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Amazing-Stone--from a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar comes this company that offers absolutely fabulous slabs of semiprecious stone that can be fabricated in a multitude of ways. Their website is offered in several languages and the contact info for the USA and other worldwide locations is given. Click the scrolling thumbnails of granite, rose quartz, amethyst, petrified wood, aquamarine, etc.. to see larger examples of these beautiful stone slabs and stone tile. 

Pokarna Limited--exotic stone from India from India's number one company for granite stone slabs, stone tile, etc...the site is all flash so you better be on broadband or it will be slow. Fabulous stone colors like the Etrusca, Cappuccino Mocha, and others will have you dreaming of ways you could use these stone products in your project. Pokarna has a state of the art tile cutting facility in Pedrini, Italy which can make precision cuts on over 75 varieties of stone and granite from India, Saudi Arabia and other locations.

Sanlin-Stone is a professional granite products manufacturer and exporter, founded in1989. They own two factories; one specializes in producing tombstones, the other specializes in producing stone tiles, steps, window sills, slabs, kitchen countertops, etc,with aver 300 employees. They provide an extensive range of stone products, exporting 60 to 80 containers monthly. Sanlin Stone  possesses two quarries and can  also supply all available Chinese granite, grey black, pink, red, green, yellow, etc. 

China Newstar Stone Company is a manufacturer and exporter of granite, marble, slates, pebble, tiles, slabs for countertop, vanity, desk top, work tops, stone chairs, pebble tiles, roofing slate, etc. They have a huge array of kitchen and bathroom materials. 

Granite Transformations--this is a company with franchised offices all over the country-USA, that is. They measure your existing counter tops and make thin, perfect-fit countertop coverings of granite to attach over old Formica, tile or whatever kind of countertops. The people in forums that have used them all seem pleased, altho their prices are not what you'd call cheap. Some people seem to think they could get real solid thick granite counters for the same or just a bit more, but then not everyone wants to rip out what they have underneath. That is a bigger job requiring more down-time. Granite Transformations can come do your whole job in one day and that is sometimes a wonderful thing ! 

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