Spiral Staircases and Spiral Stair Kit Manufacturers U.S. and Canada


See a fabulous wood spiral staircase in a chapel in New Mexico that has 2  360 degree turns and no center pole ! One of the most beautiful staircases in the world. This chapel is available for weddings and such and you can read about the history of the stairs on their site. www.lorettochapel.com

Mylen Sprial Stairs of Stainless SteelMylen Spiral Stairs--Spiral stairs, spiral stair kits or architectural staircases from Mylen Stairs are many and varied. If you are looking for traditional spiral stairs, custom stairs or straight and floating architectural stairs they offer kits and custom staircases. Spiral stair kits can be ordered standard or customized. Materials include metal steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum. They also offer a variety of wooden spiral staircases including oak, mahogany, maple and cherry. Curved staircases are great for those difficult layout situations, for loft spaces, or for a dramatic entranceway. www.mylenstairs.com

Rintal and MisterStep Modular Stairs--All stair systems are custom designed units to fit your specific project, with easy assembly for do-it-yourself installations, boxed and shipped directly to you. Misterstep, is the Italian company, part of the Rintal Group, that manufactures modular winding and spiral staircases. Misterstep stairs are packed in one single box for home delivery. They offer some very cool narrow staircases, not often seen elsewhere. Rintal's Mini Knock uses special shaped treads making it possible to have stairs in a minimum space that still offer a comfortable climb. www.modularstairs.com

Spiral Stairs of America--Initially a small side business by the owner of a regional welding shop – Erie Weld Products, the sales of spiral stairs took off almost as soon as they were introduced. A new company was formed: “Spiral Stairs of America” offering spiral stairs , curved stairs , library ladders, spiral kits. Now, 30 years later, they have definitely grown into the name “Spiral Stairs of America” but with sales to Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and elsewhere. Sturdy, yet graceful, the spiral stair will be a focal point of any area. Spirals can be used in both interior and exterior applications, for both residential and industrial/commercial uses. For a modern look, the DECO model spiral stair features multiple round tubes called by the company, lines, bent into a helix shape - all in horizontal rows below the handrail. This modern looking spiral staircase can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 twisting side railings. The DECO spiral is especially appreciated in homes or businesses where a modern and graceful stair is desired. A standard DECO model spiral is manufactured from steel, but is available in aluminum or stainless steel for applications where aesthetics dictate or where corrosion resistance and maintenance-free ownership is desired such as the sea coast. Be sure to see the Double Helix, one special and very specific type of curved stair. The twisting Double Helix staircase can be a true focal point of a beautiful home or office. Often referred to as a spiral stair without a center column, the dramatic look, grace, and beauty of this stair is unparalleled. Every custom-made library ladder is built specifically for you, to your exact dimensions. Their rolling library ladders are designed with a safe and comfortable climbing angle of 17 degrees (be careful of library ladders which stand at a steeper angle – it really affects the comfort and safety of the person climbing the ladder).
Spiral Stairs of America makes library ladders designed with 4" of travel in the upper slide assembly to allow for uneven flooring and to allow them to be pushed in towards the wall a little bit for storage. NOTE: library ladders are designed to roll out of the way when not in use. They do not stow totally flush up against wall. And remember, library ladders are not just for libraries anymore! They can be sued in kitchens, pantries, wine cellars, stockrooms, and in home theaters for access to video/DVD collections. Anywhere high storage is needed. For loft applications, they offer “loft style handrails” for more security. www.spiralstairsofamerica.com

The Iron Shop Spiral staircases: Since 1931, The Iron Shop has been fabricating and installing spiral stairs. They are the leading manufacturer of spiral stair kits. The Iron Shop offers much more than cast iron spiral stairs, the have oak spiral stair kits, victorian spiral stairs and do custom work. Disney has even used their spiral stairs in one of it's attraction. Download their catalog and price list on their website as a .pdf file. This large company probably offers the best selection of spiral stairs and spiral staircase kits anywhere. www.theironshop.com

Arke Spiral Stair Kits have been installed all over the US.  Some of their satisfied customers have sent in photos of their installations which you can see on the website. They have an example that was part of ABC's hit show 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.' Arke donated a Civik spiral staircase that the show used in the the Wofford family's new home gym. Arke can have their product drop-shipped anywhere in the USA.  Arke spiral and modular staircase kits can be built in a day by the average do-it-yourself home enthusiast, according to them. Treads, landing, balusters, handrails, hardware and accessories included. Nothing to paint, weld, stain or seal - simply install the stair kit. In stock for immediate delivery to most US locations. Arke is the U.S. based subsidiary of Italian spiral stair company Albini & Fontanot. Arke stairs are styled and designed in Italy and stocked in the U.S.A. They offer both interior and exterior spiral stairs. The Enduro Steel is the spiral staircase for outdoors. It combines long-term durability with high standards of quality and craftsmanship in design. The kits features include: Hot dipped galvanized for protection against rust and weather. Stainless steel hardware, Extruded black PVC handrail. The Enduro Steel offers a landing which can fit a square or rectangular opening, or adjoin a header/mezzanine. The handrail is a continuous piece of extruded black PVC. Written instructions and a demonstration video or DVD are included. Basic household tools are all that are needed for assembly. The height of the spiral stair kit is adjustable between 8' 3" to 10', but with optional accessories, installations from 6' 10" to 13' or higher are possible. Staircase kits are available in three different diameters: 3' 11 1/4"... 4' 7 1/8"... 5' 3". The Enduro Steel may be installed in either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. This sounds way cool. You can watch video clips of installation on the website. www.arkestairs.com

