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Yankee Barn HomesYankee Barn HousesYankee Barn Homes--Yankee Barn Homes is a national custom post and beam company specializing in classic American architecture, including barn-style homes, classic farmhouses, coastal cottages, mountain lodges and lakeside retreats. They design and build highly insulated timber frame homes that are elegant in their simplicity and grace landscapes around the country. Unusual program, their clients have the opportunity to test drive a Yankee Barn Home through their Overnight Stay Program. They work with the clients on their individual tastes, paying special attention to
details throughout the design/build process. A typical Yankee Barn Shell Package is produced in the manufacturing facility in 2-3 weeks and raised on the building site in as little as 12-17 days. Pretty dogone fast I'd say for a home of this size. The look and feel of barn architecture, the warmth of antique wood and the strength of timber frame. Authentic post and beam, soaring windows, great floor plans. High style manufactured timber frame homes. Since 1969. Built nationwide.

Timber frame post and beam home designsHeartwood Log & Timber Design,199 Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON N1H3V4. Heartwood Log & Timber Design is a small, highly-focused team of design professionals based out of Ontario, Canada. Their philosophy, experience and process allow them to work with individuals in all regions of North America and around the world to produce exceptional one-of-a-kind log and timber homes. Their website shows some *really* interesting and creative designs.

Western Wood Structures--their motto is "Working wonders with wood" . They are capable of timber domes, arched buildings, and very creatively designed structures. One specialty is timber bridges. Western Wood offers engineered timbers and has field services which include fabrication, installation and repair/  restoration.

Based in New Hampshire, Homestead Timber Frame, Inc. proudly continues a tradition of building fine timber frame homes and buildings in the northeast. Timber framing is a form of post and beam construction. Whereas post and beam construction utilizes numerous types of connections including steel connectors, traditional timber frame construction consists of mortise and tenon joinery secured with wooden pegs. Today's timber frame construction is an exhibit of bold strength and beautiful esthetics not found in other types of construction. Large open areas, cathedral ceilings, and well lit rooms make timber frame structures appealing to the eye. Their timber framing had its beginnings somewhere between 500 and 100 BC. The Egyptians and Romans both used timbers to construct the roof systems of their public and private buildings. The mortise and tenon joint can be traced to these ancient times. Around 500 to 800 AD people began to develop the joinery necessary to construct whole buildings out of timbers. During the 9th and 10th centuries the Europeans developed the timber framing skills we recognize today in many of the buildings of Europe and which we use today. Today timber framing is not just a construction method but it is a form of building that is employed as much for its aesthetics as for its strength. a timber frame home will most likely cost more than a stick frame or conventionally-framed home. A 10% to 20% increase is typical. If this increase in cost is not something that your budget can handle, then you should probably consider two other alternatives: a completely stick-framed home, or partially timber-framed home (hybrid). A timber frame home is a piece of art in itself. The individual members of the frame are each handled numerous times in the joinery process. During this process each member is received and checked for quality, measured, cut, and worked, and finally finished with tongue oil. All of this occurs before leaving the shop for your job site. Considering craftsmanship, quality, and beauty of the final product, the cost of a timber frame is very much in line with the cost of a custom built home/ (The website has dissappeared.)

Lindal Cedar HomesLindal Cedar Homes - Custom Cedar Homes, Log Homes and Sunrooms
Lindal Cedar Homes is the largest manufacturer of custom cedar homes, log homes, log cabins and sunrooms. Lindal Engineering gives their post and beam homes both structural integrity and flexibility. Their patented post and beam building system features dozens of top-of-the-line engineering details that often exceed local building practices. Lindal's signature post and beam building system uses a strong framework to support the roof's weight. This frees up most interior walls from serving as structural supports. The result is an open post and beam home with an airy interior that allows long spans, soaring ceilings, and large expanses of glass. Post and beam gives you the design flexibility to customize a floor plan to suit your own functional and aesthetic tastes without costly major modifications. The comprehensive Lindal website has movies, virtual tours, house plans to order, local dealers, web cams, financing information and much, much more.

Bob Timberlake Log HomeHearthstone Homes, Inc.--Hearthstone creates custom log homes, timber frame homes, and heavy timber barns, featuring The Bob Timberlake and Southern Living Log Home Collection. Located in Dandridge, Tennessee where the skills of the Timberwright are showcased in the building trade as both log and timber frame structures. Use their Plan Assistant to select floor plans from their large library of stock, semi-stock, and custom log home and timber frame plans. Hearthstone began thousands of homes ago in 1971 as a restorer of old log homes in the southern Appalachian mountains. Now most Hearthstone homes have elements of both log and timber frame construction. See their beautiful and entertaining website. You will see 'log cabins' like you have never seen before !

