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   Wilder Gulf Shores Project of Precast Architectural Stone--Page  5

Our DAC ART house with the roof trusses in place.


The trusses are in place ready to be decked. We used hurricane straps on our trusses and plywood decking. We think plywood is stronger than oriented strand particle board or waferboard. Note: With new codes down here after Hurricane Ivan, it might be code to use plywood--not sure.


The small vacation home viewed from the north.


Taupe colored metal roofing is now on the main roof. The porch roof has not been built yet. Scraps of the taupe colored roofing material are leaning up against the base of the house. We used the screw down panel type roofing for strength against high winds. Note: Good choice--see Hurricane IVAN photos

I chatted with a number of roofers and asked them which type of roofs had the fewest repairs after Hurricane Georges, Hurricane Danny,etc...and several told me to go with the metal roofing with color matched screws every two feet. Turned out to be a great choice.

Restaurant sign in Gulf Shores, AL

This sign, leaning against the trees, for our new neighborhood restaurant just goes to show what a class-y neighborhood we are building in !! And they spell good around here too!!

DAC ART blocks vacation home plans

 Gulf Shores vacation home plans on the Gulf Coast.

Joanna Entrekin and husband John.
Joanna works for Ted Dial and DAC-ART in Birmingham, AL.. It was she who actually sculpted the model for the mold from which our cornice blocks were cast. Joanna also drew our initial working plans and oversaw the selection and shipping or our block orders from B'ham. She's been a big part of our project & she's smart AND pretty !

Dac Art vacation home plans beach sunset. vacation home plans dacart custome house

I, webmaster and chief grouter, have begun to grout our seam lines on our DAC-ART blocks. The process is rather easy using Thoro DryJoint Mortar Mix. It is designed for restoring historic buildings and does not crack in wider joint lines as most products do. It comes in grey and white.I am using white & tinting it very slightly with powdered ochre mortar tint.
This, by the way, is how our house looks in the rosey/golden glow of Gulf Shores just before sunset, the most beautiful time of the day.

dac art window sills from Birnmingham DAC-ART of Alabama special DAC ART window panel designed by Ted Dial for our small vacation home

Next step is installing the window and door sills, shown on left, and the special window panels that go under 4 windows. Ted Dial is holding one up but it is up-side-down.  Note freshly grouted wall behind Ted.

DACART vacation home construction dacart
Powerhouse saw needed here for step installation.

Setting our original dac art steps, later replaced.   The original dac art concrete steps are placed.
Harry and helpers working on the first set of concrete steps.(Later replaced by other steps)

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