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The photo on the left shows an older small church in Memphis, TV on Jackson Ave. in 1990. It was the inspiration for the cupola style church steeple we designed for this small church in Cordova, TN. We added a bell and an electronic chime system. Campbellsville built the new cupola/steeple for us. It has a cross on top. The church later sold and the steeple was sold separately moved to another location.

Fiberglass cupola steeple for a church or chapelArchitectural Fiberglass, Inc. (AFI) of Cleveland, Ohio custom designs and manufactures decorative Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ornamentation for the restoration, reproduction, and new construction industries. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has had over 15 years of experience manufacturing, designing, and installing, fiberglass steeples. Architectural Fiberglass provides customers with designs, drawings, patterns, molds, and fiberglass steeple parts. Architectural Fiberglass Inc. originally specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass domes and cupolas for commercial and religious institutions. The company was founded when the owner was faced with the dilemma of replacing badly deteriorated and fading aluminum domes on his own religious institution. After thorough research of different materials it was determined that fiberglass would be the best suitable material for the aluminum dome replacement. When the company was founded, not many other companies wanted to manufacture and erect such massive dome and cupola structures. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has since become a leader in dome and cupola replacements. Throughout the years Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has manufactured domes and cupolas that have spanned in excess of 40’in diameter and have had heights that exceed 60’. New fiberglass steeples can replicate existing metal or wood steeples. Fiberglass steeples can be manufactured any size. The lightweight steeple does not require extra structural support. Fiberglass products are radio frequency transparent and at times chosen to house cellular antennas within the steeple.

Niko copper cupola restorationNIKO Contracting, inc of Pittsburgh, PA can make just about anything a church or historic building could need for it's roof or exterior shell that is made of metal. In addition to renovating and restoring historic landmark buildings they are also full service roofing contractors. NIKO Contracting, inc has been providing quality craftsmanship in roofing and architectural sheet metal nationwide since 1974.They can either duplicate existing pieces or fabricate original designs including : cornices, crestings , finials, cupolas, domes, ornaments, crosses, pressed metal ceilings.

Heather and Little metal steeple on a churchHeather and Little Ltd, since 1925---Magnificant Domes, Cupolas, Steeples, and Spires ! Incredible photos--Heather & Little rebuilt the grand twin steeples on Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa Canada. The project, labor intense, took the equivalent of, approximately eighteen man-years, which had to be completed in a eight month schedule. You ca see the photos on the website. Additionally, Heather & Little, were contracted to re-produce, replicate, and supply all of the decorative copper elements, Steeple Tower Reconstruction Memorial Hall, for Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts. The items replicated included, cresting, weathervanes, pinnacles, cornice, fenestrel dormers, capped with decorative trefoils, copper clad wood windows, and finials. They fabricate church steeples and cupolas of the highest level of craftsmanship.

Fiberglass tall steeple on large churchCyber Steeples & Baptistery Co.-- an internet based sales company for fiberglass church steeples and baptismal pools. They pass the savings on to you by having no outside sales staff and keeping the overhead low. One Price: Crane, Labor, and Mounting Hardware. Their factory trained installation crews provide installation for all types and sizes of steeples and cupolas. Lots of photos of what appear to be very plastic-y looking molded fiberglass steeples for the budget conscious congregation.

Fiberglass church steeple on a big church photoFiberglass Unlimited - Steeples is a high yield manufacturing company that is known for quality fiberglass steeples, baptistries and cupolas. More plastic-y looking molded fiberglass steeples for the budget conscious congregation. Request a Steeple Catalog from this company and you can also have a customer service rep contact you with details on all of the steeples and fiberglass products available direct from Fiberglass Unlimited located in Alabama. Church steeples that seem to last forever with maintenance.

Rainsville Church Pew Co.,of Atlanta offers steel reinforced steeples and cupolas rated at 120 mph wind loads. A low styrene content insures no color shift over time. Rainsville Church Pew Company, Atlanta was established in 1984. They were chosen by their suppliers to more effectively distribute the products manufactured by Rainsville Church Pew Company, Inc., founded in 1958, and Fiberglass Specialties, Inc., in business since 1963. Their design team and sales staff can help you pick the right steeple for your building. Using a computer aided design system, they can show you what the steeple will look like on your building before you make your decision. All steeples have been engineered to withstand a wind speed of 120 mph. Results have been certified by an independent engineering firm. The exterior gel coat requires no maintenance, but like an automobile that sits outside all the time, you may wish to occasionally power wash it.

Superior Church Steeples--High quality fiberglass church steeples. Superior Church Furnishings offers quality church furniture and related products, including fiberglass church steeples, church pew cushions, and baptistry. Fiberglass church steeples can either be shipped direct to your location or, depending on your location, installation may be available. All of their fiberglass church steeples include built-in lightning protection. Choose from over 90 designs in various sizes to see which one fits your church’s needs and budget.

Munns Manufacturing----Church steeples, cupolas, custom steeple design, clocks, bell towers, weathervanes.. Munns Manufacturing custom designs and builds aluminum church steeples and cupolas. Munns Manufacturing has built and installed beautiful structures for churches, universities, governments, businesses and residences. In addition to aluminum, they also specialize in working in copper, lead-coated copper, micro-zinc or other exterior claddings. Reproduction of historical landmarks is also a specialty. The all-aluminum framework provides for a lightweight yet ridged product, designed for wind loads typically in excess of 100 MPH and satisfying Zone 4 seismic requirements. Choose from crosses, finials, balls, weathervanes, and clocks or bells to accessorize your steeple or cupola. They have spectacular photos.

Bowling United Industries - Steeples,  make steeples for US and Canada churches since 1965. Baptistries, steeples, church lighting, cupolas, pulpit furniture, stained glass windows, wall crosses.

