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Wilder Gulf Shores Vacation Home Project--Page 7
Windows and Doors

A burst of energy.....David Denny and his son Jeremy have arrived from Cullman, AL to set our doors and windows. Ted Dial put us in touch with these fantastic carpenters and has come down to check on things several times this week.

Jeremy and David Denny working on our DAC ART house.

Jeremy and David from Cullman Alabama

Weathershield windows and doors from Builder's Resources in Mobile Alabama Weather Shield windows with thermal glass.  Setting a 10 ft Weather Shield pair of doors.
Our 10 foot French doors and windows on the south side are heavy and we were glad to have Harry and son, Miller, on hand to help David & Jeremy set them in place. We used WeatherShield windows and doors. Besides being a quality product, 10 ft. doors are a standard size for them. We ordered the windows with screens & both windows and doors with the seacoast upgraded hinges, mechanics and painted finish.

Weathershield windows and French doors with the seacoast upgrade went into our small vacation home. Our DAC ART house with the weathershield windows and doors.
One note here about WeatherShield windows and doors. The company has been just incredible about seeing that we are 100% satisfied and that our windows and doors work, like, in the words of the window tech "a BMW door". Charles,  the official  Weather Shield window tech has made numerous trips out to our place, at no additional cost, to fine tune things.

I looked at just about every brand of window I could in Memphis showrooms. WeatherShield was by far the best choice. One important thing that sets them apart is what is called 'True Divided Light' meaning, that unlike so many brands of windows that have one large sheet of glass with fake interior mullions or fake snap-in mullions over one sheet of glass, WeatherShield windows are truly made from individual sealed glass panels for each pane. There is, in my opinion, no sense in building classic architecture with cheap looking windows and doors.

When the roof was put on our porch, someone must have thrown or dropped  something off onto the porch area (no one admitted to it) and shattered the center panel of our kitchen door. All I had to do was give our rep a call and the WeatherShield computer center knew exactly what size replacement panel to send. They even sent a window specialist out and installed the new panes and --get this--refused to let me pay for it!

Our French doors have automatic pin that locks into the floor, one in the overhead jam and 4 into the opposite door to keep our doors from being blown in during hurricane force winds. Ten foot is a standard height for doors from Weathershield. Great for tall DAC-ART ceilings. If you are building on the seacoast, ask about the coastal upgrade.

We are very impressed with their level of customer service. Don't decide on your windows and doors until you see a WeatherShield showroom.

Note: We can tell that the waves from Hurricane Ivan were up to about the middle of our windows on the south side of the house, incredibly, our windows and French doors did not let water inside !! I forgot about the clothes dryer vent, which was underwater during the hurricane, so we took in about 1/2 inch of water---a real miracle considering the circumstances. Ivan was a storm that REALLY put our windows and doors to the test !!!

Just make sure that your casement windows and French doors open OUT, so the force of the wind and water make them close all the more tightly.

Meanwhile I have continued to grind, grout, take photos.
Lundy grinding concrete in our DAC ART house.

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The small attic in our vacation home plans holds the basic utilities.

The bath and upper utility/storage area is now framed. This week Michael Bates will be finishing the electric rough-in and Rod Moody, in photo left, our Heat and Air man will rough-in the ductwork. All of our  HVAC and our water heater will be located in the tiny attic area over the bathroom. The bath actually has a split height ceiling. The lower part is over the shower area and then it rises in the main part of the bathroom. Kinda a neat effect--reminds me of bathrooms in older European hotels where modern conveniences were added at a later date and ceiling height returns to original tall where windows are located.

We are glad to have found Kent Wilson, a gentleman painter, to prime and paint our windows and doors. Kent is interesting, educated and a joy to work with. His cell phone plays a Scottish hymn when it rings!

Kent Wilson painting the trim in our DAC ART small vacation home in an Old World Style.

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