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Sundome tube skylight in living room. Skylights can make all the difference in the world, taking a small stuffy room and instantly bringing in the light and feeling of space and freedom. They can save you money by allowing you to turn off the lights and turn on the sun--just ask Wal-Mart who uses skylights extensively! Natural light lifts spirits, makes spaces appear larger, and reveals our world in its true color. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it also reduces eyestrain, increases our productivity, and lessens electrical demand. Unfortunately, today's buildings rarely have enough natural light.

A good alternative to standard skylights and not as expensive are tubular skylights. Tubular skylights can provide adequate daylight for a whole room. On a clear night with a bright moon, the moonlight can also illuminate a room, garage or workshop. Most tubular skylights are similar in design. Usually a small tube between 9 and 21 inches in diameter runs from a hole in the roof down to the ceiling below. The interior surface of the tube is very reflective. It really doesn't lose much light from absorption as the light is bounced around in the tube while traveling from roof to ceiling. The opening on the roof is covered by a clear dome. Some brands use a prismatic dome that is designed to catch more low angle rays from early morning and late in the day.  The ceiling opening is covered by a flush frosted looking diffuser, so it really looks like a regular ceiling light.  You don't get a look at the sky, and the tubular kind of skylight can't provide as much light as a large flat opening would but installation is easier and doesn't require sheetrock and framing as a large opening would.

Electric lighting, together with its affect on HVAC, accounts for up to 60 percent of a commercial property's electric bill. Since electricity is the most expensive form of energy, this can equate to 80% of the property's total energy costs. Natural lighting saves the majority of this energy cost, not to mention natural resources and environmental contaminants, yielding a more substantial future for us all. We are wasting electricity, consuming fossil fuels and pouring pollutants into our atmosphere needlessly. Frankly, we should be smart enough to satisfy our need for electricity without causing any pollution what-so-ever. WalMart has used skylights in all their new stores and the electric lights only come on in an as-needed manner.


Solatube skylights logo Solatube skylight installedSolatube - The Miracle Skylight - Manufacturer of tubular skylights that capture all the light of a traditional box skylight but are leak-proof, energy-efficient and less expensive. Their website indicated that this product isi sold all over the world. Using a revolutionary, innovative design, they capture sunlight on your rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft, then diffuse it throughout your interior space. The first Solatube® was sold in 1991 and sales that first year made the "light catcher" the best-selling skylight in Australia. Armed with success, the founders decided to bring the skylight to the North American market. In 1992, Solatube North America was established and an office was opened in Carlsbad, Calif. They call the sun tube Solatube Daylighting System. Solatube also makes a Solar Star Attic Fan and  a The Solar Star Conversion Kit which can transform any vent into a high-performing solar-powered vent.  

SunDome Skylight logoSun Dome--manufacturer of tubular skylights.  Natural light enters through a clear polycarbonate dome, Dade County Hurricane Impact Tested, (withstands hail & hurricanes).  Light travels through the best mirrored finish tubes. Passing through a diffuser, the light brightens your room. Sun Dome includes  a 10 yr. warranty. Their product is available in 3 sizes:
10" Lights 100 sq. ft., 13" Lights 250 sq. ft., 21" Lights 600 sq. ft. Made in Florida. ..Sun-Dome Tubular Skylights Energy Efficient Solar Lighting. This is the brand that I used on my Gulf Coast water front home. I am very happy, they let in tons of light and I now wish that I had more of them. Maybe I can add a few more later. 


Daylite tube skylightDaylite Tube skylight logoThe Daylite Tube--- is a highly reflective, cylindrical skylight, that runs from the roof down into a room providing the luminance of full spectrum lighting. Sunlight enters the tube through a clear acrylic dome. The inner prismatic lens (“fly-eye”) captures the light from all angles and collimates it down the reflective tube, to be evenly spread through out the room via a second prismatic diffuser lens. On sunny days, the Daylite Tube can provide the equivalence of 738 Watts of incandescent light. Even on cloudy days, the Daylite Tube can provide 100 to 180 watts of luminance. Located in California. 

Sunpipe Sky Light logoSun Pipe--manufacturer of tubular sky lights. Offer the best quality and highest output daylight-pipes available anywhere--they say they ever since they invented them in 1989 sell to our domestic marketplace through a Pro-America Distibution Program consisting of small independent retailers, independent contractors and handymen and women all over the country. If Sun Pipe doesn't have a dealer near you they will be happy to service you on a factory-direct basis A 4-ft SunPipe-9 provides a daytime average of:
450 watts worth of light in June, 150 watts in December. Lots of information on roof slope and various special situations. Nice owner in Elgin, IL, I have talked to him on the phone.  They sell to the domestic marketplace through a Pro-America Distibution Program consisting of small independent retailers, independent contractors and handymen (and women) all over the 

Sun Teck tube skylight logo Suntek light tubes in the roofSun Tek--manufacturer of tubular sky lights located in FL.  offers   suntube lights. The Sun-Tek Tube gathers sunlight from a leak proof dome, bounces it down a light reflective tube to a lens cover that diffuses the sunlight throughout the room. Everything is included in the kit. They say you can install it yourself in less than an afternoon with easy to follow instructions.  The Sun-Tek light tunnel easily slips between rafters or trusses for quick installation without turning your home into a construction site. Once you have installed the Sun-Tek Tube you'll never have to do another thing to enjoy the cheerful glow of reflected sunlight - it's maintenance free. You can use your Sun-Tek Tube as an extra light source at night with the addition of  a special light kit. 