Fiberglass Specialties, Inc.has provided architectural fiberglass products nationwide for over 30 years. They manufacture church steeples, cupolas, cellular towers and more

Adirondack Direct--For over 75 years, Adirondack Direct has forged relationships with over 300 manufacturers to offer great value and a wide selection of tables and chairs. Discount for all online orders.

Church Outlet- Steeple, Quality fiberglass steeples at discount prices.

Chime Master Steeples, Crosses, Bells and Carillons- Architectural products include aluminum faux bell shells, fiberglass steeples, freestanding structural steel towers and tower clocks. Also available: bells, chimes and electronic carillons.

Small Steeple Architectural AccentsCampbellsville Industries-The Steeple People - Prefabricated Church steeples, cupolas and more. Campbellsville, KY. I can happily report that about 10 yrs ago, in pre-internet days, I was allowed to design a small church steeple and Campbellsville Industries made our small church steeple for us. They were a delight to work with and everything came off with out a hitch. Our small church lacked architectural character, so Campbellsville made us a nicely detailed and well proportioned  aluminum steeple with a cupola style base and a visible bell in it. We had electronic chimes installed in the church to help call attention to our little start-up church in the growing  suburban location. We chose an aluminum steeple because to us, a fiberglass steeple always looks rather common and plastic when compared to a built-up steeple.

Steeplejacks-- Steeple Installation, Restoration and Repair

CSI Steeple --Church Steeple Specialist of America--CIS does steeple repair professionally. CIS specializes in church steeple repair and restoration but also offers other restorative services around the country. Based in Ohio. CIS Steeplejacks is a small professional trained crew based in Medina, Ohio. Their specialty is in church steeple repair, clock tower repair, and historical landmarks .Consultation & Inspections complete restoration & repair roofing applications & repair, lifetime coatings & paint, wood restoration & repair, structural repair, complete masonry restoration , gold leaf application, Lightning Protection Installation, new steeple installation, flagpole repair & accessories. Including all but not limited too: church steeples, bell fry, towers, crosses, weathervanes, bells, windows, louvers, structural beams, architectural woodwork, power sanding, caulking, painting, roofing, architectural grinding, tuck pointing, pressure cleaning and weather sealing, slate and copper, hail damage repair, lightning protection, installations, complete steeplejack service.

American Steeplejacks ----American Steeplejacks is a nationwide steeplejack service provider; specializing in church steeple repair & restoration, professional steeplejacks, clock tower, bell tower repairs, gilding domes ,cupolas & cross's with 24 kt gold leaf. Church steeples installed. See photos of recent jobs, such as, complete steeple restoration, Orange City, New Jersey.

Steeplejacks of America--Steeplejacks of America is a family owned, specializing in Church Steeple Repair and Steeple Restoration Co. A pioneer in the industry, Steeplejacks of America has been providing quality work and services since their founding in 1868. All work is supervised by trained experts and performed by skilled craftsman. Steeplejacks of America's vast experience includes work on government, commercial, industrial, historical and church restoration projects. They are master mechanics, Steeplejack's crews can perform all trades, whether its carpentry, roofing, masonry, painting, coatings, cross and dome gilding, lightning protection. Professional steeplejack services, church steeple repair, clock and bell tower repairs.

Church Architecture

Adams Church Architecture--Adams Architectural Associates is a Christian company that specializes in Churches, Multi-Purpose Buildings, Family Life Centers, Church Schools and Church Associated Senior Living Facilities. They can work with your church on its building program at all levels. They offer  assistance with your building program, master planning and any feasibility studies that need to be completed. One of Adams Architectural projects is the award-winning Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Florida. For contemporary church architecture, have a look at the website of Adams Churches. 

Cupolas and Weathervanes

Architectural accents cupolaA cupola is an ornamental dome-shaped structure placed in a prominent position on the top of a larger roof or dome. Cupolas have a long history as popular adornments to many architectural structures. From residential barns to grand cathedrals, cupolas provide aesthetic appeal and function. Cupolas can be traced to mosques of Islamic architecture where they were used for venting. European cupolas were turret shaped often having six, eight, ten or more sides. Square cupolas became popular in America to vent barns or homes and to allow airflow and light into a room. Since air conditioning, cupolas have become less functional and more decorative in nature. Cupolas have long been used on church structures, universities, banks, and historically on government buildings. 

General Cupola Size Rule: 1" of cupola base for every 1 foot of uninterrupted roof ridge line.

Copper cupola steeple photo Summit Copper  Cupolas--This company makes all sorts of building components from copper including copper cupolas made with 16 oz copper. Copper cupolas not only add beauty to your architecture, but also provide additional ventilation for attic space. They can make copper cupolas handcrafted to your specifications. Copper will last a lifetime and does not rot like wood, rust like steel, or crack like clay. Copper cupolas provide an elegant finishing touch to classic architecture and traditional barns. Copper Summit can give your cupola an aged green copper look for an extra charge. Copper Cupolas are shipped in 3 sections (the top, the louver section, and the base). 

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. manufactures custom fiberglass cupolas and finials for commercial and religious institutions. They can replicate existing cupolas or manufacture new cupola designs. The durability and longevity of fiberglass far exceeds the life expectancy of cupolas manufactured from steel, aluminum, copper, wood and other popular cupola materials. Fiberglass cupolas require no internal support structure and at only a nominal 3/16-inch thickness they are much lighter when compared to other materials. Cupolas can be manufactured with decorative moldings, cornice, columns, brackets, louvers, finials, crosses, pinnacles, urns, lanterns, and other decorative elements. Lighting protection can also be incorporated in a cross or finial on top of the cupola. At Architectural Fiberglass cupolas are assembled in their facility and usually shipped as one unit.

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