Habitat Post and Beam HomeHabitat Post and Beam designs and manufactures quality timberframe (post and beam) homes, additions and commercial buildings. Habitat Post and Beam works with clients across the nation. Habitat Post & Beam designs and manufactures quality post and beam (timber frame) homes, additions and commercial buildings. Their commitment to quality materials and fine craftsmanship with energy-efficient designs assures you excellent value for your home investment. Habitat Post & Beam has been in business for over 33 years and works with clients across the nation. Whether you have a timber frame plan in mind, an architect's drawings, or just a vision of someplace special, Habitat Post & Beam will help you create a home that is distinctly your own. Browse throughtheir   web site, and if you don't find the perfect design be assured that the Habitat Post & Beam team can transform your ideas into the post and beam home of your dreams.

Timberpeg post beam homeTimberpeg® has been designing and fabricating timber frame homes nationwide since 1974. Choose from over 50 standard models or create your own custom dream home.Timberpeg is a national timber frame company that can design and fabricate your timber frame home as well as timber framing of light commercial structures.Timberpeg offers over 50 standard timberframe house models that are infinitely adaptable in style, layout and size. It's Timberpeg's priority to make your timber frame home building project as easy as possible by offering you as much of the right kind of help as they can. Whether it's advice on house siting, home design, finishes, assistance with construction bids, engineering or a complete package of construction materials

Precision Craft Timberframe HomePrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes--specializes in the design, production and construction of exceptional timber frame houses. Timber framing is an important part of their product offerings, which also includes milled logs, handcrafted logs, and siding. Mountain Architects, PrecisionCraft’s architectural firm, focuses on the design of custom mountain style homes and has designed award-winning timber frame plans. Whether building full timber frame structures, hybrid log and timber homes or just incorporating decorative timber frame elements check the Precision Craft site. PrecisionCraft focuses on the design of mountain-style homes. PrecisionCraft designs two distinct types of hybrid homes; full log & timber hybrids and Mountain Accent™ homes. Mountain Accent™ homes are designed as conventional stick frame homes that contain either structural or decorative timber frame accents, providing the look of a mountain style home at a lower turnkey cost.

Yankee Barn HomesTimber Frame Homes High style timber frame homes. Tradition and innovation since 1969. Yankee Barn Homes has been designing and building post and beam homes. across the country. Over a thousand Yankee Barns stand with no two exactly alike. Each Yankee Barn starts with the vision of the homeowner and is custom-designed and hand-crafted one at a time to be a home of distinction. Today, through innovation and nurturing traditional aesthetics, Yankee Barn is expanding its reach overseas.

Maine Barn Co Post and Beam HouseMaine Barn Co. Post and Beam Barns and Homes offers design and construction of standard post and beam barns for use as residential homes, garages, commercial buildings, and timber-frame horse barns.Maine Barn Company brings traditional New England style and architectural heritage to post and beam barn designs by their experienced timber frame craftsmen. Each year the country loses more and more antiquated timber frame barns and the significant history they contain. Theirbuilding plans retain the barn aesthetic we have grown to admire and love structures across the country. This classic country styling is represented in all their Maine Barn structures. The barn has evolved over the years and many of us have images of a barn or know of a barn that has made a lasting impression on us. Working with these concepts and images, Maine Barn Company has found exciting uses for barns that combine the traditional New England architecture of yesteryear with today's yearning for rural American roots. During twenty years in the industry, they have designed a number of standard size barn frames with versatility in mind. While conveying the barn aesthetic, our timber frames make ideal residential living spaces, guest cottages, workshops, studios, garages and, of course, functional horse barns.

Yonah Mountain Timberframe HomeYonah Mountain Timber Frames is a post and beam company located in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia. The REAL DEAL !! They hold to the traditions of timber framing, while embracing modern joinery techniques. This combination of tradition and innovation meld seamlessly to create a solid structure and beautiful living space for your home. They specialize in timber frame homes, hybrids (combination of conventional frame and timber frame), out-buildings, porches and stairs. Yonah Mountain frames can be shipped and raised anywhere in the United States. Yonah Mountain Timber Frames is a member of the Timber Framers Guild
and the Timber Frame Business Council. They highly encourage prospective clients to tour their model timber frame structures on Lake Yonah near Toccoa, Georgia. Constructing a timber frame demands close coordination between the client, designer and the joiners who will craft the timbers that will become your home. Yonah Mountain Timber Frames can build from stock timber frame plans or refer you to one of our associated timber frame designers. The massive timbers and joinery will become one of the focal points of your home. With this in mind, they are available to meet with you to discuss potential designs and variations that to fit your budget. Frame quotes are provided quickly and free of charge.

North Woods Joinery Timber HomeAt North Woods Joinery they create beautiful Custom Timberframe Homes Visit their web site to see for yourself. We'll show you how easy it is to get started on your own project. North Woods Joinery has built hundreds of beautiful, custom homes all over the United States. They have two decades experience. Timber frames are designed with mortise and tenon joinery. No nails, no metal plates. The same construction methods used in centuries old buildings that still stand today! North Woods Joinery will send you their 30 page brochure that has sample timber frame plans, all kinds of information on wood species and their characteristics, pricing information, information on SIPs, windows, and timber frame, post and beam raisings near you and timberframe developments. Timberframe homes under construction online! An Internet visit to a home under construction is a fantastic way to learn more of the actual details of post and beam building. The projects on their site have photos, detailed text, and describe the actual building process from the client's perspective.

