name is associated with efficiency, innovation and design in the production of cooker hoods. In 37 years, over 53 million Elica range hoods have been installed. Elica's products may be the best design you can find on the market today. David Lewis has partnered with Elica to bring cutting edge design to the kitchen. Elica Collection products are far more than simple hoods for domestic kitchens: they are key personalities that define the environment they are installed in.  Ceiling-mounted products in the centre of the room are equipped with a telescopic structure integrated within the chimney to connect them to the ceiling. Elica was founded by Ermanno Casoli, the only Italian firm to rank among the “Best Workplaces in Europe 2008”. Itis also the only laboratory in Italy to run noise level tests, as well as being listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. Its new technologies are covered by various patents and certifications, and it has consolidated its presence with joint ventures with other high end kitchen manufacturers.

Rangecraft Vent Hoods for stoves and kitchensRange Craft--custom kitchen range hoods made to order. Rangecraft makes all sorts of looks in vent-a-hoods. It appears they are eager to hear about your ideas and make a really customized vent for your project. Copper range hoods, stainless steel, brass, antique bronze range hoods, island range hoods styles & more ideas in their photo gallery. Rangecraft specializes in high quality, custom designed hoods but also offers a variety of classical designs for you to choose from. All models are available in wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted versions. Sketch an idea and they will custom design it for your home. The Owner of Rangecraft Manufacturing Inc., is a Master Coppersmith that has spent the past thirty years working exclusively on range hoods. He learned his trade and did his apprenticeship in Germany and had a successful business in Australia before bringing his expertise to America in 1990.

wood cabinet custom vent hood.Stanisci Design-- specializes in distinctive high quality wood range hoods. Wood range hoods can be purchased with a wide array of carvings, and ventilation options. They also offer wood / metal range hood combinations. Internal, in-line and remote ventilation are offered. Stanisci has blowers ranging from 420 to 1500 CFM. Consider how much quieter it would be to have your motor away from the kitchen ! That is what we are going to do in a different way on Villa Lagoon, you can see our custom construction installation. Anyway, Stanisci Design offers Premier hardwood carvings in stain grade Maple, Oak, Cherry, Alder and Poplar. Unique woods can be special ordered. You can view the entie catalog of stove vent hood carvings on the website.

Euro look vent hood designsEuro Line Jetair--Ultra modern contemporary range vent hoods in steel and glass. Euro Line Distribution is a source for Italian made ventilation products. Euro Line hoods combine in itself superior quality and excellent performance suitable for every non-commercial kitchen. Very cool looking ! For an Italian or Euro style kitchen , this would be great.

Custom wood vent hood cabinetMLD Hood Designs, Inc. offers standard and custom sculptured hood ventilator covers. The light weight sculptured shapes are extremely strong and ready for your final finish and that can be anything you dream up that might enhance your kitchen decor--mosaics--tile--stucco. Standard as well as custom shapes are available. Wood aprons are available upon request  This product has pre-engineered mounting platforms for easy installation.  Ventilator inserts are available: both in-line & remote.

Zephyr modern steel vent hoodsZephyr a fairly new company, began offering high style range hoods in 1997, recognizing the increasing demand for high output cooking equipment and built-in appliances in residential home kitchens.Their Power Series with unique self-cleaning and filter-less features was created addressing air quality concerns for consumers seeking high CFM ventilation along with quietness, efficiency, unique features and competitive pricing. Cooking residue is liquefied in the sealed housing and drained into a pair of clean cups, so no cooking residue will accumulate in motors or ductwork. That sounds great to me !! Sleek designs are at the heart of Zephyr’s Europa Collection. Check the new line with frosted glass around the actual vent.

Vent-a-hood modren stove ventVent-A-Hood was the first manufacturer of home cooking ventilation and range hoods. The first range hoods were manufactured in a house with a dirt floor in Dallas. They were sold door-to-door. Each range hood was made for the customer after the sale. That was 'then' . Vent-A-Hood of today has developed an excellent reputation throughout the ventilation industry and with consumers. Vent a Hood makes all sorts of wall mount, island, stainless steel, under cabinet, euro-style wall mount, and stove vent liner inserts.

