DAC-ART is pre-cast architectural concrete building components with the look and strength of European limestone.  "Old World Architecture created in a New Way"
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DAC-ART, Ted Dial & History

ted dial theodore dial

birmingham-alabama-architecture-2.jpg (18850 bytes)

Ted Dial at work on a mold.

See construction details of a DAC-ART home in Birmingham, Ala

  DAC-ART is rooted in history. While it is a revolutionary, new way to build, it incorporates large "stones" maintaining the shapes, placement, and final appearance of the great historic buildings throughout the world.  More recently in the history of architecture, an architectural artist named Ted C. Dial, Jr. designed and produced a large variety architectural details which were separate and installed onto many buildings.  At first, the buildings were historic houses and central city buildings in Mobile, Alabama, and in New Orleans.  Later, Ted designed all new houses, highly customized, on which to practice the art of architectural details.    Ted decided that the separation of structure and finish is too much  trouble and too expensive. Then in early 1998, he  invented DAC-ART to provide both the structure, the shapes, and the finishes while making the work a lot easier.  No more dualism.

   The DAC-ART Building System utilizes  patented technology: U.S. Patent No. 6,032,424, issued 7 March 2000 with national patent phases complete in major foreign markets, the continuing patent allowed and to be issued in December 2000,  with third  U.S. patent at preliminary phase.    DAC-ART has moved from the small size of previous block ideas to large components too heavy to be set by hand.  Mortar is no longer applicable.  Wet pre-cast concrete has taken a new direction as decorative forms left in place.  Molds are made by DAC-ART to make custom blocks as well as standard shapes.   DAC-ART achieves the immense variety found in historic, traditional architecture and in all architectural shapes required.   The door is open for ultra modern forms as well as the desire certain architects and designers have expressed to blend the old with new.

dac-art-mobile-ted-arch.jpg (20594 bytes)Inventor, Ted Dial, has had a distinguished
career and designed and built many
majestic homes with custom features
throughout, such as the ones shown here.







walls.jpg (8463 bytes)

ted dial construction

This waterfront home   in Seagrove Beach, Florida has fine detail and proportions, as do all of Ted Dial's projects.

ted dial construction


ted dial construction
This home was built in a Louisiana style
in Ted's pre-DAC-ART days.
(Ted is standing on the landing
in the white shirt.)

blount springs home

blount springs alabama ala al

The new planned community of Blount Springs, Alabama has several Ted Dial designed homes including this one.

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