Tru Lite--manufacturer of tubular sky lights in Centennial, Co. The 98% reflective silver sputter tube interior captures light entering the clear dome and sends it spiraling down into your home, office or work place. Our 12" inch unit can brightly illuminate 300 square feet, our 16 inch unit will illuminate up to 500 square feet. The 24 inch tubes are fastened together with mechanical lock seams.,1-800-873-3309 

ODL Tubular Skylights bring soft, natural daylight into any room in your home - even in small spaces where larger skylights won't fit. Patented reflex optic technology gathers sunlight - even during low-light hours in the morning, late afternoon, or during the winter, to maximize light into the tube. The standard dome is made of UV resistant, non-yellowing acrylic. The dome in the Severe Weather Kit is polycarbonate. Two jointed tubes let you work around obstacles. Tubes adjust up to 45° angle. The mirror finish tubes optimize light reflected through shaft while controlling solar heat gain. The UV stabilized finish will not yellow, fade or delaminate. Standard kit length is 48". Kits include 2-15" adjustable tubes and one 20" extension tube. Additional extension tubes available. You can see a little animated video of how it works on their site. From Zeeland, Michigan 

American Skylites of Arlington, TX manufactures high quality standard, special and custom
skylights and non-structural roof systems for new or replacement openings without extended lead times or prohibitive costs. American Skylites also manufacturers skylights specifically designed to meet standards of Miami Dade county, Texas Department of Insurance, (Dade County approved) and a skylight designed to meet OSHA Fall Protection standards without a screen. Fall guard protection screens and security grills for all brands of skylights are also available from Amercian Sky Lites. 

Sun Tunnel--VELUX® Skylights Sun Tunnel--VELUX® Skylights are designed for overhead, out-of-reach applications or for in-reach applications that do not require egress emergency escape capabilities. They come in a wide range of sizes and features with a full assortment of blinds available. Velux makes all sorts of skylights. Electric Venting, Manual Venting, Fixed with Vent Flap, Fixed, electric venting skylights: Skylights that open at the touch of a button., manual venting skylights: Skylights that operate with manual controls., fixed skylights with flap: Skylights that provide an outside view with limited ventilation and fixed skylights: Skylights that provide an outside view, but no fresh air. VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights are ideal for smaller rooms such as closets, hallways, laundry rooms and second baths. You can now add natural light to places you thought were impossible.

King Solar--the website offers everything you could be looking for to take advantage of solar power in light , heat and energy for your home or commercial building. They have various skylights and solar tube products.  You can also see photos that show how much difference it can make to have a sun tunnel solar tube skylite installed in an existing hallway.

Skylight Guys --Online sales for tubular skylights and solar powered attic fans. They distribute Natural Light Energy System's tubular skylights and solar powered attic fans. These units are built to last with quality materials and designed to perform utilizing the latest technology. Skylightguys also distributes skylights manufactured by Velux.

J Freeman is an industrial distributor of various building components including skylights from different manufacturers. They carry VELUX venting manual skylights, fixed skylights in impact glass, Wasco Acrylic diffuser panels that are long life non-yellowing and transmit 92% of the produced light lumens. They also carry Skymaster curb mount skylights are easy and quick to install.

Skyline Skylites --Manufacturers of a complete line of skylights and sloped glazing systems including
plastic dome skylights, glass unit skylights, and metal framed skylight . Since 1973, Skyline Sky-Lites has manufactured a complete line of skylights, monumental glass structures, and sloped glazing systems. They are capable of providing anything from a small dome skylight through a fifty-foot free-spanning glass structure.

All-Canadian Tubular Skylite--production process developed in Germany. This process, called “Anolux-Miro®”, is an “Optically Enhanced Aluminum”, not to be confused with aluminum that is coated with a silver film or is polished. Daylight is reflected down a mirror-like pipe to a translucent ceiling fixture which then diffuses the outside light evenly throughout the room up to 225 sq. ft., even on an overcast or rainy day! The All-Canadian Tubular Skylite, using this optically enhanced aluminum, puts out the same or more light as the conventional skylight. They say that in both existing homes and new construction, installation is as simple as putting in a light fixture. Gives 100% full spectrum lighting with no harmful ultra-violet rays and no condensation. 

Sky Lites from Parish glass conservatories can turn your dining room, garden room, playroom or office into a glorious sun-filled space, by building an all-hardwood, glass enclosed skylite roof that adds elegance, fun and value to your home. Exquisite architecture, beautifully finished timber and secure tempered glass, will add natural light, ventilation and height to that one place in your home where they’ve been wished for.
Square, oblong, octagonal or – any shape you can design – a Parish Skylight brings new and often spectacular dimensions to an otherwise dim or average area. One of their beautifully designed low maintenance period structures will transform your studio, kitchen, stairwell, shop or office into a high, light, open, airy and dramatic space. See the dramatic photos !!

Tubular SkyLight--Manufactured in Southwest Florida , Tubular SkyLight brings daylight from the rooftop into your home, school, office or factory. The Florida Energy Conservation Office reports that Tubular SkyLight increased light levels to the equivalent 1800 watts of light and produced 68% less heat. Tubular SkyLight is used by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. A small clear dome on the roof allows sunlight to enter a highly reflective tube that guides sunshine to your ceiling. A translucent diffuser lens gently disperses natural light throughout your room. And, only a Tubular SkyLight produces clean light that has a 98.7 Color Rendering Index. That means, there are virtually no color distortions. Tubular SkyLight. Tested up to 144 MPH wind. 

Solar Bright Corporation--out of business.

While Solar Tube, Tubular Skylight and Daylight Pipe are all generic names used for products like SunPipe®, Solatube, Sun-Dome, etc..the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has concluded that they should be called Tubular Daylighting Devices.

ToolBase list of tubular skylight manufacturers..

Blinds--Online sales of quality wooden Venetian, roller, vertical or roman window blinds. They are based in the UK . 

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