Classic post and beam houseClassic Custom Post and Beam Homes--Classic Post and Beam offers homes and barns built using post and beam construction, a method that combines energy efficiency and quality with design flexibility, elegance and durability of one of the world's oldest construction methods. Classic Post and Beam offers more than 25 home and barn designs for clients to build "as is" or to use for inspiration. They work closely with clients to modify their existing floor plans and/or to create custom homes. Classic provides a complete structural package. All of the materials for a weather-tight shell are included in the package, from the floor framing to the ridge vent. Their packages also include premium brand-name components from such companies as Andersen™, Morgan™, and Owens-Corning™. Classic Post & Beam is a factory-direct company. Every Classic Post & Beam home and barn is designed, drafted, cut and shipped by employees at their 10,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Kenduskeag, Maine. Classic Post & Beam is a subsidiary of Northeastern Log Homes, a factory-direct manufacturer of innovative, log home packages. They have fabulous photos and offer wonderfully styled homes.

Polehouse staircase interior is introducing a new product: Prefabricated Modular Pole House Kits, to be priced from as low as $5,000 per Module, FOB. The 'P' POD modules will include all materials necessary to assemble a complete exterior finished Pole House, with 400 square feet of interior space (including a sleeping loft). 'P' PODS are designed to be a quality solution for quick re-housing after natural disasters. Tim Cornell, founder of, has been designing and building pole houses since 1988. Pole house structures use less material than conventional building methods and are faster to erect, thus more cost effective. PoleHouses design is one of the lowest home costs per square foot in the construction industry as well as one of the most energy efficient. According to, in their designs, large diameter vertical wood poles are firmly bolted atop reinforced concrete footings to carry the load of the floor and roof. This strong flexible skeletal structure permits all interior and exterior walls to be non-load bearing. Then, girder beams, floor joists and tension ring beams are bolted directly into the notched vertical wood poles to create a structural grid. They design and engineer their pole houses on a modular grid system which lends itself to the efficiencies of post and beam and timber frame construction techniques which they utilize. Due to the notched and bolted interlocking system, exposed structural elements move together as a unit and are better able to resist the adverse effects of hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and flooding. The website has extensive photos and ordering information.

Suwannee River Timber Frame log homeSuwannee River Log Homes and imber Frame Homes--An architectural design company that designs and provides the materials for custom cypress log homes and convention timber frame western red cedar homes. The prestige timber package will provide you with a wood Western Red Cedar or Cypress exterior, cathedral timber ceilings, and an array of other options to apply to your new home. The "Prestige" timber package also is standard with 10 feet high exterior walls and towering timber cathedral ceilings to give the open feeling of home. The high ceilings and tall walls will present a grand look on the exterior and will also allow room for ceiling fans and chandeliers on the interior of your new home. also

Timberframe home plans design tips:

Your floor plan should make your life easier adn more comfortable. You want to have natural and sensible realtionships between your rooms.

Your main entrance should allow you to enter any room in the house without passing through other rooms.

Your secondary entrance will probably go directly to the kitchen. This is imporatnt for theone who brings home the groceries !

The most useful floor plans are organized about a household's basic activities - working, eating, sleeping and entertaining.

Naturally the areas that are the noisiest are grouped together and kept separate from the bedrooms.

When it is possible each bedroom should be situated so it has some sound buffers from other bedrooms for the sake of privacy. The location of closets, bookshelves, bathrooms, and staircases can form good sound barriers.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes -make it a place that everyone can gather and enjoy each other's company.

The general rule for kitchen efficiency is to locate the sink, stove and refrigerator in a trianglular pattern whose sides total less than 22 feet.

Include lots of counter and storage space on either side of sink and cooktop.

Good lighting is important. Sun Domes or Sun Tubes bring in light that dramatically increases a kitchen's appeal and sense of well being.

Counters need to give you at least 10 feet of counter top space, not counting appliances.

Pantry--- a wlak in pantry keeps thekitchen looking less cluttered and provides great storage.

Plan for lots of bathroom storage for grooming accessories, towels and bath supplies.

Mirrors really do bounce light around and seem to expand small spaces.

If possible make the bath have separate areas w/ privacy doors for different functions.

Consider adding a window seat or reading spot with good natural light.

Use walk-in closets in your master bedroom and other bedrooms if possible.

The more windows, the better. Consider using energy efficient layered glass and sun tubes.

Windows that open (with screens) can save you a lot of energy and provide great fresh air.

Try to give rooms windows on two walls adn windows in bathrooms are important.

Consider how your window placement looks from the outside of your house and strive for a balanced look.


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