Broan stove ventsBroan says it offers more range hood kitchen ventilating solutions than anyone. From high performance ducted models, to the most effective non-ducted units ever made. Broan makes a lot of models of range hoods but does not make custom models. Some homeowners want a range hood that stays out of sight. Others want one that stays in keeping with the kitchen style they’ve worked hard to perfect. They’ve found it with Broan specialty range hideaway hoods and kits. Invisible models that slide out of sight for a seamless look.

Handcrafted metal kitchen stove ventsHandcrafted Metal --The Bentz family owns this metal fabricating business. David is a Master metal fabricator and is responsible for all designs and range hood fabrication. You can see a huge copper vent hood on the bottom of the 'about us' page, so larger that all the employees can stand under it ! If you are looking for classy vents that look very well constructed, check this site. 

High tech kitchen ventsFuturo Futuro by Falmec manufactures high quality design and technology range hoods, Made in Italy. They offer very modern and classic wall mount range hoods, island mount range hoods, modular range hoods, vent fans as well as range hood accessories. This kitchen vent in the photo is one of the very different styles they make. Flamec designs vary from traditional wood to modern stainless steel with neon lights. If you are building a modern contemporary kitchen, be sure to see these.Futuro Futuro is the leading Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen range hoods. For over 25 years, Futuro Futuro company brings together advanced technology, high-quality materials, world-renowned Italian craftsmanship, and visionary European design, to create outstanding kitchen vent hoods. The Futuro Futuro collection includes over 100 models of island range hoods and wall range hoods. 

Habersham Plantation is now making some really fancy handpainted range hood covers in the company's Blue Ridge Mountain studios. They are available in more than 30 distinctive handpainted finishes. These can coordinate with the whole traditional charming kitchen decor. You can see the quality of the Habersham range hood product online. Get our your checkbook !!

Faber kitchen vents Faber kitchen ventsFaber-Iamco--a big world-wide company. Faber kitchen range hoods. Kitchen stove hoods in classic, contemporary, built-in, and island styles. New :The Matrix from this company is a wall mounted, stainless steel ventilation panel with a halogen light. It can be operated by remote control. faber offers a lot of modern contemporary styles besides the typical hooded ones we think of 

Sirius Range Hoods--offering Italian crafted, way cool, kitchen vent systems. These are sleek and powerful kitchen cooking vent systems. Sirius offers lots of variations of the classic straight shaft stainless vent hood. Some have glass flanges and the Model SUF 5 is an attractive curved shape. See the online photo gallery 

Imperial kitchen vent custom hoodsImperial Range Hoods--Imperial has been making hand crafted kitchen vent hoods since 1961. Imperial makes all the usual styles, wall mounted, hanging--ceiling, mounted, island. Their current website doesn't offer product photos unless you know the model number or already have an idea of what you want. (seems better now) Not a great place to get modern or contemporary kitchen design ideas.  

Ven Mar kitchen vent hoodVenmar-Air Viltration Systems, Range Hoods, Vent Fans

Independent kitchen vent hoodIndependent Inc.--Luxury vent hoods for the finest construction projects. Independent Inc. fulfills the needs of architects, designers, and contractors. Their ventelation hoods have achieved a widespread reputation for the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Each hood is work of art. Plenty of styles look very fancy but many are rather plain to look at.

kitchen vent hood ventelationWolf

Dacor kitchen vent hoodDacor--Cooking appliances, ovens, professional equipment, ventelation,

Thermadore kitchen vent hoodThermador Range Hoods

Windcrest kitchen vent a hoodWindcrest Ventelation--Range Hoods, Vent Fans



Fivestar-- Range Hoods

<iele kitchen range ventelation hoodMiele Range Hoods

Whirlpool Range Hoods,


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