Southern Staircase is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. They manufacturer spiral staircases, curved spiral stairs, circular staircase, wood spiral stairs and custom designs by architects of winding spiral staircases, architecture in millwork of stairs and stair parts, commercial or residential home remodeling stairways, architectural designs for wood stairs and wrought iron metal balustrades, railings, spindles . You can personalize your visit by choosing either their homebuilder, supplier, architect, designer or homeowner sections of their website. And you can try the "Design your own Rail" program. If you are within the area of their 5 Southeastern U.S. locations, their rep will schedule an appointment for a minimal consultation fee which is refunded with your order to visit your home and review the possibilities for your staircase,  advise you on local building codes and get back to you with an estimate. You want to replace your stairs with a closed stringer stair, read about their new, patented product, Stair Kit in a Box™, which you can install yourself. In addition to Alpharetta, GA, Southern Staircase also has locations in Atlanta, GA , Raleigh/Greensboro, NC ,and Charlotte, NC www.southernstaircase.com

Spiral Manufacturing -Spiral Manufacturing, Inc., located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana--They have been building spiral stairs exclusively for over 20 years, both spectacular custom units and site-assembled kits. Standard stairs come in red oak. Heart pine, cherry, mahogany and other woods are available on special order. They offer complete assistance from planning through installation. Contacting them in the pre-planning stage can make your construction project run smoother. They also carry a full line of spiral stair parts and supplies, specializing in wood spiral, winder, and curved staircases. Standard spiral stair and banister components are also available.  Spiral Manufacturing also offers a Steel and Aluminum Spiral Stair Brochure.  www.spiralstair.com

Stairways, inc. --Another spiral stair company, Stairways, inc. has a very informative website. Custom stair work has been their specialty throughout the years and they think their stairways are simply the best available. In addition to spiral stairways, Stairways, inc. manufactures all other types of stairs including circular and straight stairs. These stairs are available in many materials including mild steel, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Located in Houston, Texas, they house their metal and wood manufacturing plants along with the showroom filled with recently updated samples from their product line. Look at the Stairways, inc. site to see some beautiful contemporary curved stair installations. www.stairwaysinc.com

spiral-escalator Mitsubishi Electric even has made a moving spiral staircase which is a spiral escalator. They said it is the only spiral escalator in the world. Looks pretty cool--I'd like to ride on it, bet kids like to play on it !!

The Arcways Staircase Custom Curved and Spiral Staircases--Arcways, a family owned company, has been producing premium quality staircases for more than 35 years. Quality, pre-assembled, custom designed curved and spiral staircases for clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the World. They will work closely with the architect, designer, builder or homeowner. Projects range from historic renovations to leading edge design. Specializing in book-matched graining, precisely mitered risers and the finest quality hardwoods. On their website, you can order the Arcways CD , packed with hundreds of print quality photos, videos including "The New Home Show" segments. Free VHS tapes are available to customers who submit plan views (floor plans can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed) of project (s) for a quotation by Arcways. Online you can view a 60 second computer-generated animation of the installation of their curved and spiral stairways. Arcways has an on-line catalog of stair parts including handrails, fittings, goosenecks, balusters, newels, and starting steps. Arcways' manufacturing facility is located in Neenah, Wisconsin. www.arcways.com

Goddard Spiral Stairs economical custom designed, handcrafted to order...
Economical custom designed handcrafted wood spiral stairs and staircases, and steel spiral stairs and staircases, made to order by Goddard Manufacturing. At Goddard Manufacturing Co., they  specialize in custom designed, handcrafted spiral staircases - built to your specifications. You can choose from several different styles of spiral staircases and their professional craftsmen can custom design a spiral staircase to fit almost any application. Most steel stairs take three to six weeks in building after they receive your check and another ten to fourteen days in shipping. Their all wood spiral stairs may take longer. If the area is ready for the spiral stairs to be installed, two people can usually install it in less than an hour. Goddard Spiral Stairs is located in Logan KS, all staircases are built to order and the most reasonable prices are listed on the website for All Steel Spiral Staircases & All Wood Spiral Staircases. www.spiral-staircases.com

Salter Industries offers many styles of spiral staircases. For over 25 years they have manufactured metal, wood, aluminum and steel spiral stairs. Salter Spiral Stairs are available in kit form or made to order to suit your special needs. From their manufacturing plant the spiral staircases are delivered coast to coast. No special tools or skills are required to assemble. The stairs are shipped knocked down for easy handling. Stock kits are ready to ship. Salter Spiral Stairs has supplied stairs for lighthouses, Broadway shows, television and movie sets, colleges, commercial application and residential homes from England to Japan. They sell stairs direct to builders, architects and do-it-yourselfers. Since spiral stairs are considered a space saving product, they are often asked to design a stair for many difficult applications, both interior and exterior, commercial and for homes. They offer classic steel stairs, forged iron stairs, wood stairs, exterior stairs, aluminum and exterior galvanized stairs. Salter will help you figure out exactly what design will best fit your situation. Their designers will work with you to make all the calculations necessary to make sure the staircase is a prefect fit. www.salterspiralstair.com

StairwayBuilders.com--Quality interior and exterior steel spiral and straight stairways made in Phoenix, AZ. They offer precision welded stairs and railings offer unique one-piece designs that resist rust. StairwayBuilders.com offers services to contractors, architects and individuals worldwide. Chromolly, stainless steel, copper, brass, cold rolled, hot rolled and the most popular mild steel known for its superior strength and durability is available. Their spiral stairways are priced per vertical inch, based upon the diameter of the stairway. Most pricing is on the website. If you get a better bid than theirs, please let them know, they may be able to beat it! Nice photos of their stairs installed in various interior and exterior locations. www.stairwaybuilders.com

Stairworld has all the parts you need for or new house or remodeling your current home & a custom curved staircase is a great way to make a dramatic impression.
Stairworld has over 4000 stair parts including wood & iron balusters. From their website you can watch online videos of stair manufacturing and assembly. The Stairworld gallery has a huge array of beautiful staircases. You can view their catalog and pricing online too. Stairworld shipping charges are stated on the website for various parts of the U.S. and Canada.  www.stairworld.com

Regency Railings  makes prefabricated ornamental iron components. 1996 Regency Railings, Inc. has been supplying hand forged iron in stock ornamental iron components. Regency Railings ornamental iron components were designed for installation on both level railings and virtually any staircase regardless of radius or slope. Regency Railings iron components are engineered to pass the 4" sphere code and adhere to the minimum and maximum handrail height requirements when assembled in accordance with the suggested design layouts. Regency Railings does not provide a finished product. Most components are shipped primed black and the finish is then applied after fabricating into a railing. You can choose to apply a paint, powder coated or faux finish. Regency Railings designs all components with stair railing as the major objective. However, their components are frequently used in gates, doors, windows, and furniture. www.regencyrailings.com

Custom Iron , Custom Spiral Stairs-- is a custom metal stairway and spiral staircase specialist.
Custom Iron offers completely customized wrought metalwork for your stairway, curving staircase, balcony railing, or spiral staircase. They work with home and stair builders throughout the United States and provide beautiful decorative metal components for any size and shape stairway. They do metal railings, and creative metalwork for inside and out.
View photos of spiral stairs by clicking the "Photo Gallery" button. They have a nice service to let you see how your design ideas will look in your setting. You provide them with the installation specifications and, for a fee, they provide you with a virtual rendering of the completed installation. If you submit a digital photo of the installation site, they can place your completed installation image in the photo.
You can start with a basic railing system and then add all sorts of decorative options. You can change the color or add a decorative panel to the center of the balcony rail. You can see what it would look like to replace the wood handrail with an embossed metal handrail.  www.customiron.com

Stair Meister Log Spiral Stairs are often used when space is limited but from the looks of the way cool photos on this website--see what a great focal point for a dwelling log spiral stairs came make !!! Frequently, log spiral stairs will lead to a loft, master suite, library, or in some cases, an exterior deck. These stairs are hand crafted from a variety of wood species including pine, spruce and fir, and range in diameters of 5' to 10' or more. StairMe├»ster has a tons of resources and can create log stairs that includes almost any material into your design. The StairMe├»ster “signature” spiral stair features a log column, or “tree,” with an optional root flare intact at the base. Beautiful website. www.logstairs.com/spiral.htm

The Modular Spiral Staircase-- prefabricated steps provide an easy way to install
a staircase in a tight space. This interesting concept requires much less floor space than a conventional staircase and can form a spiral staircase of any height desired. No railing, so better ck your code if you are using in new construction. This The Modular Spiral Staircase System is patented and has been in use since 1994. www.bluebon.net/baka/

Spiral Stairs and Spiral Stair Kits UK

spiral-stairs-cambridge-england fitzwilliam museum spiral-stairs with glass treads
This is two views of graceful spiral stairs in Cambridge, England at the Fitzwilliam Museum. The steps have frosted glass treads so light is passes through from the sun lighted area above into the area below. These large spiral stairs are in the cafe and gift shop area of the museum.

spiral stairs roof top gardenThese metal spiral stairs in Monte Carlo , Monaco joined two roof-top gardens at the upper floors of two buildings. The bright flowers were growing at the upper part of the first floor of the home. The various parts of the buildings came at each other at odd angles. In Europe, spiral stairs seem to be used much more than they are in The United States.

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